What Is Special About People Who Have The O Blood Type -Negative Blood Group?

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It is not a secret that a blood type plays a big contribution to describe our personality and what makes us special. According to science and a Japanese tradition, a blood type can tell someone’s personality and even someone’s health. Read more about what is the best blood type personality to date? to know your crush's personality based on her/ his blood type.

We all have known that there are four primary human blood types. They are known as A, B, AB, and O. Those blood types are categorized according to the antigens in the blood. This means if you are an A blood type, you own A antigens.

If you are a B blood type then you own B antigens. If you own both then you are an AB blood type. However, you are an O blood type when you own neither A or B antigens. If you are an O blood type or have someone special with O blood type, this article is meant for you.

Someone with an O blood type but without Rh factor would be an O negative blood type which also believed as a universal donor. It is called universal donor blood because this blood type can be accepted literally by anyone.

Here are some personality traits of O negative blood type which is mostly conserved as special or one of a kind personality:

Known as Cold Emotion People

Based on personality trait research, someone with O negative blood mostly see emotion as a tool to react. For example, they will never consider their mood swing as an excuse to refuse to get the job done.

They rarely express themselves because they don’t want to waste their energy to show emotion/ reaction. Therefore, people with O blood type tend to look more serious or have no expression at all.

Hard Worker Group

Another personality which is owned by this blood type is a hard working person. They are able to stick themselves to their work desk to get the job done perfectly.

What’s more surprising of this blood type is their ability to see pressure in a positive way. They are able to transform work pressure as their deadline or goal to work harder than ever.

Mostly Known as an Arrogant Person

Because O negative blood type is mostly seen in a cold expression and a work hard person. Furthermore, people with this blood type usually are confident with everything that they do and people have often mistaken their action or expression as an arrogant person.

But that’s not the case. An O negative blood type tends to know what they will and can do, how to plan work and execute it and how serious they are to work everything out. They just type of people who would only turn their emotion and reaction into action.

Mostly Unpredictable

It is not a secret that an O blood type people are mostly unpredictable. They always want to help and do some actions to execute their ideas or helping others. They also like to pick the best possible outcome to reach their goals.

There are a lot of things that we can do such as by saying sweet things to say to an Aquarius man to make him feel happy.

Owning Schedule or Routine and Stick to It

Blood O type person is known as someone who is very strict to the schedule, they can’t live without a specific schedule for their life.

More likely to stay in a Comfort Zone

Indeed, they are a hard worker and love to stick to their schedule and routine. However, this makes them be people who will choose to stay in their comfort zone.

Mostly, people with O blood type tend to maximize their potential and work very hard to be the best version in their current work. They might change and out of comfort zone but it only happens when they think it is really necessary.

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