22 Cutest Ways to Tell Your Dad You Love Him

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Relationship with father can sometimes be awkward and we tend to grow apart as we get older. It's because dads tend to not showing a lot of emotions. He did love you as much as your mother does, but he just doesn't know how to show it.

When we were little kid, our dad is like an A-list celebrity that we idolized so much. How he swung us up and down the air with his arms make us amaze with his strength. His shoes were too big for our feet but we loved to walk around the house with it. Every of his move is an example for us to follow. And as he always show us that he loved us (even though he never said), now it's time for you to show him that you love him just as much as he does. If you don't know how, let me show you some ways to tell your dad you love him. Check these out!


1. Cook his favorite meal

Cook his favorite meal

Love starts from the taste buds down to the stomach. One of the best ways to tell your dad that you love him is to cook his his favorite meal. Do all the little things by yourself from buying the ingredients to the final plating. This will show him your sincerity, and that you never forget his favorite cook.

He will be touched by your effort in making the dishes. Don't do it just once but do it regularly. If you still living together with your dad, you can cook for him every time. But if you have live separately from him, come over every weekend to cook him. By doing this, he can feel how much you love him without explicitly saying "I love you".

2. Make an activity only for you two

As we grow older, it's not impossible that we are no longer emotionally close to our dad. It's so sad sometimes, remembering that you and him used to be soulmates when you were little. Bring that memories back! Create an activity that will make you and your dad becoming closer again.

Ask him her favorite hobbies. If he likes fishing, go fishing together with him. If he likes to play golf, go golfing together with him. Do everything he loves together so can knows that you love him by the way you love to do activities with him.

3. Set a certain dates to do that

If you are already working, you won't have that many free times. On the other side, you dad won't be hoping you so. But we have make time for the one we love. No people are too busy so that they don't have time for their love ones. Set a certain date to be together with your dad.

For example, the second weekend of the month is fishing time with dad. You don't have to do it every weekends, but make sure that you did allocate certain time for him. So that he will always waiting for the second weekend every month. This will make your dad missing you too.

4. Give him your time and attention

Parents doesn't need your money. All they want to know is that you love him. The most precious things you can give to someone you love is your time and attention. And as you dad gave you all of his while you were little, now do the same for him. If you live together or just nearby, make time to visit him.

Eating dinner at his house, listening to his story and watch his favorite football team's match together. This little things shows that you still care and love him. There are many ways to tell your dad you love him, and giving your time to him is one of those.

5. Call and text him

If you live apart from your dad, there is no other choice but call and text him. Spend at least 5 minutes a day to call him or Skype with him. Ask if he's doing well, and how about his health. Even if you are too tired to talk to him, you can text him, check if he's okay. Let him know that you never forget him even for one day, no matter how busy you are.

6. Ask for his advice

ask for his advice

No matter how old we get, our dad will always be worry about you. He has this insecurity that we may take the wrong choice in life. But as a child, we often feel mature and all grow up that we don't need his advice anymore. Even though in the end we don't agree with his thought, make sure to listen to him first. Recognize his concerns for you ask for his advice. When you are hard time and you need some Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship.

When you are about to ask permission to marry your girlfriend, you dad will have some good Ways to Make Your Girlfriend's Parents to Like You. Dads are usually old fashioned, but he had through more in life than we did.

7. Involve him when you make a decision

We used to ask our dad about this and that. When we are confused what major should we took in the college or what career path we must chose. Continue that tradition even when you get older. Ask his thoughts about your future marriage partner, or what name would be good for your child.

And if you are a girl he will show you Ways to be a Good Wife for Your Husband. This mutual advice-giving is very healthy for your relationship with dad. This is the ways to tell your dad you love him and show him how important he is in your life.

8. Fulfill his dream for you to success

Every parents will work hard so that their child will have a better life. That is way our dad always want us to be successful in life. This genuine desire is due to his love for you. Success can be defined in many ways, so you there will be a lot of things to show to your dad that you are successful.

Study hard to get a high ranks in school, attend the class diligently and secure a good job. Live happily and having family on your own. Show him that you are happy, and by seeing him happy as well is the ultimate definition of success.

9. Attribute your success to your dad

One of the ways to tell your dad you love him is by attributing your success to him. No matter what you are doing today, tell everyone that this is because of your dad. In a positive way, of course. If you are a team leader, tell to your staffs that your dad is the one who teach you about hard work and leadership.

He may not hear all of this, but everyone will know how much you respect and love your dad. Who knows that your talk will reach your dad one day.

10. Say thank you

For how much our dad has done to us, we often forget to say thank you and how grateful we are to him because we take him for granted. A simple thank you will means a lot to him. Express you gratitude not only on your hard times, but say it regularly at the end of the day when you call him.

Tips on How to Get Close to Dad

Dad is different with mom. Mom will never too shy to show her love, but dad usually doesn't show that much of affection. This is why we could grow apart with dad when we are older and you find yourself hard to find many way to tell your dad you love him. Here are some useful tips to get close to your dad so it makes you easier to tell him that you love him.

  1. Go for a walk with him in the morning and drink coffee together.
  2. Find out his favorite music and give him a ticket to concert just the two of you.
  3. Make him breakfast and share about your concerns in the morning.
  4. Ask about his childhood and what happy memories that he cherish.
  5. Ask him about his love life! This will make you closer to him really fast and he will gave you useful Ways to Tell a Woman You Love Her base on his experience.
  6. Ask him about the signs that a man loves you unconditionally, just like he did to your mom.
  7. Open the old photos of your childhood and go through it with him.
  8. Watch a football or basketball match where his favorite team plays.
  9. If he likes gardening, buy a plant and plant it together with him.
  10. Go hiking with him and emphasize this moment to show him your gratitude.
  11. Send him an old photo of you and him, and tell him that he is your hero in life.

So those are ways to tell your dad you love him without directly saying I love you. The way you act is more important to show him your love. And also if you are not so close with him, you can follow the useful tips. Dad loves us as much as mom does, but he doesn't usually show it. Understand your dad's nature and be the first to show him your love!

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