How To Get Ellen DeGeneres To Notice You (Get Invited To Her Show!)

Last updated on June 16, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Who don’t know Ellen DeGeneres? This woman is extremely famous for her comedy, her one of the most retweeted selfie at the 2014 Oscar in which number of famous celebrities was featured in (and sadly some didn’t because Bradley Cooper’s arm wasn’t long enough), and surely she is most notable with her “The Ellen Show”.

If you have been following Ellen, mainly through her shows, you must know that she’s witty, humorous and you want to meet her in person! It’s possible if you’re living in the US, but if you’re not, you may wish that you can get noticed by her. But how to get Ellen DeGeneres to notice you?

Here are some ways you can try to get Ellen to notice you and even get you invited to her famous talk show! But before that, let us tell you in advance that the biggest chance you have to get noticed by Ellen is through her shows. So let’s get down to the list.


1. Share Your Stories With Ellen

Long before Ellen become a presenter, she was (and is) a comedian. The comedic feels is brought along to her show, which makes it more enjoyable. On top of that, Ellen loves to listen to people’s stories. Many has written their stories and got featured in the show.

Some even got invited. So why don’t you try and who knows you can be lucky?

2. Write To The Show

write to the show

As written on the website, sometimes your dreams need the magic touch of Ellen’s! So if you have a wish(es) write to Ellen and see if she can really make your dream come true. There are many, many fans in the world whose dream of meeting their celebrity crush has made true by Ellen.

Don’t hesitate to write what you want and see if luck is on your side. All you need to do is visiting the Ellen Show official website, go to “Write to the Show” page and fill your identity. After that, all that left is waiting and praying in the middle of it.

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3. Make Sure The Story Is Heart-Touching

Do you what’s good in Ellen? There’s nothing but laughter with her. With her comedian background, Ellen always manage to find a bright side in even the most tragic story. There’s always a positive side in everything. Just make sure that your story is heart-touching enough to be shared to the rest of the world.

And Ellen is so generous she wouldn’t let you go empty-handed. Every lucky guest on the show always comes home with thoughtful (and sometimes expensive) gifts from her.

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4. Pick The Greatest Story, But Stay True

The good and the bad news is that you can share any story. About your family, your life, your hardships, literally anything. If your story is inspiring enough for others, it surely get featured on the show.

Pick the greatest story you have, but don’t make it up. You have to be honest with everything you share.

5. You Have To Go A Long Way

You might have done all the ways how to get Ellen DeGeneres to notice you, but you must understand that you have to go a long way before Ellen finally notice you. She has hundreds of staff that would filter everything before it comes to her hand.

You might have to wait for quite a long time, or you might not get selected by her team. Nobody can guarantee. Maybe Ellen would love to hear everything for you, but be understanding that it’s not just herself.

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6. Ellen Might Notice Your Story But You Might Not Get Invited

So what you want is to get noticed by Ellen, but you might not get invited to her show. It’s okay though because many stories were featured in the show without the person being invited. She is one of the greatest entertainer who loves to hear stories from her viewers.

7. Start Small First

Before dreaming big, starts with baby steps first. How to get Ellen DeGeneres to notice you is by getting local publicity first. Human interest stories are the most featured on Ellen’s show. The producers find them through local news and headline. Just don’t commit crimes, though.

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8. You Have Countless Opportunities To Get Noticed

Since you can share any kind of stories, you have countless opportunities to get noticed by Ellen. But it could be hard as well since you don’t which kind of stories that would catch Ellen’s staff.

Sometimes it’s funny videos, sometimes it’s about charity work and volunteer, sometimes a video that went viral on the internet.

9. Kids Have Bigger Chances

kids have bigger chances

There are famous saying between Ellen fans that say you have bigger chance to get noticed and invited if you have kids. A genius, funny, or unique.

You may have watched an Ellen episode where a geographic genius boy was invited or little girl who knew Galileo and other famous scholars in the past.

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10. Make It Viral Through Social Media

Make use the most of social media, as Ellen staffs often pick up viral videos and photos YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. If your story is funny enough to be featured, they will email you. Just don’t give up.

Now you know how to get Ellen DeGeneres to notice you and you try each one of them, but you must understand that everything is unpredictable in show business. You may have to wait for a very long time, even years, because there are millions of people who wants to get noticed and invited just the same.

One thing to remember is that to stay true no matter how much you want to get noticed by her, don’t makeup stories. Never tell lies because your story is meant to inspire others.

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