How Do Virgos Act When They Are Hurt? (13 Ways They Act)

Last updated on May 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you feel your Virgo partner becoming more distant from you?

Are you wondering what has happened to him?

Are you beginning to feel like you may have hurt his feelings?

It can be horrible seeing this happen to your partner without knowing the cause behind his bad mood.

That’s why I have written this guide to help you get to the bottom of what’s going on with this sweet and kind Virgo man. 

It features the key signs to look for that you have hurt him. Virgos show clear signs of this and I am here to point them out to you.

Let’s start the article with my best guidance on what to do when you feel your partner becoming increasingly distant. 

The best thing you can do is a woman is to love him truly with your true feminine presence. Adore him. Make him feel important. Show him that he’s your king. 

In most situations, that’s the best thing a woman can do for her partner. Sometimes it’s the only thing. 

I used to be terrible at forming strong solid connections with men. Throughout my twenties, I would meet great guys, but it would never last longer than a brief tryst. 

Luckily, I went on to find out about an important element of masculine psychology. It’s called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’.

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Anyway, here are the signs to look to reveal if you have hurt a Virgo man.


Dating A Virgo Man

Feeling hurt is quite natural, I want to believe everyone has experienced it more than once in their life. People get hurt all the time but they handle it in different ways, but today, let’s look at things from the Virgo man’s point of view.

A Virgo man is born between August 23 and September 23 in the Babylonian calendar. They are known to be perfectionists, have special eyes for details. And just like the Capricorn, they prioritize their work ethic. 

Some people say it could be tough dating them because they are very practical and love to see things in order, which makes us wonder if they could ever be pleased.

The personality traits of a Virgo man include being extremely logical, stubborn, resourceful, clever, and quite ambitious. Initially, you could have a hard time loving a Virgo man because they are known to be very reserved and calculative. But when you start understanding these zodiac signs’ personality traits, you’ll enjoy your relationship more with your Virgo partner. 

If you’re dating a Virgo man, you need to know how he reacts in both good and bad situations. That’s because if you hurt a Virgo, you may not realize it. This earth sign is very good at suppressing his feelings, so if you hurt a Virgo, he’ll probably carry on with life as nothing happened. 

So, how do Virgos act when they are hurt? Let’s find out below.

13 Ways A Virgo Would Act When They Are Hurt

1. Become withdrawn

This is one of the commonest reactions you’ll get from a Virgo partner when they are hurt. They suppress a lot of emotions and because they are really sensitive, they withdraw to avoid being explosive. They don’t like being pushed out of their comfort zone and would rather keep being cordial even after someone has hurt them. 

When you hurt a Virgo, they begin to feel like others are seeing them in the same critical way they see themselves and it affects their ego a lot. 

Become withdrawn

2. They care less

Normally, you tend to get extra attention when things are going smoothly with your Virgo partner. They place your priorities above theirs and make sure things work out for your personal and career life. 

But when you hurt a Virgo man, they automatically stop showing such care. Not because they want to, they just feel you don’t appreciate them enough. So, take some astrology advice and keep reassuring your Virgo partner about how important and helpful he is. He may still feel hurt, but he’ll know his love is being appreciated.

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3. They take personal time to heal

When a Virgo man takes some time off and prefers to be alone, it means they could be hurt by someone they truly care about. 

Taking personal time off is really for the Virgo because they are very independent and seldom need attention. That means they can totally survive the silence without needing any external help. Try not to interrupt your Virgo partner’s personal time to avoid complicating things, just let him heal from the hurt instead of pushing.

4. Unconscious bluntness

Naturally, Virgo men don’t know how to sugarcoat things. They don’t play mind games because they’d rather be straightforward and direct when they feel hurt.

A Virgo man could start saying hurtful words or become unnecessarily cruel when someone hurts him. He won’t shout or scream those words, but just comfortably use them in your conversations together, because remember, this zodiac sign knows how to suppress and control his emotions. 

5. Get busy with other things

Because the Virgo man doesn't like dwelling on problems, challenges, or sad events. He’d rather get involved in any activity he finds interesting at the moment, just to distract him from the hurt he’s feeling. 

They begin to watch TV programs that they enjoy, concentrate more on work, take strolls, and read books just to take their minds off anything that is making them sad. And though, they could be selfish and selfless, their selfishness takes charge at this point. 

Get busy with other things

6. Less attention

One of the ways A Virgo man shows love to his partner is through giving maximum attention. Just as they’re perfectionists, they keep the same standard for their loved ones until something throws it off balance.

If your Virgo partner feels nonchalant about you or about supporting you the way they used to, maybe something really unfair happened to them and changed their mood. It could be something you feel is insignificant, but still, observe to understand what could be happening.

7. Difficulty to forgive

The Virgo man finds it hard to forgive those who hurt them. As a matter of fact, they could keep a lot of hurtful things for the longest period of time thanks to their retentive memory. I feel it’s because they also take time to love and accept people into their lives.

At this time, nothing you say seems important or relevant to them anymore. They feel there’s no point responding to your conversations or feelings anymore. And if they do, they’ll disagree with everything you say.

8. Mistrust

A Virgo man usually takes his time to trust people, and that’s one thing you need to know about this earth sign. Try not to betray a Virgo when he finally opens up to you, especially when it has to do with their personal life. 

When you feel there’s a disconnect between both of you in terms of entrusting each other on your daily plans, or he starts being careful about the kind of information he tells you, your partner could be hiding some feelings you don’t know about. Maybe because you hurt him by betraying his trust. 

9. Puts his guard up

The Virgo lowers his guard especially when he gets used to a new partner. However, those guards go back up and even higher when they feel hurt, betrayed, or unwanted.

They are very intuitive, so they can tell when you lie to them. But they are caring so they keep giving room for possible discussions. It becomes very disappointing for them when they keep trying but their efforts keep failing. 

10. Keep a distance

Virgo partners may ignore you when they are hurt. They may keep a  distance and that could mean they don’t know what to do or how to react to the current situation at hand. 

So, when someone hurts your Virgo partner, he’d rather give them space so he’s not constantly reminded about what happened. 

11. Becomes skeptical

Being practical is one of the Virgo man’s strengths. And trust me, when I say they know when something is not right

They love to strategize and prepare for things before finally going into action. So, when they start asking a lot of questions about your decisions without offering to help out or be part of it, that could be a red flag. 

Becomes skeptical

12. Passive aggressiveness

As I said before, the Virgo man is reserved and does not talk too much. This sign tries as much as possible to avoid confrontations and outbursts, but there’s a downside to this trait. Rather than letting the steam out, their passive-aggressive personality takes center stage, which makes them overthink little issues.

They would rather mumble things, be quiet when hurting, or simply pretend they don’t know what’s happening. Because they avoid outbursts and dislike showing their weaknesses, they would rather do things passively to annoy you.

13. They may leave you

This is where I talk about Virgos and their love for their happiness. They guard their hearts so much from heartbreak, they almost find it hard to enjoy their love life.

If they notice that you’re flirting with other people, taking advantage of their good deeds, or they find out that they are in a one-sided relationship, they would leave you. And when they do, they don’t come back most times. But, it doesn’t mean they’ll move on immediately so you still have some luck.


Do Virgos hide their feelings?

They are very sensitive and because of this, they try to minimize how they talk to avoid overreacting in situations. So maybe a few people could perceive this as them trying to hide their feelings. Whatever the case may be, they don’t like unnecessary drama.

How do Virgos show they care?

There are different ways to show love and care. I’m sure different people have their individual ways even though they may be similar. As long as you’re sincere to them, they give emotional, physical, and verbal support as well. And they would do anything to see you well, happy, successful, and comfortable.

What should you not say to a Virgo?

There are a lot of things you shouldn’t say to not just the Virgo guy, but people generally. Don’t question any of their principles, rub their weaknesses in their face, or call them the opposite of what they are especially in a little argument. For instance, “you’re so controlling. Everything doesn’t always have to be your way.”

Do Virgos move on quickly?

As much as A Virgo can’t stand a lot of negative things in any kind of relationship, it does not mean they move on quickly. Remember they build walls to guard their hearts. Because they are very calculative, they’re careful with who they get involved with. 

Do Virgos like attention?

Again, Virgos are very independent. If they need attention, it’s occasionally not constant. They just need you to acknowledge them, appreciate their efforts in contributing to your life, be honest, and leave no reason for mistrust. They love their personal space, time, and freedom to achieve what they need to, especially with work.

In Conclusion

Remember, it’s easy to love your Virgo partner. Try to remember those little things you need to know to have a happy love life with them. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you did, please drop a comment and feel free to share it with anyone you feel should read it too.

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Michelle Devani
My name is Michelle Devani, and I've been helping people with their relationships since 2003. In 2017 I decided it was about time I started a blog on the topic, and since then more than 2 million people worldwide have read my relationship advice. Drop me a comment below to let me know what you think.

4 comments on “How Do Virgos Act When They Are Hurt? (13 Ways They Act)”

  1. thanks, I recent had a relationship breakdown with my girlfriend advise me on how to calm done and comes back to me.
    she chucked me due failing to receive her phone call.

  2. I’ve loved someone for over 30 years we haven’t spoken for that time because I hurt him quite badly..he loved me and wanted to take it further but I couldn’t.Not because I didn’t love him but because I just had a baby with my partner..I didn’t really know what to do...he’s snubbed me for all that time but he’s the one I should have been with...recently I’ve tried to contact him..but he’s shutting me out

  3. I asked the Virgo man I was dating did he like my daughter and when I arrived home he had packed all his things and left. He will not respond to any of my messages and did not give me back the key to the old apartment. No my daughter did not state he made a pass at her but he looked and I asked based on that. He is younger than me and I met him at my daughter college. Never expected to have feelings for him and he does reserve his feelings. I’m confused I don’t want to give up I have deep feelings for him.

  4. I'm a virgo man and you hit the nail on the head. Most everything is true that you said except I always get betrayed by women and the wall's I have built now will never come down meaning I will never trust a human female ever again not for friend's or love

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