20 Lovely Reasons Why Mother Is More Important Than Father

by Michelle Devani

Mother is a word of one absolute definition: love. She is definitely many of our firsts. First love, first friend, first teacher, first thing to come into mind, and etc. We often got asked whom we love more, mother of father. As both are important and we can't imagine living without both, we said that we love them equally. Saying that we love one more than other surely cause hurt.

But there is one sure thing that mother is more important than fathers. Not to say that fathers are not important, but there are things father couldn't do and we need our mother to. What are the reasons why mother is more important than father? Check them out below!

1. Mother Is The Definition Of Love

Mother is love, and she teaches us how to love. The only person who loves us already even before we were born is our mother. She gives us the most unconditional love, and she never fail to make us feel like we are the most loved person in the world. We will never know love if it's not because of our mother, and from her we learn how to love someone with our whole heart.

2. She Can Comfort Us In A Special Way

she can comfort us in a special way

While we are having a hard time doing the Ways to Forget Your First Love, mother comes as comfort. Her words soothe our hurting heart and she makes us realize that we still have long journey ahead. Whenever we are feeling down and the world seems like going against us, mothers know how to make us feel better.

3. Mother Knows What We Want

We all have a strong connection to our mothers that she always know what we want. When we are having argument with fathers, she will come as our protector and helping us to win somehow. Because what our fathers don't understand, our mothers know it well.

4. Her Hug Is The Best Medicine

No matter how hard things are and how rough a day we had, everything disappear once we are going into our mother's hug. For example, when we are stress out after doing the Ways to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend and find the truth, we are able to stand up once again after seeing our mother. Isn't this amazing?

5. Home Is Where Your Mother Is

Home is not a home when our mother isn't with us. There will be a big blank whenever she's not with us and it makes us feeling so alone. Maybe it's because she has so many Ways to Show Your Daughter You Love Her, or because mother is include in our basic need, just like the foods.

6. She Knows Where Our Stuffs Are

When we are losing our stuffs, nobody will be able to find them but mothers. Even though we have searched the entire house, we still couldn't find it. What makes our mother amazing is she can find them in 10 seconds. This is what makes us love her even more.

7. She Is Our Mind Reader

We can't keep secrets from our mothers like, ever. She always knows what's inside our head and what we think without we tell her. She is better than a mind reader, she knows our heart too well. Having her is such a bless, and it seems like there are no problems that she can't resolve. 

8. Mother Can Directly Feed Us

This is the thing that our fathers can never do to us forever. When we were babies, our mother directly feeding us with milk from her breasts. Not only it helps us to survive, it contains many benefits that make us grow so healthy. Even before that, we also sucked on our mother's food for nine months.

9. She Has Suffered A Lot Because Of Us

she has suffered a lot because of us

Beside the breastfeeding, we would never be able to repay the hardships our mothers has gone through while carrying us for nine months. As we grow bigger and closer to birth, we make all her body aching. So when we disappoint her, she often angry at us. Say only nice Things to Say to Your Mon When She's Mad at You.

10. She Makes The Best Food In The World

For every child, the best food in the world is the one their mothers made. And so do us. Food is not food if it's not cooked by our mothers. Not only she cooked it deliciously, but she also seasoned it with love.

How To Show Love To Our Mom

When we have many Ways to Tell Your Dad You Love Him, we can't put mother in the back. As she gives the best of herself all along, we should also show her how much we love her.

  1. Send her the bouquet of her favorite flowers. It would be better if you give her a real flower to be planted in her garden.
  2. Say thank you for every little things she does.
  3. Kiss her every time you leave the house and arrive at home.
  4. Make your own homemade cookies for her.
  5. If you happen to live far away from her, remind her not to skip her meals.
  6. Say 'I love you' whenever you have the chance.
  7. Help her to do the housework.
  8. Clean the house for her.
  9. Plan a surprise party for her birthday.
  10. Visit her often if you live out of town.

After reading the reasons why mother is more important than father, we should love her more from now on. Whether we are boys or girls, we are emotionally closer to our mother. So let't never hurt our mother in any ways, and we must promise to love and cherish them for life. Nothing in the world can replace the happiness when we can still see the smile on our mother's face. Mother is indeed the seen Angels.

Michelle Devani
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