How to Tell Your Parents You Have Been Sexually Assaulted – Tips for Teenagers

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Sexual assault is a dark reality that have been part of the society for as long as humanity exist. Even worse, not only adult experience it but nowadays the number of child molestation is growing.

If you have experienced a sexual assault, never think that you’re alone. In fact, the case number of molestation to children under 18 is unbelievably large. You must feel ashamed, embarrassed, confused, and hurt, but you have the whole world with you. Also read How to Comfort A Girl Who Was Sexually Assaulted

This is not your fault and you have the right to be defended. Stop self-blaming yourself for the bad things that happened to you. And for the record, sexual assault doesn’t always have to be rape. When someone touch you without your consent, it is an assault.

The hardest part of this is how to tell your parents you have been sexually assault? As your legal guardian, your parents should be the first person to know about this so they can think about the best solution. Also read Signs of a Bad Boyfriend in High School

So here are our guidance to start the conversation with your parents and bringing it up.

  1. Tell Them As Soon As You Can

This sounds scary as you probably haven’t get a grip of the situation yourself, but wait longer to tell them is a bad idea. If you need time, take your time but don’t let it pass even for one day.

It’s important because then your parents could take you to the hospital to do a check. This even sounds scarier but if you want the assaulter to pay for what they’ve done to you, this is the right thing to do.

Whatever may happen, your parents will never leave you alone. Also read Signs You Have A Stalker

  1. Be Brave to Retell the Story

To ask an assault victim to go over the story about them being raped is really bad, but this is the point. Even though you are trembling, stammered, and long pause several times, make sure you don’t miss anything.

Even it’s hurt, this is the only way to convince your parents and everybody involved that you’re not lying, that you’ve been through this horrible experience. If this is too scary to rewind, write it down on a journal.

It requires a lot of bravery, a lot more than you need before riding a roller coaster. But by doing so you have encourage others to do the same thing.

  1. Tell Your Parents Indirectly

Some kids are not in a comfortable terms to talk about sex with their parents, let alone sexual assault. If you’re one of them, here is another way how to tell your parents you have been sexually assaulted. Try to write them a letter, telling the horrible experience you have through.

Or if you have been keeping a journal, give it to them so they can read it for themselves. If this is still uncomfortable for you, go to a family member you feel safe to talk about anything – grandma, aunt, sister, etc.

Only make sure that they are adult and they are your family. Before anyone else, it’s always better to bring it up to your family first. Also read Signs of An Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend

  1. You’re Not the One to Blame

Is it because I walk alone in a silent alley? Is it because my outfit was too revealing? Is it because I’m unworthy? And so many negative self-blaming question will endlessly pop up in your mind. However, you’re not at fault. The assaulter was.

Stop thinking that this is because of you. Come on, nobody wants to be assaulted. It’s not like you have a choice. It doesn’t mean that you let down your parents too. You’re not a shame for them. They will be appreciating instead if you bravely tell them about it.

  1. Parents are the Best Defender You Could Ever Ask

Speaking about strong support system, nothing stronger that your family. Know that your parents will be there. They will fight the best for you. You were the one who was assaulted, but they are angrier. Also read Reasons Why Mother is More Important Than Father

They will help you to make sure that the assaulter pay the right price for what they have done to you and make them regret that they ever laid a hand on you. All you need is to be brave.

When you are sexually assaulted, never think that there will a right time to tell your parents about it. There will be no right time. The right time is as soon as possible. Assault proof in your body will be gone in the meantime, and the nasty experience you had will not be proven true.

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