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How To Tell If Your Gay Friend Has A Crush On You - How To React

We are always too oblivious to what’s happening around us, especially when people show us hints that they love us. But that obliviousness, if left unchecked for too long, can hurt a lot of people, especially your friend. Sometimes, the ones who love us are so unpredictable. Which means you need to start noticing whether […]

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Tips On How To Tell A Friend You Like Him Without Ruining Your Friendship

There was an old saying that goes “there’s nothing such friends between a guy and a girl”. Well, we can’t say it’s wrong, especially if you had experienced it yourself. Now the question is, how to tell a friend you like him without ruining your friendship? Because, yes, love is the biggest threat for a […]

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How to Pray for Someone Struggling with Homosexuality - Reach Out to Them

Homosexuality is choice, and in this modern age it becomes more common and acceptable. However, in a more traditional and conservative societies, homosexuality is still considered taboo. If this is the case, homosexuals will do their best to conceal their identity. What if your friend is a homosexual and it’s hard to reach out for […]

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Useful Tips About How Should You Talk to a Friend Who’s Gay

When you socialize with others, you can’t help but encounter a gay friend. And if you’re straight, being worried that you’ll get carried away is normal. What if he persuade me to follow his path? Is it safe to be friend with him? Of course, it’s wrong to judge someone only by his sexuality. It […]

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Why Do All The Bullies at My School Have to Be Scorpios?

Who never gets bullied in life? Most of us have one experience of getting bullied by someone. This is not a good action that we can support because it is just simply bad to make people feel bad about themselves. We are not encouraging other people by bullying, but let them down. So, why do […]

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Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Virgo Friend for A Lifetime

Ruled by Mercury, a Virgo is often cautious but kind hearted. In life, they’re the kind of person that you run to for advise. Here are the reasons why everyone needs a Virgo friend that you have to know.

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Sarcastic Birthday Wishes For Best Female Friend

When your soul sister is having a birthday, it’s like your own birthday. You become highly excited to celebrate you best friend’s birthday, you want to throw parties and surprises to show her how much you love her. Okay, birthday is not birthday without wishes. For a best friend, normal birthday wishes won’t do. Instead, […]

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All Things to Do When Your Best Friend Hooks Up With Your Ex

Not every romantic relationship will end happily. Sometimes, you just have to left someone that you love for some reason, and you should find some ways to forget your ex. But it will be another thing if your ex, that maybe you had still loved, being hooked up with your best friend. You may feel […]

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Why Is My Aquarius Friend Ignoring Me, Cheers Them Up!

This is something that frequently happen, such as why is my Aquarius friend ignoring me. You find out that yesterday they were okay, but today for the whole day they suddenly not talk with you, stop calling you or even not say hi. Of course, no body will feel happy with that attitude. You will […]

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What Do I Do When My Crush Likes My Best Friend? Heartbreak Warfare?

It is the truth that every journey there are many struggles and we should fight for it, like a love. It is an example; I like him, but I don't know if my best friend likes him too. So, what do I do when my crush likes my best friend? See these reasons first. 1. […]

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