13 Lovable Signs An Aries Man Has A Crush On You

Last updated on June 5, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Signs an Aries man has a crush on you will be shown right away in front your eyes. On the contrary with the Signs a Shy Leo Man Likes You, Aries man is not shy at all. He is known to be stubborn, and sometimes it cause a rift between you and him. Also, he is an independent and confident man, where his confidence sometimes a bit overboard and make him looks cocky instead of cool. This is surely different with

All this strong personality comes along with honesty, courage, and passion he also has. Aries is indeed one of the most passionate zodiac, that is why men who are born under it is also passionate when it comes to love.

So here comes the list of signs an Aries man has a crush on you:


1. He Shows Some Body Language

If an Aries man has a crush on someone, he'll show it to the person. He'll try by any means to make a physical contact with you. Lightly brush your arms when you passed each other or placing his hands above yours and act like he doesn't mean it at all.

2. He Knows Everything About You

he knows everything about you

Well this is a bit of stalker alert, actually. But not in bad way, he did it only to know you better. One day he asked about an old movie you like out of the blue. Turns out he has scrolled down your Instagram feed up to the post you made two years ago! He didn't do it for no reason. This is similar with the Signs a Girl Likes You on Social Media.

3. He Thinks Your Bad Habit Is Cute

Say it you often lose focus and dozed off in the middle of conversation. Normal people find this annoying because it means you didn't pay attention to them. But for the Taurus man who is currently head over heels with you, he thinks you dozing off as a cutie.

4. He Makes Your Life Easier

Taurus man will never let you suffer. When you are out to watch a new released movie together and the ticketing queue is crazily long, he won't ask you to stand together with him. Instead, he'll let you to take a seat and he himself won't be mind to wait for the queue alone.

5. He Introduced You To His Friends

Not only that he wants you to be part of his important circle, he is also want to indirectly declare that he likes you to his peers. Two things in one go, he could also spend more times with you.

6. He Stop Everything He Is Doing When You Appear

You are definitely the apple of his eyes. His smile is shining brightly at your appearance, and whatever he's doing at the time, he'll be willingly stop it just to look and smile at you.

7. He Showered You With Text And Calls

Aries man is not the type who likes to flirt with anyone. And if you receive his message every night and morning, no mistake, he has a crush on you. You won't miss a day without a "Hi" or "Hello" from him.

8. He Laughs At Your Silly Jokes

Every man who has a crush will do everything to make the woman happy and content. He won't let her feel embarrassed, including when he throw some lame and silly jokes. This is the reason why he is the only one who thinks that your joke is funny.

9. Nothing Stops Him From Seeing You

What a determine person Aries man is. He never let anything to get in the way between you and him. Not even a stormy rain or a heavy snow. If he wants to meet you, he'll reach you by any means possible.

10. He Even Likes Your Pet

he even likes your pet

Being an animal lover is not an Aries man's thing. But he won't be complaining if you choose to babysit you sick cat rather than go on a date with him. Instead of become sulky, he sees this as an another opportunity to spend some time with you.

11. He Tells You Story About His Family

When you are not in a relationship yet, bringing you into his family would seem too much. But as an introduction, he'll tell you story about them first. How he always have a quarrel with his siblings, how he can't get enough of his mother's cooking, and how he adores his father.

12. He Spends Most Of His Time With You

When an Aries man is having a crush to you, then brace yourself to be followed by him everywhere. As he likes you, he wants to spend most of his time with you. Your presence is his comfort zone.

13. He'll Never Let You Go

Aries man deals hard with goodbyes. That is why he will lingers around you as long as possible. When you have arrived at the front of your house, and you supposed to get in fifteen minutes ago but in fact you're still in his car because he seems to always have something to say. Well, it's just his excuse because he simply doesn't want to let you go.

So those are the signs an Aries man has a crush on you. Be prepared for a lot of attention because Aries has no shame in showing his love for you. You might want to find out more about Signs a Capricorn Male Likes YouSigns that A Sagittarius Guy Likes You, or Signs He Likes You More Than a Friend to know more about the signs of a man when he is in love according to their zodiac. Now take your time to understand every guy around. Good luck!

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