Tips On How to Get Sponsored On Instagram with 1000 Followers

Last updated on February 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Influencer has now become a new promising job. If you are successful in promoting brands and engage your followers, it’s highly possible to make so much more than your daily job. But there are one absolute requirement you have to meet before you get sponsored: collect as many followers as possible.

Brands usually set certain number of followers someone must have in order to get sponsored by them. So what if your followers is not that many yet? How to get sponsored on Instagram with 1000 followers? One thousand is usually not considered enough to get sponsored but it’s not impossible nonetheless.

In this article we are going to give you useful tips to get sponsored by brands with 1000 followers around you. Also read How to Get Someone to Notice You On Instagram Without Following Them

  1. Define Your Brand First

Before you want to catch the attention of other brands, define yours first. What is your Instagram about? Food, travel, beauty, lifestyle, etc. By having your own brands, you will then be able to create a unique and distinctive contents that will draw attention from both the brands and the followers.

Similar contents within certain topics shows consistency that will grow trust from related brands. They see you as an expert in the field to raise the awareness of the brand.

Furthermore, you can create a YouTube channel with more engaging message under the same topics to make impression that you are a professional influencer. Also read How to Make Someone Famous Notice You on Instagram

  1. Target the Audience

Social media is such a huge place yet it’s impossible to target everyone through one single Instagram post. Which is why it’s necessary to define your target audience after defining your brands.

Know who you want to send the message to including age, gender, and location. Demographic information helps you to pitch partnership with certain brands.

  1. Start from Small Brands

For a big brand, a thousand followers is a small number and they won’t likely to get you sponsored since they suggest your message won’t be received by as many people as they expect. Instead of targeting sponsorship with big brands, starting off with smaller ones is better.

Search start-ups in your area of interest and you can start promoting them by giving honest review. Get them notice it and ask for a partnership. It works best if the brands are in the same location as you currently staying in. Also read How to Get Modeling Agencies to Notice You on Instagram

  1. Grow the Number of Your Followers

Finding way how to get sponsored on Instagram with 1000 followers from a big brands is hard unless you can keep it growing. The specific ways to grow your followers depend on your target audience and your own Instagram feed. The more engaging it is, the more followers you will get.

Find out how to grow your followers so you can gain more trust from bigger brands and make them interested to sponsor you. The following tips will be about how to grow your followers so keep on reading.

  1. Post Consistently

There are formal research about the intensity to post on social media so other people will be interested in following you. According to gathered research from more than 10 studies, you should post at least once a day up to three times a day.

The upload timing also matters as 8 AM to 9 AM and 2 PM considered the best time to make Instagram post. Apply these tips from now own and see how your Instagram changes. Also read How to Get Ellen DeGeneres to Notice You

  1. Hashtag Your Photos

In order to gain more popularity of your post, hashtag really matters. Don’t forget to add related hashtags to every picture you post to make people easier to find it.

But you should also be careful about this tagging. Make sure when the tags are searched, all the contents that appear is related to yours.

  1. Tag the Brands

This is how you reach out to the brands. Showing your existence is the first essential step to get sponsored by them. If the brands you are targeting is a big brand, do this when your followers number are constantly growing.

If you already have several partnership experience with local brands and or start-up brands under your belt, it will easier to earn their trust. By starting small, make sure you climb up the stairs slowly and elevating for every each passing day.

So those are our tips on how to get sponsored on Instagram with 1000 followers. Hopefully this article will be helpful to you. If you have another tips, do share with others through the comment section below.

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