This Is How to Get The Dolan Twins to Notice You

Last updated on April 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Dolan-Twins-1024x576.jpgWe know that the Dolan twins are very popular on Youtube, it reaches up to 9 millions of viewers. They are really good at making a comedy. Their popularity makes some people become their fans. So. how to get the Dolan twins to notice you? Before, we see the reason first; why you should love them.

1. Show much love

On 2016 the tour was called 4ou, Ethan and Grayson made this tour for their lovely fans. It is an opportunity to meet, greet, take photos and even get the signatures.

2. They treat everybody with their heart

Well, they treat their fans with their heart, no matter their appearances, religion, races, etc. They always spread positive things to their fans.

3. It is very funny

Most of the video that shares are hilarious, funny, happy, sympathy and others. They make something positive thing with some jokes that can shock their viewers.

4. Really inspiring

The video that shares are not only to entertain the people or their fans but it always has a meaning of it that in our life do not take too seriously. Just let it flow naturally.

5. Make you happy

The act of Ethan and Grayson can shock your belly through. You cannot stop to laugh and it feels so happy with another emotion in it. It is really wonderful.

6. Duo cutes

Yeah, the Dolan twins are the duo cutes ever we seen. They are the most handsome and have a kind heart.

7. The cool projects 

They always make cool projects every video that they share. That is why lots of people love them. They are very unique.

Signs that you really a fangirl of the Dolan twins

Are you really their fans? Well. check the lists below the following here. Are you one of them? Let's check the lists now.

1. All of them you are know

A fan of the Dolan Twins, the first thing you should know all about them. All about how their personality is. What are the favorites, what most food they like, and even their pet's name.

2. Freak out

While you look of their post, you always freak out, OMG,  it is amazing makes me cry or just shout their name like this; Ethan I love you.

3. Join the debate with heater

If you really their fans so you will support your fan even there are some heaters. You will debate with them.

4. Full of fandom

Yes, you have full of fandom in your closet. It seems like your closet is a merch shop now.

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5. Has a serious obsession 

You always wait when the new upload will be shown at the time. Every video that they share you cannot stop to watch it.

6. Cannot breathe well

While you met the Dolan Twins on the meet and greet, you cannot breathe well. It is too happy and you willing to skip school for this.

7. They are in everywhere

You make your room with their face, Ethan and Grayson. You make it all yourself, the stickers, banners, even the glass.

8. Control their social media

You always check their Twitter, what is going on today? You never miss and let it away for 1 second. Everything about them you understand.

Tips on how to get the Dolan twins to notice you

Let's go to the right tips on how to get the dolan twins to notice you? See correctly the below tips here. It will help you. Let's check it out.

1. Take a funny picture with you

Are the Dolan Twins make a show next days? So, you have to make a funny face of them. Use this when you are waving on them. They will notice you.

2. Shout loudly 

You can shout loudly when in their show until your idol hurts with your voice.

3. Write a comment 

While your idol, the Dolan twins are online or live on the internet. You can write a comment in there. Always repeat this, they will notice you back.

4. Tag your idols

While you make a posting or shares your video on Youtube do not forget to tag them, the Dolan twins. Like the example, it is my favorite pin #thedolantwins.

5. Show your appreciation

you can write a comment or tweet them with this; you show your appreciation because they do are very inspiring you.

6. Retweet and shares

It is a way how to show them that you really love their contents. Do this repeatedly and they will notice you back do this back on your Korean idols how to get a Korean guy to notice you and love you directly.

7.  Know what they like

Looking of their like or their favorites; if they like singing like pop you can send a twit about the new release of pop songs that they like. It will a big chance to get their notice.

8. Just waiting on the right time

You have to be patient and wait, we do not know how busy they are. It could be there is no signal to reply to your comments.

9. Do not send any spam

Try to send a spam message? Do not to try to send them with a spam message or the same twit frequently. You will lose to get a chance.

10. Unique contents

Make unique contents or comments to the Dolan Twins, make sure the quality is good too. Do not ever to throw guilt at them.

Hopefully, the above on how to get the Dolan Twins to notice you can be useful for you. Several of these tips may help you to get their notice quickly. Just keep trying and trying spread the positive things is a must. However, you can also see other tips here; how to get a guy to notice and want to get close to you without talking to him at school, how to get colleges to notice you for volleyball and be the spotlight there, how to know if your husband is having a midlife crisis, also how to know if your crush is not into you.

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