My Capricorn Man Won't Talk To Me, What Can I Do?

Last updated on April 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

There are many reasons why your Capricorn man won't talk to you since a perfect relationship without problems are almost impossible.

However, you can seek clues below. But first, you might want to read about How to Get A Capricorn Man to Come Back to You After A Break Up.


1. Introverts Tend To Listen To Themselves

Since your Capricorn man is an introverts, he tends to listen to himself more often rather than listen to your advices.

Thus, he will rarely ask for your help, and when he always manages his problem by himself and won't talk to you, you might be feeling ignored and left out.

2. Sensitive Caps Don't Share Their Problems To Others

It is his natural trait that a Capricorn man doesn't share his problems or ideas or anything to others including to his girl, so this may lead you to think that he is mad or doesn't care about you.

Facts are, sensitives folks tend to keep their problems from others to prevent useless advices that he knows won't work or to prevent insensitive judgements.

3. Anti Social Capricorn Men Don't Intentionally Ignores Their Girls

You might think your Capricorn man won't talk to you, however you may just don't understand his position.

Sometimes, he chooses to be quiet than rambling over things other people will never understand. Read How Do I Get A Capricorn Man to Chase Me and Fall for Me?

Your man is an anti-social creature that will never ever intentionally ignore you but he did. However, this case is common in many relationship. He may just doesn't find the perfect time to explain things to you just yet.

4. Capricorn Men Works All Day

capricorn men works all day

Are you sure he won't talk to you, or he may away from you for too long for working?

Look closer if he just tired from work or he is indeed hesitant to talk to you every single time. He might just don't have the time.

5. You Made Mistakes

You might have made mistakes you don't realize. Try remembering sensitive words you said to him recently about sensitive things you both discussed.

Or did you break a promise? Some cases are you just simply repeatedly doing things he doesn't agree with. So look closer.

What Is My Capricorn Man Thinking About Me? He Loves Me or Nah?

Here Are Some Tips You Can Do If You Think Your Capricorn Man Won't Talk To You

1. Apologize

Don't hesitate to apologize even if you think you are not wrong. It is not like giving him a chance to always be right but more like to save your worth relationship.

Time will heal, and hopefully he will understand. But first, start with "forgive me for my words, I love you".

Ask for apologize doesn't make you wrong, it indicates you are mature enough to love the peace between you and him and that you can tolerate him for better. You can also apologize not for your mistakes but for that exact poor moment between you and him. You need to read How to Get A Second Date With A Capricorn Man.

2. Accept His Truest Self

You can read again about Capricorn men here so you can understand him more and accept his truest self which are not always perfect. You are not perfect anyway just like everyone else out there.

So accepting his truest self can make your relationship more mature and hopefully getting better as time goes by.

3. Respect And Support Him

Try to start a conversation when he is home or whenever you meet him and try light topics to discuss. Do it as often as possible so he will get used to talk to you even he is tired from work. Always wait until he is fresh enough from a shower and have eaten his dinner to start a discussion.

You can support his decision more often. Capricorn men like to read books, especially good quality books so your lover hopefully knows what is best while you sometime might be blinded.

4. Historical Topics Are Always Working

historical topics are always working

If you want to give him presents, choose the well made and original things like original leather covered notebooks, leather watch straps or wallets. He likes books, especially the historical ones, so you might want to give what series he doesn't have.

However, he doesn't like cheesy surprises though. So make sure your surprise is simple, not wasting his time and energy and dangerous. For further information about this folk, you can read What to Do When My Capricorn Man Pulls Away from Me?

5. Don't Be Very Needy And Clingy

Capricorn man hates childish woman, so don't be very clingy and needy. Stop worrying about him not replying your texts right away since he is too damn busy working.

Try to be more mature and calm yourself by doing your own activities. Life is not always about to be loved or to be crazily praised and cared. Sometimes, you are the one who love, take care and give that abundant attention.

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