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25 Easy Ways to Make a Guy Notice You in School

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When you are having crush in school, all you want is for him to notice you. It seems like a little thing but it’s actually a big deal. He might not have notice you all along! But don’t worry, here are the ways to make a guy notice you in school:


1. Mind Your Dress

As a visual being, a guy will always look into your appearance first. Iron your clothes and wear a decent ones when you’re going to school so he’d be pleased to see you.

2. Find Your Talent

A guy will notice someone famous faster. Make yourself famous by finding your talent such as joining the basketball club. A school boy is easily fall for a talented girl.

3. Get a Good Grades

There is an old story about a guy who ask for an additional lesson to a smart girl. Be one and surely he’ll come to you to ask for help. Soon he will find the Reasons You Should Date a Nerd.

4. Be Friends with Everyone

If you want him to notice you, be someone that is easily noticeable. Make as many friends as you could and let the news landed on his ears. He will be wanting to be your friend, too.

5. Or Be Friend with His Friends

Okay, probably you are too shy to be friends with everyone. Then try to be friend with his friends. Join a club where his friends are, and make sure they’ll talk about you a lot in front of him. It’s a smart strategy.

6. Be Confidence

Do the Ways to Get His Attention in School. Brace yourself and get your chin up. A confident girl is a girl that would draw everyone’s attention. Show your talent, even though being pretty is the only one. Don’t going around at school with a head down.

7. Walk Past Him Several Times

Find out the place he used to be. For example when he is at the cafeteria, purposely walk past him and let your bag brush him a little (if you are too shy to brush your arms). Things will be better if you know his friends and say hello to them.

8. Find a Topic to Talk

It’s time to gather up your courage and take the real action. Don’t just walking past him without even saying a word. Meet him after class or after school, and find any reason. Borrowing a book from him is not a bad idea.

9. Compliment Little Things

If you are happen to be in the same class with him, praise a little thing from him. You can say, “You’re very smart,” or “You’ve got a good handwriting,”. Or anything to talk to him.

10. Attend the Same Class as Him

Keep yourself as close as possible to him. Take the same class as his to emphasize your opportunity. This way you will have more reasons to talk to him.

11. Give Him a Hand

Be there to assist him even with small things. When he dropped his pen, pick it up and give it to him. You could also lend him the notes you took for the whole lesson. It’s also a good Ways to be the Best College Girlfriend

12. Keep a Happy Face 

Who would fall to someone who look sulky all the times? Maybe he would notice you but for something bad. So always wear your smile, since it contagious, he’ll smile too when he sees you.

13.  Keep Yourself Clean

Say it silly but it’s important. You never know what could happen at school. During the art class your hand got spilled by the watercolors. Imagine you bumped into him at that state. Would he ever notice you?

14. Talk About Little Things

Let’s say you’re happen to sit with him during the lunch. Start talking about the food you eat. It even better if you could find out what is his favorite.

15. Be Active in Class

You have many advantages if you attend the same class as him. Be active in class for him to get notice you. Ask as many as questions to the teacher, and soon he’ll know who is the smart girl who always throw questions. That’s how everyone know Hermione Granger, right?

16. Wish Him Happy Birthday

When you have a crush on someone, find out the most important thing: his birthday. Don’t miss to wish him happy birthday. There are Ways to Wish Your Crush Happy Birthday in case you don’t know how.

17. Create a Study Group

As the exam is nearing, students tend to create a group to study together. Approach his friends and ask them to join yours. They surely will take him along. 

18. Make Him Laugh

Love is closest to laugh. Spread the laugh to him by creating funny jokes. When he is playing games with his friends, cheer him up in a cheesiest way possible. Don’t be shy as he would be very happy.

19. Be Someone He Wished For

Here is the privilege of being friend with his friends. You can find out his dream girl and don’t miss the chance to be one. He will see that you have the Signs She is a Girlfriend Material

20. Love Letter

It may seem old but the tricks always work. Leave a love note on his locker or table, make sure he read it. It’s the fastest way for him to notice you, in case you are too shy to say hello.

What To Do If He Doesn’t Like You Back

  1. Get over with it, focus on your study instead.
  2. Things could get very awkward, so you may avoid him for the time being until you gain your confidence back.
  3. Lean on to your friends.
  4. Don’t cry. It doesn’t worth it.
  5. Be better and show him what he is missing.

So there are many ways to get a guy to notice you in school. Remember not to try too hard, because you are still young. Love and relationship should be something for you to have fun with since it could be your first experience. Let’s not let the love stress you out. Your first priority should be your grades after all.

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