How to Tell Your Mother in Law That You are Pregnant

Last updated on June 16, 2022 by Michelle Devani

For every married couple, pregnancy is the biggest miracle they have been waiting for. Especially when it's their first, everything seems magical. You must be wanting to share the excitement with everyone, and the family is among them. But how would you break the news to make it extraordinary? They must be as thrilled as you both are!

Mother in law is among the top list of people you'd want to share the pregnancy announcement first and you don't want it to be just casual. You want to make it a little bit grande with unusual ideas. There are many creative ways how to tell your mother in law that you are pregnant.

So what would you do to surprise the grandmother to be? Here are some ideas that you can copy right away.

1. Send Her the Music

Is there anything in the world more magical that hearing the sound of your baby's heartbeat in the womb? Let your mother in law know that there is another life existed within your body for the announcement. If you live separately with her and it's almost impossible to tell her in person, this gonna be sweet.

Record the heartbeat of your baby, send it to her along with a voicemail, "You'll have someone special visiting over in a few months." Or to make it more real, send her a video of the baby's heartbeat and let her be thrilled! See also How to Let Your Boyfriend Know You Are Ready for Marriage

2. Do a "Baby" Groceries

do a baby groceries

This is a little obvious yet creative way how to tell your mother in law that you are pregnant. Invite your in laws over to your house for a dinner and ask them a favor to drop by the nearest store to pick up some ingredients. She will ask what would you like to buy, and it's the time to make an announcement.

List several vegetables and fruit like baby carrots, baby peas, and many other "baby" foods. Ask her to review the list and make sure she's wondering why it should be babies?

3. Have an Intimate Family Night

This is how you're going to announce the pregnancy, not only to your in laws but to the whole family. But if you want to be intimate, you can invite your parents is law only. Gather for a family dinner together and before that, ask her to play a scrabble with you. You know what's next, right? Play the words on your scrabble board that hinted about your pregnancy. Family dinner will never be the same again after that. See also Cool Ways to Tell Your Best Friend You're Pregnant

4. Give Her the Announcement T-Shirt

There are many creative ways to tell you mother in law that she gonna be a grandmother. Buy a plain T-Shirt and write your own special words to tell her about your pregnancy. Wrap it in a few layers of paper and let her take time to unfolds it until she get frustrated, only to find what's inside. You can do the same way to the other members in your family as well.

5. Do It the Simple Way

If you are a simple person, you can choose the simple way to announce your pregnancy without making it less worthy. Write a message on paper and stick it to her fridge's door. Choose a vivid color to make it stand out, along with the message, "You're going to be a grandma in (write your due date)." See also Signs that Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose Soon

6. Have a Cup of Tea with Her

have a cup of tea with her

Invite your mother in law for a cup of tea in your house. Serve her favorite tea and let her finish her drink. The surprise lies at the bottom of the cup. "Congratulation, Grandma to be!" and nothing will be more exciting than that. Give her the cup later to be kept as memento.

You can upgrade it by printing a photograph of the baby inside and stick it to the glass. Use it later when she ask for a drink and let her use it forever afterwards.

7. Do It a Little Spectacularly

Do an extra effort to tell your mother in law about your pregnancy. Call her for a lunch together in her favorite cafe. Make a reservation there and ask them to write a special message all over. Starting from the chalkboard menu where you can write, "Grandma to be enter here", you can also make your own menu book and change the menu name to "Grandma Omelet", "Spaghetti Grandma", "Burger Grandma", and down the list where she can find "Congratulation for the Grandma to be!" See also Ways to Get Close to Your Boyfriend's Mother and Win Her Heart

8. Make a YouTube Video!

Many couple do their pregnancy announcement through Youtube nowadays. So not only to to family, you can also share your excitement with the rest of the world. Create the most creative Youtube videos. Whether you're doing parody with your husband or simply putting a video of the baby inside. Don't forget to send the link to your mother in law and see how will she react.

9. Bake the Bun

This is a classic way how to tell your mother in law that you are pregnant, as you are having a bun yourself, you want others to have the real bun. Invite her over to your house and bake her favorite bun. Or you can have it sent over to her house. See also Signs That Your Mother In Law Doesn't Like You

You can use the infamous nursery rhyme by adding the letter B on the top of the bun. Or if you are afraid the might not get the idea, you can add some clear hint like, "As I can't share you my own bun right now, I made you one. My bun is due in a few months anyway!"

If none of the ideas seems suitable for you, you can also create your own ideas and make more memorable both for you and your mother in law.

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