Feeling Trapped In A Relationship (7 Tips To Resolve the Situation) 

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If you’ve ever felt stuck in a relationship, you most likely did not set out to feel unhappy with the man you chose to be with. You did not sign up for feeling stuck in a space that is supposed to grant you freedom emotionally and physically. While you might not remain the same person you were when you started the relationship, you never expected that you will change so much into somebody you don’t like all that much.

One of the hallmarks of a healthy relationship is that you feel transformed into a better version of yourself. Daily, you feel elevated by the support of your partner. What you are not supposed to experience is a loss of identity or self-esteem. 

When you no longer recognize your physical and emotional self, it suggests that you are trapped in a relationship that is bringing out only the worst in you. So what could make you feel trapped in your relationship? 

If you have been the only one exerting the most energy in the relationship and your partner seems to be doing way less than expected, you will feel cheated. And because you don’t want to give up on him or the relationship easily, you decide to stay. 

Unfortunately, feeling trapped will become a regular companion in the relationship more than your actual partner. This ugly feeling will eventually morph into resentment for both yourself and your partner. 

Another of the most common reasons why some married f feel trapped in their relationships is due to the uneventful periods when it seems like they are following a routine. These periods are especially dangerous in a marriage because you see the same face(s), and do the same things every day. At that point, most people feel trapped by the commitment and the little humans that they are responsible for, so much that they start looking for ways to spice things up for themselves.

Are you in similar shoes and wondering how to handle such situations? Are you uncertain about what to do in the case of feeling suffocated even though you still love your man? This article will provide 7 tips for overcoming feeling trapped in a relationship and ways for moving forward from an unhappy relationship.


7 Tips To Stop Feeling Trapped In A Relationship 

1. Go on a self-reflection journey

One of the ways to discover why you are feeling stuck in a relationship is to embark on a self-reflection journey. You need to know why you have trouble with any shred of joy with your partner. It is not normal to feel anxious or numb when you should feel elated, joyful, and happy around your man. However, you might need to enter your own emotional and physical space to know where the problem is coming from.

2. Create a clearer communication plan in your relationship

Another thing you can do to seize back your happiness in your romance is to talk to your partner about how you’re doing. You might be surprised that you are the only one who feels that way and he doesn’t see anything different in the romance. 

So, what you need to do is make sure you’re clear in the way you communicate your misgivings. Be open enough that he will hear you out and when it’s his turn to speak, you hear him out too.

3. Switch the daily routine for something different

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Sometimes when you feel stuck, it is because you have become used to doing things in a certain way. While there’s nothing bad about having a routine to follow daily, this monotonous way of living can lead to lethargy and make you and your partner relax too much. 

Before you know it, you or your partner start looking for ways to make things more exciting in your individual lives. If one of you doesn’t see the need to spice anything up, the conflict will arise and this gives room for thoughts of cheating. 

As such, you can agree to do some things differently so that there’s always something exciting to look forward to even amid your routine activities.

4. Stop being financially dependent on him

It is normal for your man to support you in every way he can, but being dependent on him all the time can cause problems. Unhappy relationships are usually the ones where one party is mostly responsible for carrying the biggest weight. Staying with someone for financial reasons only can lead to feeling trapped and eventually, resentment.

If he stops supporting you, you might stop appreciating him, meaning that you loved him only because of what he could give you. You need to start putting in the hard work and supporting yourself if you want the romance to still work.

5. Why are you still in the relationship?

You might need to ask yourself some serious questions such as, is it forever guaranteed in this relationship, or is it doomed to fail? If you continue to feel cornered and helpless, tell yourself the truth.

If it’s a marriage situation, the questions will even be more difficult because your lives have been interwoven. One of the possible reasons you stay in an unhappy romance is that you don’t know where to start with another person. 

Perhaps you still hope that things might work out because you’re completely in love with him, but the most obvious reason is that you’re afraid to start all over again. However, you’ll need to get over this thought, albeit gradually, if you’re to be happy again.

6. Take the first step to regaining your independence

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If your current partner takes delight in physical and emotional abuse, you are in an abusive relationship and there’s no other best option than to leave him. Yes, he has twisted things so much that you don’t know who you are anymore. However, if you’re to feel valued again, it has to be away from that person 

To know what’s next for you in the future, you need to first stop seeing him. Being away from his influence will give you the clearheadedness to do the next right thing.

7. Lean on the support of other people

Another way to quit feeling trapped in a relationship is to voice out your feelings to someone else in a position to help you. It could be a therapist or your family. These people can see things from a perspective that you can’t and will be able to tell you why you feel stuck, and possible steps to take to either make things right or move on.


How do you know if you're trapped in a relationship?

When you cannot remember the last time you genuinely felt happy or smiled at your partner, you’ll know that you’re stuck. When everything feels the same every day, with no improvement whatsoever, you will soon start seeing no sense in staying with the man. When he cannot reciprocate your affection, there is no way the romance will survive.

Can you be trapped in a relationship?

You can feel cornered in your romance when your partner is always watching you. When he does not let you out of his sight whether he is there or not, you have been cornered. If he is usually tracking your every move and you feel like you can’t do anything without his permission or knowledge, the romance is no longer safe for you.

Why do I feel trapped in every relationship?

You feel cornered in your romance because that is no room for growth. Everything your partner does now feels like a hindrance because he has the upper hand, especially if you depend on him to go through each day. If you can’t seem to survive without his assistance, you’ll continue to feel helpless and unprogressive.

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How do I stop feeling trapped?

One way to stop feeling cornered in your romance or marriage is to take a step back and view things with a third-party eye. Viewing yourself and your partner with fresh eyes can help you see why there’s no visible progress or happiness in the marriage. Then, you will know what to do to inject fresh happiness into the romance.

Why do I stay in a relationship that makes me unhappy?

The reason why most people stay in an unhappy romance is because of the fear of the unknown in the next romance. When you don’t know what you’ll meet or experience with the next person, you think your only option is to manage the man you’re currently with. However, you should not stay with someone you don’t believe in just because you’re uncertain about the kind of happiness awaiting you with the next person you date

 In Conclusion 

Many married couples have a happy relationship without feeling strangled. However, if your relationship makes you feel suffocated, you need to be willing to open your eyes to the facts and seek help. 

The tips in this article should help you identify and make one of those major decisions about your relationship without fear, even if it’s just to simply discover what is wrong. Knowing if your current romance can be salvaged or not is a major step to determining the next direction of your love life. 

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