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Ways To Kiss A Friend Accidentally And Get Away With It (31 Ways)

Apart from the times when you meet someone you’re sexually or romantically attracted to, nobody plans to fall in love with their friend. It’s easy to start a friendship with good and beneficial intentions for you both. You want it to be long-lasting, fun, loving, and pure. Sometimes, it's not that easy, especially when you're […]

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Can Friends Call Each Other Babe (11 Reasons Why Friends Call Each Other Babe)

Are you feeling weird about being called babe by your friends or wondering how the term babe defines your friendship? Congratulations! you’ve just found the best article on the subject. Pet names have been in existence for the longest time, between 1839 and 1901. Although pet names are more common between lovers, close friends share […]

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Reasons Why Your Best Friend Is Ignoring You (15 Possible Reasons)

Has your best friend stopped responding to your texts and phone calls? Does it feel like they're ignoring you whenever you try to communicate in real life as well? Are you wondering why someone who you consider to be your best friend is acting so differently towards you? My initial advice would be: don't panic. […]

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Good Ways To Get Revenge On Your Best Friend (101 Naughty Ways)

No doubt, the negative impact a random person leaves in your life is different from your best friend. It's easier to forgive a work colleague, acquaintance, or business partner. But, it's a different scenario when it's your best friend. That’s because you trust them and don’t expect anything bad from them. So, it's hurtful to […]

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Signs That Your Friend Is Jealous Of Your Relationship (25 Clear-Cut Signs)

Do you sense that your friend is jealous of your relationship? Perhaps they deny it? Indeed, it would be very rare for them to admit to such sour feelings.  Maybe you are looking for a way to know for sure whether your friend is jealous?  That’s perfectly understandable. These emotions can ruin a friendship and […]

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How To Tell Someone You Don't Want To Be Friends Anymore (9 Respectful Ways)

Friendships, like all other relationships, require effort. It’s not easy to ignore a friend you have issues with. Your reason to ignore might be due to some personal reasons. No doubt, breaking things off with a friend is sometimes more painful than a romantic breakup. The truth is that many friendships have a natural life […]

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Healing Things To Say To Your Best Friend After A Fight (31 Things To Say to Break The Ice)

Having a best friend is like having a sibling from another parent. It's someone you can bond with, create good memories with, confide in, and tell some of your secrets to. Not everyone has a best friend, but it's something many people wish to have to complement their lives, even though they may not admit […]

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Signs He Only Sees You As A Friend (29 Not-So-Obvious Signs)

Do you have strong feelings for a guy? Are you unaware whether he feels the same? It’s a shame to say it, but it’s not always obvious whether a guy wants you just as a friend or something more. It’s common that men will hide their feelings, either not to hurt yours or because they […]

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35 Crazy and Undeniable Signs That She Friendzoned You

Are you confused as to whether your crush is attracted to you? Perhaps she’s pleasant to you all the time, but never lets the relationship progress into a physical one?  Maybe that has left you to question whether you’re being friendzoned - or if she’s just shy… It can be a tough dilemma for a […]

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Send These Comforting Messages For A Friend Who Is Sad (23 Sweet Messages to Make Them Smile)

People experience tough times almost always. Sometimes, these periods could affect emotions, making them cry, sad, depressed, or withdraw from the world. It’s not easy facing sadness, and nobody readily expects it, which is why you should try as much as possible to be there for a friend who is sad. When something bad happens […]

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