Reasons Why Mother Is More Important Than Father (21 Reasons)

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Thousands of people worldwide have voted the word 'mother' as the most beautiful word in the English language. This vote does not come as an easy handout to moms but has been earned through years of nurturing, love, care, and selflessness.

Is it the African mum who carries her child on her back while balancing a large basket of goods, selling and providing for her family? Or is it the single mum who has been abandoned by her spouse and has to take up the role of both mum and dad? 

No matter what category your mum falls under, she’s magical, she’s phenomenal and we can all argue that a mother contributes a bit more than the father in some cases. This has been a topic of debate for a long time and different people have different opinions about this.

Below are a few reasons our moms have beat our dads in the parenting game. 


21 Reasons Why Mother Is More Important Than Father

1. A mother is a child's first experience of love

This is true especially in a world where abortion has become an easy option for every female. Choosing to carry babies for nine months through a process of (what should be classified as) deadly symptoms of pregnancy and a constant lack of empathy from the world around you is nothing short of pure love. 

If your mum went through that hellish process of carrying and nurturing you in her womb, best believe that she loves you very much. 

Even after going through this for nine months, moms have to recover physically and emotionally, so they can tirelessly care for their children day and night. It doesn’t end here, raising the child is also part of their role and they do it with commitment. If this isn't unconditional love, I don't know what is. 

2. No one else can comfort you the way your mum can

It's hard to find a mum who can't give her child a good pep talk. Being able to comfort your child is a key aspect of parenting and its importance can’t be stressed enough. The thing about moms is that they aren't just there to ensure you have your basic human needs. Most dads focus more on providing you with food, shelter, clothing, and a good education. 

Moms on the other hand care about your intricate needs while they’re raising you. They care about your social life, your feelings, your need for attention, and your need to be loved. They think about everything that bothers you and try to make things right. That's why they're the best advice-givers and the best comforters. They will not just sympathize with you, but they will empathize. 

3. They can predict our wants and needs

The female mind is amazing, it's what makes them intuitive. Moms are amazing, sometimes, it seems like they can read your mind. When you're feeling sick, they know exactly what is wrong with you. They know if you just need an aspirin or if the doctor needs to be called. 

They can tell what would hit the spot when you're hungry and what exactly you need to feel better on cloudy days. A mom’s strong connection to her child makes it easy for her to detect what they want and need even without asking. Is that amazing or what?

4. Her kisses and hugs are second to none

Apart from the fact that her body was built to feel like a pile of pillows, the love and affection that comes with her hugs is out of this world. No wonder her kisses seemed to heal your wounds when you were a baby, and her hugs felt like a healing balm for your soul when you felt bad.

Having her around made you feel safe because you knew she would rip apart anything or anyone who tried to harm her baby. 

Just one hug from your mum and it feels like world peace has been achieved, all the world's economic problems have been solved, children aren't starving in Africa anymore and all's right with the world. So don't take those magical hugs for granted, everyone needs those once in a while.

5. Home doesn't feel like home without her

They all say that home is where the heart is, but I can argue that home is where your mum is. What's a home without a mother's touch? What's a home without her hand-picked flowers, the smell of her divine cooking, the freshly laundered sheets on your childhood bed, and the warm and homely furniture she places in the house? 

If she’s away for even the shortest while, her absence is felt. Apart from the love and open-handed affection that's missing, the color, warmth, and comfort is also missing along with her.

6. Mothers are strong

mothers are strong

We can argue that mothers are better parents than fathers. It's extremely hard to find strength like the strength of a mum. She feels warm and soft and she's the best person to run to if you need a shoulder to cry on. But, when it comes to standing firm through tough times and bearing pains or even fighting for the well-being of her children, moms are more than capable. 

It's hard to scare or discourage someone who has pushed another human being out of their body. So, your mum can be both your shoulder to cry on and a pillar if you need support. This is why being a single parent is easier for them compared to fathers.

7. Mothers are versatile

As mentioned previously, there's hardly a thing your mum can't do. Mothers somehow master the art of doing everything, they know a great deal about a lot of things. They’re the best at being a teacher, nurse, cook, and wife. 

Do you need a piece of clothing mended? Your mum is the one for the job. Do you need soul food? Still, she’s the one for the job. You're in a rut and need some extra financial support? Your mum has got your back on that one too. She’s basically your one-stop shop, how cool is that?

People have admitted that they think mothers are better parents. They confessed that if they had to choose one parent to save, it would be their mother. This is understandable because most kids who grew up without a dad can cope better than those who grew up without a mom. Mostly because moms can play the part of both father and mother. 

They will firmly discipline you when you've gone wrong, comfort you when you're sad, and properly provide for you if your father isn't around to do so. She'll do all this and still somehow be able to make it for your school recital.

8. She's an expert when it comes to finding lost items

Has any of your stuff ever gone missing before? You searched the whole house and you still weren't able to find it. Here comes your mom, she opens one closet and there it is! It's shocking how easy it is for them to find missing items.

Nothing can permanently go missing, not on your mom's watch. That's why you were able to keep your childhood toys for many years before deciding to give them out.

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9. She's a Knower of things

Parenting can be really hard when you know little about your child, this is not a problem for most mums. There's hardly anything that can get past your mom. No matter how hard you try to keep a secret from her, she's likely to sniff it out sooner or later. If she hasn't confronted you about it yet, it probably means it's not that serious or she doesn't want you to be aware that she knows. 

Apart from being observant, moms care enough to find out what is going on in their child's life. So if you've got a secret you think no one knows about, the woman who gave birth to you probably knows.

10. She's self-sacrificing

The character of selflessness cannot be excluded when talking about a mother, it's one of her best parenting tools. She can give her own life for her family, without a thought.

If your family wasn't very privileged when you were growing up, you probably can relate to this. Your mother would do anything in her power to ensure that you and your siblings got the best care she could afford. Most times she'd do these things without thinking of herself, she would neglect herself just to see to it that her kids are okay.

11. Our health and well-being are primarily provided by her 

No matter how much love your father has for you, he couldn't have provided you with the nourishment your mother gave to you. As mentioned earlier, a significant portion of your immune system was provided by your mum. Right from when you were in her womb, the nutrients that enabled you to live and grow healthy came from her. 

Sometimes, people underestimate the importance of a mother’s breast milk. If your mum was able to breastfeed you, she's the reason you have a healthy brain and you didn't die from a bacterial infection during childhood.

12. Her food is the best

her food is the best

Even if your mother is not a five-star chef, her food always happens to taste great to you. Especially because it's cooked with so much love. 

If you'd like to have a nice dinner with a good friend and you don't feel like spending that extra money at a restaurant, your mother's house is always the place to go. You won't only be getting tasty food, but you'd get a warm and welcoming environment, excellent service, and a nice warm hug afterward. 

13. She'll always be there

No matter what you've done, your mother will always have your back. She would probably punish you in private, but in public, she will defend you better than any lawyer.

This is why smart kids hardly ever keep things from their mothers. She may correct you harshly for acting stupid but she won't deny you help. If you did something really foolish and she knows your reputation is on the line, she will do everything she can to cover you up.

14. She will equip you for the world out there

Another thing a real mother is good at is teaching her kids. Moms don't only want to be there for you, they also want to teach you to do these things for yourself. 

It's challenging for a mother to let her baby bird out of the nest, so they can learn to fly. However, they will do it anyway. It takes a certain kind of strength to watch your child go through pain. Yet, they're willing to let you go through that temporary pain or discomfort just so you can learn to live and cope in this imperfect world. 

15. She can be your best friend too

People say it's wrong for a mother to play the part of a friend in their child's life. They’re advised to focus on being a parent and authority figure. People have different opinions about this but in reality, mom-child relationships aren’t limited. 

Moms are the best friends you could possibly have, not only because they've always got your back, but also because they’re way more experienced than you are. She has all the characteristics of a good friend.

First of all, she'll always tell you the truth, she knows it's for your own good so she won't lie to you about anything. This doesn’t mean that she won't take your feelings into consideration, it simply means that she won't lie to you to spare your feelings. 

She'd also tell you all the things to avoid doing because she has been there before. This will give you an upper hand in life and will help you build healthy relationships. Even when you're not exactly looking for solutions and you'd just like to vent, she'd be there for you. If this isn't the definition of a best friend, I don't know what is.

16. She gives the best advice

Your mother is the best person to go to when you’re facing a problem you can't seem to sort out. You can't always handle things on your own and the best people to talk to are the people who care about you. 

It's hard to find someone who cares about you more than your mum does. Your father may have sympathy for you but they can't ever boast of being more empathic than your mum. If you let her, she can be your standby, your therapist, your life coach, and your mentor.

A mom's advice is the best because it comes from a place of love and concern. Your loss is their loss, so you're sure that she's giving you the best advice possible. Also, moms are very wise, it's hard for them to say anything that does not make sense. When they tell you that something isn’t worth it, they’re probably right.

17. She's your cheerleader

Even before your friends or significant other came into your life, your mom was right there cheering for you. 

Mums can always recognize their child's potential even when it's not obvious to anyone else. Much like a coach does, she knows how to motivate her children and push them to become the best they can be. The upside is that she does it with unbelievable love and strength. 

Even though the odds seem to be stacked against her children, she can motivate them to take a chance. Her confidence and belief in them encourage them to do their very best. There aren't many successful people who didn’t get their strength and courage from their mums.

18. She will protect you

she will protect you

Your mum will protect you and keep you away from danger even if it temporarily costs her your love. Remember that rock band concert you wanted to go to when you were a teenager? 

You didn't care that it was dangerously crowded and filled with crazy, drunk people who could care less about your safety and sanity? We can almost guess what your mom's response was when you asked her if you could go see them. 

At that point, her ‘no’ meant no! Because she knew your safety was way more important than your idea of fun and your opinion about her. She remembered how challenging your birth was and decided that you’re too valuable to her. We can name a million other scenarios where your mum put your safety above everything else, you were her responsibility and she was never going to put you in harm's way. 

19. She puts her children first

Only very few people can say that their mum never made them a priority. As a mama bear, your baby comes first, no matter what it costs you. They won't put their looks before you, they won't put their love life or marriage before you. 

Your mum will always take you into consideration when she's making her decisions or making plans. Right from when you were just a baby, she put your needs first when she’s making important life decisions, it's hardly ever about her.

20. They're engaged in their children's lives

As mentioned earlier, fathers are mostly concerned with their child's survival and not necessarily their overall well-being. Moms care about more than providing food, shelter, and clothing for her kids, she goes beyond that. She cares about what makes her child upset, what's going to be best for them in the nearest and furthest future, whether they're enjoying their daily life, etc. 

21. Genetically, she contributes more to your survival

It's true that every human baby requires the same quantity of genetic material from both mother and father. However, people often forget to take the mitochondrial DNA of the baby into consideration. 

Your mitochondrial DNA is made up of 37 significant genes of solely maternal origin. Without these genes, a child would not survive till birth. 

Secondly, if we consider the content of the male and female germ cells, the egg does not only contain half the genetic material required to form a baby. It also contains all the nutrients the baby would require when they're growing in the womb. 


Is a mother more important than a dad?

Studies show that the love and care of a father, compared to that of a mother, is equally important. Just like both mother and father contribute equally to the genetics of their babies, they also have an impact on a child's growth and development. So both the mother and father need to be involved in a child's life. 

Why are mothers so important?

A mom’s impotence cannot be ignored, they're the first contact their babies have with the world and life itself. They're a child's source of food and water before and after birth. In fact, her breast milk provides her babies with some of their innate immune cells as the first line of defense against harmful germs. Most importantly, a mother's love for her babies is always unconditional

Why is a mother important in the family?

Moms are the bedrock of most homes. Most times losing a mother is harder on the rest of the family than losing a father. In today's world and for a long while, mothers have not only been the source of nurturing, care, and unconditional love but have also played the role of the breadwinner, in most parts of the world. 

Do mothers care more than fathers?

Looking at real stories and real lives, mothers are better at taking care of the children and giving them lot's more love, care, and attention compared to fathers. Aside from the fact that a mom takes care of her kids with more precision, they're more self-sacrificial and tend to be more involved in their children's lives.

Which parent is most influential?

Both parents surely have equal influence on a child. A child will be influenced by the involvement and lack of involvement of both parents. In other words, whether you're present in your child's life or not, you've surely affected that child's life either negatively or positively. So both parents influence a child equally. 

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this article. Remember, your mother is irreplaceable, whatever you do try not to take her for granted. Please let me know what you think about this topic in the comment section below; do you believe your mother is more important than your father? Also, pls share the article with friends.

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