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This Is How to Get Taylor Swift to Notice You On Tumblr – Swifties Should Know

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Taylor Swift is the best female singer that has many lots of fans. Well, if you are really like her so much, how to get Taylor Swift to notice you on Tumblr? Some fans of Taylor Swift do these things to get her attention on Tumblr. So, let’s get started.


1. Pick a nice theme on Tumblr

First, pick a nice theme on your Tumblr. Chose one theme that is your character and it makes Taylor Swift loves it.

2. Post more than one every day

Do posting more than one in every day. If you just do one post per day it is not effective to get Taylor Swift’s attention. So, grab attention with your creativity. Maybe you can see these tips on how to get your crush’s attention on Instagram and other social media.

3. Tag Taylor Swift

Do not forget to tag Taylor Swift while you posting something on Tumblr. This is the way to get her attention. Maybe it is a slow way but it is very effective to get her attention. Make a good post with a good word.

4. Join the official of Taylor Swift

Join the official of Taylor Swift on Tumblr is a must. With this, you will know everything about her, daily updates of her news and others.

5. Join the other groups of fan

There are lots of groups fan of Taylor Swift, just pick one the largest groups based on your area, like Indonesia, United States, England or others. With you joining this you will learn how to get her attention naturally.

6. Show your skill

Show your skill if you can play the guitar like her, Taylor Swift or if you have a nice voice you can sing and make your own arrangement. Do not forget to tag her, Taylor Swift. She will notice you on Tumblr.

7. The memorable moment

Take a memorable moment like when that is your show you have to sing Taylor Swift’s song. You can record this moment and post this on your Tumblr. Taylor Swift may see what you are doing.

8. Create your quote on Tumblr

Create your naturally quote on Tumblr. Make sure the quote is full of positive mean to around people. Don’t forget to tag Taylor Swift after you create your own quote.

Why Taylor Swift has lots of fan

The reasons why Taylor Swift also has lots of fans maybe because of these. So, please take a look below here.

1. Beautiful looks like

We know that Taylor Swift is the female singer that is beautiful. She has a natural beauty look like the simplicity of her beauty is her point.

2. Her unique voice

Taylor Swift also has a unique voice that is not all female singers have this voice. Her voice also shows how is she is. These are some  Taylor Swift best breakup songs to listen after a breakup.

3. The transformation

Taylor Swift from the first debut until know. It really makes lots of transformation. The first she also writes and plays on a country song, then she changes the genre to pop even pop rock. Well, here are some ways to make a country boy fall in love with you. It works.

4. She never stops to learn

Taylor Swift is someone that never stops to learn in music. She is the young songwriter and she wins many Grammy Awards. That’s why her carrier always going up.

5. The songs are great

You know her album like Love Story, and You Belong With Me? That is the album that great even it was old. Songs of Taylor Swift is really easy listening.

Signs Taylor Swift will respond you on Tumblr

Are there any signs of how Taylor Swift will respond and notice me on Tumblr? You can take a look directly below here.

1. The positive contents

Taylor Swift loves the positive contents of her fans. This is one way how she communicates with her fans. Somo fans do these things to someone who is famous, check these out on how to make someone famous notice you on Instagram.

2. Comments that support her

Do more to support her, become a great songwriter even the best female singer. Well, all your support is very needed.

3. Your skill is great

Start to show your skill on Tumblr? Go ahead, do not forget to tag her Taylor Swift on your post.

4. Try to be different

Try to be different is not a mistake. If you can sing her song with your own style it is a great point to get Taylor Swift’s attention to notice you on Tumblr.

5. You never give up

Do these things regularly and do not stop. If you are give up in the front you can’t get the result as your expectations. The key is do it and try the best you can do.

Hopefully, the above on how to get Taylor Swift to notice you on Tumblr may can help you how to get her attention naturally. So, good luck and do the best. You also must to do this too on how to get Taylor Swift to notice you on Instagram (Swifties Only!)

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