How To Tell Your Mother Your Girlfriend Is Pregnant

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Many teenagers and young people date freely that they got pregnant at some point. It doesn't matter much when you're an adult and you can take care of your life on your own. But what if you're still the responsibility of your parents. Then how to tell your mother your girlfriend is pregnant won't be easy.

The first reaction she shows would be surprised and shocked. You will be surprised yourself when you find out that she is pregnant, but you must get over your shock quickly and think about how to tell your mother your girlfriend is pregnant. Do it carefully, not to make them mad at you.

Here are how you can tell her:


1. Prepare The Speech

Well, there is no right way to tell your parents about your girlfriend's pregnancy. So before you dip yourself into the water, you have to prepare your speech as well as possible. Choose the right words and don't forget to show how sorry you are to them. Here are some tips on how to prepare your speech:

  • Never, ever say to your mom that what you're going to say is a bad thing. You might scare them out.
  • Make sure she knows beforehand that you have a girlfriend. It will make the explanation easier.
  • Hold your emotion during the speech. Tell her that it's difficult for you too but you need their support during this hard time.
  • She will be asking you a lot of questions. Be prepared with this.

2. Pick The Right Timing

pick the right timing

You can't delay any longer to tell your mom about your girlfriend's pregnancy, but you should not be in a rush either. Pick the right timing to talk to her since it affects her response.

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  • Don't be dramatic and tell her when she relaxes so she can give all her attention to you.
  • Don't talk to her when she's feeling tired or stressed. If she is working, then choose the weekend as the best time to talk about this.
  • Pick the right time for you too, because you have to be mentally prepared to answer her many questions (which she surely does). Make sure your emotion is under control during the conversation.
  • If you plan to talk about this together with your girlfriend, consider the suitable time for her as well.
  • Wait for the best time but don't wait for too long.

3. Break The News

This is the real deal about how to tell your mother your girlfriend is pregnant. You have to break the news regardless of how difficult it might be for you. 

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  • Relax and don't be stressed. It only makes things more difficult. Don't predict how would she react because it's not going to change anything.
  • Before breaking the news, crack some jokes to make her as relaxed as possible.
  • Take a deep breath and don't stutter when you finally say that your girlfriend is pregnant. You have to be firm, think about how big of a matter this is.
  • Look her in the eyes while you talk to let her know about your sincerity.
  • She might not show any reaction soon, as she is shocked herself.

4. Act Mature

You might still young, but what you've done is wrong. Understand that this is serious and try to be mature in this situation. 

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  • Tell her that you will take full responsibility for your action and this is purely your fault.
  • This is difficult for you too, but as a child, you need her support.
  • As you have caused some serious problems, tell your mother that you are ready to find a job, showing that you are really going to be responsible.

5. Ask Your Mom To Help You

Things are not ended just after you tell your mom. There are many big things awaits: you have to tell your family about this, especially your father. You have to win your mother's favor first before you tell your father. But if you are unable to, you still have to proceed to tell your father. 

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  • Ask help from your mother to tell your father.
  • Accept it when your mother doesn't want to help you. You have to take all the blame and responsibility.
  • Be understanding to your mother since she must be really shocked upon hearing the news.

6. Ask Advice From Others

ask advice from others

Even if you are not on a good term with your parents, you still have to tell them. But before that, you may get help by asking for advice from others. 

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  • You can ask your grandparents or your siblings. But of course, you need to tell them first. Rather than your parents, they might accept the news more calmly. They will be deadly shocked at first, though.
  • You know that you are not alone in this situation. Those people will be genuinely helping you and making this difficult situation less stressful.
  • They might warn you that your mother could get very angry and end up not talking to you for some time. At least you know that there are people who still care about you.

7. Don't Make Any Radical Decisions

Your mother may react so badly due to her disappointment. But you must not get carried away and let your emotion win over you.

  • Never make such radical decisions when your emotion is unstable.
  • Your mother may suggest abortion, but you should not say yes to it right away. It's very important for you and your girlfriend so don't make any harsh decisions.

It's never easy thinking about how to tell your mother your girlfriend is pregnant. But you can't hide it forever. Since you have done it, you have to take all the responsibility that comes along with it.

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