How To Tell Your Parents You Broke Something Expensive - Be Nice And Make It Up To Them

Last updated on June 4, 2022 by Michelle Devani

You accidentally did something that can make your parents really mad. You broke a belonging that costs a lot of money!

Scared and nervous, you’re not sure how to tell your parents you broke something expensive. Here are some tips to help you sort out your problem:

1. Clearly Say What Happened

You have to clearly say what happened. Try not to leave any important details. Making things clear will help your parents understand that it was an accident. There’s less chance for them to get mad over a miscommunication. Try this for How to Tell Your Parents That You Cracked Your Phone as well.

2. Tell The Whole Truth

tell the whole truth

What you broke is something that really costs a lot of money. Your parents deserve to know the truth. Don’t hide anything from them. It’s better than to tell the truth and have them angry at you for a while rather lose their trust forever.

3. Practice What You’re Going To Say

If you’re the kind of person who gets really nervous, practice what you’re going to say. You can do it in front of a mirror or with a friend. Getting your story straight is important.

4. Take Responsibility

You also need to take responsibility for what you’ve done. You’re on the right track because you’re reading this. It means you do want to be honest with your parents. Owning up to your mistake is a form of great responsibility. Showing responsibility is also How to Tell Your Parents You Want an iPhone.

5. Avoid Blaming Someone Else

Don’t leave out this one as you’re thinking of how to tell your parents you broke something expensive. There’s no need to blame someone else for your action. It will only cause your parents to be more upset. Avoid shifting the blame on somebody else.

6. Accept Any Consequences

Accept any consequences for what you’ve done. It’s okay, your parents won’t be too tough on you as long as you’re honest with them. Try not to complain about any potential punishment they give you.

7. Tell Them As Soon As Possible

Nothing good ever come from hiding the truth from your parents. Tell them what you broke before they found out on their own. They will be more upset and be harsher on you. It’s always better to tell them immediately.

8. Show That You Regret It

Show that you truly regret what you did. Make yourself look devastated and heartbroken as they are. This is not the right time to smile because it’s an expensive thing that you broke. This is also for How to Tell Your Parents You Used Their Credit Card.

9. Say You’re Really Sorry

You have to say you’re really sorry to your parents. Not once, but multiple times. Make it known that you absolutely feel bad for what you’ve done. A simple, “I’m sorry mum and dad” will do.

10. Don’t Talk Back

Once your parents found out the truth from you, just listen to what they have to say. Don’t talk back. Put aside your attitude and show some humility. You might not like it when they scold you but they have the right to do that.

How To Make It Up To Your Parents

how to make it up to your parents

In addition to how to tell your parents you broke something expensive, you can also make it up to them. Exactly how? Read on to find out more:

1. Compensate For What You Broke

The nicest thing you can do is to compensate for what you broke. Do you currently have extra money around? Any savings that you’ve done recently? Take some of your money (or all of them) and give it to your parents.

2. Do More Chores Around The House

In case you don’t have money lying around, do chores. Make a promise to wash the dishes for 6 months straight or do your own laundry for a year. A commitment like that can make up for what you did. Without having too many expense. Also check out How to Tell Your Dad You’re Pregnant at 17.

3. Offer To Replace It

You can always offer to replace the expensive object. Take up an extra job or use your allowance money. Discuss with your parents how exactly you can help to replace it.

4. Buy Them A Gift

Buy them a cake or give a shopping voucher. Those kind of things might not be as expensive as the object you broke but they’re still meaningful. It shows that you do care about their feelings.

5. Treat Them Nicely

You can also treat your parents nicely. Be the kind of kid who shows respect and try to make them happy. It’s the least you can do after making them upset. That's actually how to prepare them on How to Tell Your Christian Parents You Don’t Believe in God.

So those are the different ways how to tell your parents you broke something expensive. Always try to make it up to them and show your responsibility.

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