When You Tell A Guy You Miss Him And He Doesn’t Say It Back (11 Ways To Handle The Situation)

Last updated on May 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Did you tell a guy you miss him, only for him to not say it back? 

Has this sparked some insecurities about your relationship? 

I’m here to tell you: don’t panic. 

There could be a host of reasons why he wouldn’t think to repeat these words. This guide will share some of these reasons and give you some ideas for what you can do next. 

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With that said, scroll down for my advice on what to do after a man doesn’t say he misses you.


Does He Feel The Same Way?

It is a great feeling when you admit you miss someone and they feel the same way too. But when you tell a man you miss him and he doesn’t say it back, this could make you feel stupid or even mess with your emotions. 

It takes a lot of courage to admit you miss a guy, and if he doesn’t respond to what you said, you’ll feel like he doesn’t like you as much as you thought he would. 

It is possible he doesn't miss you or has someone else. At the same time, he could be a shy type and might not be able to express himself but he misses you. So don't jump to conclusions and don't get confused either. 

Below are 11 things to do when you tell him you miss him and he doesn't say it back.

How To Handle The Situation

1. Be more observant

It’s better to examine things and study him more closely for the next few days. If he is interested in you and wants to be serious with you, trust me, it will show. 

Sometimes, guys like to play games, they’ll say one thing when they mean another just watch or be amused by your reaction. If this is the case, laugh it off. However, don’t admit you miss him again unless he says so first.

2. Manage your emotions

Manage your emotions

Choose the right time to express what you feel for this guy. Also, make sure you are always in control of your emotions. If it feels like he is not interested in you or you are drifting away from each other, get a hold of your emotions, and don’t get attached to him. 

You might feel the need to keep applying pressure and admitting your feelings for him. If he’s not reciprocating those gestures, please back down and give it a rest for now.  

3. Avoid chasing him

It gets very awkward when you tell a guy you miss him to his face and he ignores you, most especially when he is your ex-boyfriend. It takes you into a shell that you’d be scared to ever come out from right? I know the feeling. So, avoid chasing someone who has lukewarm feelings for you. 

Remember the saying; time waits for no man, neither should a good woman. There is no point in chasing a guy who doesn’t value you or love you enough to be expressive.

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4. Stay calm

Don’t feel too worried or scared that you can no longer act calmly. People’s love life can be hectic. More so, there could be so many reasons he didn’t say those words back to you. So be calm and don’t react without thinking

You can’t just know what is in a man’s head by guessing. Words can build things up, silence can ruin things, and vice versa. It takes a lot of courage to admit that you miss a guy and it’s very hurting to not get a response but stay calm and don’t react too quickly.

5. Know the kind of guy he is

Is he an introvert, or an extrovert? Is he a shy guy? Or a cheesy kind of guy? Is he a man of many words or he’d rather leave a lot of things unsaid? Based on his personality, it might be hard for him to say something romantic or express his feelings so easily. 

Maybe he has some insecurities to deal with and he doesn’t want you caught up in the middle. So observe his body language and kind gestures also. If he doesn’t say it yet shows it, that’s okay, for now.

6. Decide what you want for yourself

Decide what you want for yourself

Silence can mean anything; it could mean something is wrong, but could also mean timidity or inability to express one’s emotions. That’s why it’s important to decide what you want for yourself. Choose what happens next. 

There are no rules to follow when your happiness is on the line. If your guts tell you he feels something and staying on that will make you feel better then stay on it. Your mental health is important. So amid the confusion and suffocation, listen to your heart and go with what makes you happy. 

Whether it is letting go, moving on, or holding on to the tiniest strand of hope that he misses you as well, you have to do what’s best for you.

7. Ask him, if it makes you feel better

It’s very hurting and frustrating when you are missing someone, you tell him how you feel, and he says nothing about it. Feel free to ask him how he actually feels. You can leave him for a while, then go to him later and ask. “don’t you ever miss me?” but be ready for the reply. 

Make sure you are emotionally stable and ready for whatever his answer will be. This is better than moving about with doubt, and being unsure about how he feels about you. Communication is key, so if confirming his feelings will make you feel better and be sure of your stance with him, then ask.

8. Accept your fate

If he doesn’t say he misses you back, he most probably does not. This could be the worst possibility and I know it can really hurt but the sooner you accept your fate, the better. 

Don’t let anyone give you relationship advice telling you to keep pushing or even pleading. You can’t force a guy to love you, both of you have to have mutual feelings for each other. More often than not, when you tell a guy you miss him and he does not say anything back, it is because he doesn’t feel anything. So don’t lie to yourself, move on.

9. Be true to yourself

I've realized that you can listen to silence and learn a few lessons from it- Chaim Potok. As you make choices for yourself not caring what people think, don’t lie to yourself. If you are attentive, you will realize that the loudest things said are those words not spoken, so don’t deceive yourself. 

Never force your heart to believe something is true when it is clearly false. Peel away those layers of fear and deceit and stick with what you know is right in your situation. In the end, what will be will be.

10. Live your life

Live your life

Do not focus all your energy and time thinking about what he didn't say. It shouldn’t hinder other activities in your life and worry shouldn’t overwhelm you. It’s normal to be hurt, but don’t stay on it. Not everyone will like you romantically, that’s life. 

Listen, you have a beautiful life and you are emotionally intelligent enough to be apt. So when you tell a guy you miss him and he doesn’t say it back, take your time. Feel what you want to feel, and then move on.

11. It’s alright to express yourself

Don’t feel bad or sad that you said what you said. It’s okay that you did. There is nothing wrong with expressing your feelings for a guy. You miss him, you said what you said or felt what you felt, and that’s perfectly normal. We are human, we have to communicate to know each other’s wants and needs. 

So, there is nothing wrong with expressing yourself and expecting a reply. At least he knows how you feel. Michelle Devani said in one of her writings that “be grateful when you are falling in love. That's proof that you are human”' So don’t be regretful or ashamed, you are human, and can be vulnerable at some point.


Is it OK to tell a guy you miss them? 

Yes, it is perfectly normal to tell a guy you miss him, you have only one life to live and you don’t know what tomorrow holds. So, tell him and don’t mind if he ignores you or not, life goes on.

Why do guys not say I miss you?

This could be because he doesn't miss you. Maybe he doesn’t want you thinking that he likes or fancies you. Plus, he might feel uncomfortable with the conversation or he could also be shy.

How do you know if a guy misses you secretly? 

He calls and texts often, he can’t stay for a very long time without having a conversation with you. When he does, he always tries to bring up topics so you don’t go. A guy that likes you will also respond quite quickly to your messages and will actively follow you up on your social media accounts.

Do guys miss you when you walk away? 

Yes. But this depends on the man and the way you left him. In most cases, giving him space can make him miss you more than he even thought.

How do you know a guy is losing interest in you? 

If he isn't always available, gives unnecessary excuses, is no longer interested in what you do, and doesn’t call or text back, then something may be up. Also, if he doesn’t feel excited like he used to around you, no longer says he loves or misses you, and you already feel like he is losing interest deep down, your feelings might be true.

At The End Of The Day...

I hope you found this article helpful. Follow the tips I have given you on how to handle such a situation and this might be the best way out. According to Michelle Devani, even though the reality of him not missing you isn’t always easy to accept, it’s important you know what to do when the situation gets out of your control. Let me know what you think, and please don’t forget to share this article with others. 

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