This is How to Get A Guy to Notice and Want to Get Close to You Without Talking to Him At School

Last updated on June 17, 2022 by Michelle Devani

If you are too shy to even ask a simple question to guys at your school, the chance of being noticed by the guys is very low.

How to Get A Guy to Notice and Want to Get Close to You Without Talking to Him At School

However, there are 10 ways how to get a guy to notice you without talking to him at school.

  1. Use body language

Body language can attract people, in this case, a guy at school. If you attend the same class with the guy, body language will be very effective as you will meet him often. If you are curious, you can also read How to Get a Boyfriend in Middle School in One Day!

Play with your hair while he sees you, bite your lips whenever he catches your eyes, smile to him when your eyes accidentally met, take a time to look at him while talking to your friends and then look away, you can also walk like a model but not too much just to show your beauty.

Stand with your legs a little crossed and laid back a bit to show your best body appearance. In more seductive way, if he is near you, you can purposely bend over on the desk while talking with friends and pretend you don’t know he is there. Also read How to Get a Boyfriend in Middle School If You’re Shy – Easy Love Tips

2. Dress well

Dress well is wearing clothes accordingly. You don’t wear short shorts at school, or ripped jeans at ball. Boys usually like modest and classic fashion in girls like simple T- shirt with jeans and sneakers at school, sporty look, or classic and simple midi black dress with stilettos for more formal event. You may want to read 20 Easy Ways to Get a Boy to Like You in Middle School

Any body shape will do since boys have their own favourite. No matter if you are skinny, tall, short or big there will be guys like you. So the key is dress well and wear your confidence.

3. Make an eye contact

Eye contact can speak unspoken words. If he accidentally saw you and immediately look away, he haven’t notice you enough. If he catches your eyes a bit longer and often, this means you have been noticed and he might want to talk but still wait the right time to ask you. This is How to Get a Hot Boyfriend in Elementary School

4. Make him see you while you are alone

To get the spotlight, make sure you make him see you in person, and better while you are alone so he will not be distracted by anyone else. For example, you can follow his social media accounts and wait until he follows you back. If he did follow you, that means you have been noticed a bit.

Another example, you can make up a situation when he is on the bathroom. Act like you don’t see the “male bathroom” sign and pretend you are lost. You don’t need to say anything, just act shy and give a slight smile to him then left. You have just make first contact.

5. Smile often

Smile can make you look more beautiful and fresh but don’t too much. It is not limited to smile only to him but to anyone you know. Be more friendly and it is believable giving a very good vibe not only for yourself but also to people around you. Thus, the guy you like could catch the good vibe and recognise you as a cheerful and good girl.

6. Invite him to parties

The easiest and most effective way to be noticed by a guy at your school is by inviting him to parties. Start with inviting him to your birthday or any event you hold and ask him to come with his male friends.

You can give the invitation card by yourself or you can ask someone to give the invitation to him or to get the card in his locker so you don’t have to talk to him directly. Here is How to Tell Your Crush You Want to be More Than Friends

7. Join school clubs

By joining any school club, you will likely to be noticed even by many guys out there. You must actively join the club and attend as many as the activities held by the club. You will get many attention and also new friends.

8. Perform at school

Other way to be noticed by a guy at school is by performing at your school. You can perform with your team in a science project demo, sports match, as a cheerleader, or perform in a drum band, color guard, art exhibition, sing with a band, sing solo, modeling, and many other that showing your skill and interest.

9. Be popular

This may sound cliche but true. You will get noticed by everyone if you are popular. However, if you want to give  good impression, make sure that you are popular because of a good thing. You might still get noticed by a guy by being drunk at school party but that would be far better if you are known because you are smart, or kind, or unique.

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10. Ask Friends for help

Last but not the least, you can ask your friends for help. You can ask your friend who know this specific guy to get you his contacts, like his instagram or snapchat so you can follow him. You can also ask friends to indirectly introduce yourself to this guy by telling him some things about you.

There are many ways to be noticed, especially by guys. We can make up first good impression and plan the way how to see them. However, guys like the truest you, the modest you, the genuine you and this would be the long lasting impression. Know further by reading 25 Easy Ways to Make a Guy Notice You in School

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