How To Tell A Guy You Miss Him Without Saying It (31 Ways To Make Him Feel It)

Last updated on February 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you looking for the right way to tell a special guy that you miss him?

Are you worried about being too honest about your feelings?

Do you feel too uncomfortable to be so direct about this?

That’s understandable - so don’t worry. I’ve got your back. Below, I have listed some ways to show a guy you miss him without saying it out loud. 

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Either way, scroll down for my ideas on telling a man you miss him without saying it.


31 Ways To Tell A Guy You Miss Him Without Saying The Words

It’s not a strange feeling to miss someone, but have difficulties expressing those feelings. While some people feel too shy to admit they miss a guy they’re dating, others may think it’s inappropriate or too forward. Which category do you belong to? 

Regardless of how you feel, missing someone is no sin, especially when you’re not in a relationship. However, if it’s awkward or even cliche, then there are other ways to convey this deep yet sweet message. 

First of all, you have to consider two things; is it a long-distance relationship, or do you guys get to see each other every day?

Saying I miss you in both situations could be slightly different. That’s why I’ll be guiding you through alternative ways on how to tell a guy you miss him without saying it.

In Long Distance Relationships

in long distance relationships

1. “Hey, so this is the second time I’m thinking about you today!”

You may feel like admitting that you miss this guy would be a bold move, especially if you guys just started dating. Telling him how you really feel may not be as bad as you think; however, there’s much wisdom in being cautious. So sending a text message like this is a more subtle way to say I miss you.

It’s simple, and it would still make him feel like you really miss him, but he won’t be able to prove that. So, rather than saying you miss him outrightly, send a text message like this that implies you did think about him, but not so much. 

2. “Hey, so you just popped into my head.”

This is a more jovial and light way of expressing your feelings. Even though you really miss him, he may not know how much. It would still make him feel special. Plus, it would be a conversation starter if you haven’t spoken in a long time. If you outrightly say I miss you, and he doesn’t feel the same way, you may end up feeling embarrassed.

But stating that he ‘popped into your mind’ merely implies that you remembered him and decided to reach out, so there’s no need for him to feel like you’re missing him too much. 

3. Face-time more often

Not everyone likes texting a lot, so sometimes when you text a guy and the conversation doesn’t flow, this may be the case. Plus, while texting is fun, it’s better to see the person you miss, even though it’s virtual. Whenever you’re missing him, either wait until a convenient hour or call him, he’d be able to look into your eyes or see your facial expressions this way. 

4. Send a hug emoji

As much as some people would rather voice or video-call, others don’t mind chatting all day. If your boyfriend enjoys texts more than video calls, this may be a great opportunity to tell him you miss him without actually saying it. First off, try establishing a normal, yet fun conversation with him, and right at the end when both of you are about to call it a day, send a hug emoji. 

He may feel you were just happy about having a conversation with him, so if you want to be more clear, it could follow with a 😥 sad face. 

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5. Reminisce about fun moments

If you can’t tell him you miss him, then remind him of the reasons you should. When you like a guy, missing him is very normal, but expressing those feelings has become very hard for so many. The best way to go around this topic is to talk about some cool moments you’ve had with each other.

You could talk about something funny that happened, maybe when both of you just met. Or remind him about a funny story he told you when both of you started dating. Reminiscing about him, and the relationship will make him know you’re missing him. 

6. Reminisce about intimate moments

reminisce about intimate moments

When you reminisce about intimate moments, you are sending a strong message across. Have you guys had the time to really get to know each other? Have there been moments where you just stared into each other's eyes, held hands, or hugged so closely you couldn’t breathe? Well, tell him about them.

Letting him know that those moments were special to you will help him understand how much you miss him. Start by talking about just one moment and see how he responds first, before going on about the other moments.

7. Remind him about defining moments in your relationship

Did you guys just start dating? Have you been dating for some months now? Well, regardless of the time you’ve spent together (physically and otherwise), there must be a defining moment you can both relate to. Talking about it would remind him of how it felt like dating or ‘wooing’ you initially. However, it will also show him how much you’re missing him.

8. “I would happily pay to come and see you.”

This sentence may seem a bit over the top, but it’s perfectly effective. If you can get him to understand or even think that you’d do anything you can to see him, that automatically tells him you miss him. This step is very vital because a joke or statement like this would probably get him to admit how much he’s missing you first.

9. “When did you say you were coming back again?”

You could follow this up with an “asking for a friend” text message. Using other words or phrases to replace “I miss you” isn’t hard. You can play around with it and admit to other thoughts you have had instead. 

If he traveled for some time, asking him when he’s coming back will show him how much you miss him. And adding the next line I suggested would ensure the guy you miss laughs a little when he reads the text. 

10. Tell him you're always praying for him

Sometimes, all guys need to know that you miss them is a thoughtful text message. This tip could be useful if he’s going through a tough time or expecting something big. However, it’s even more effective when he hasn’t really told you anything is wrong. When you miss someone, you think about their welfare and well-being as well. So telling him that you’re praying for him, rooting for or supporting him should show this guy that you actually miss him. 

11. Express how much you miss his hugs or kisses

To get your partner to understand how much you’re missing him, he needs to understand how you feel first. Talking about your feelings triggers the same emotions in the person you love, or like as the case may be. However, make sure you don’t divulge too much, especially when trying to be cautious. 

12. Send him a random message

If you haven’t spoken to this person for a while, sending him a random “hey you” text may actually show him you’re missing him. The truth is, sometimes we message people, but it’s either because we need help or want something. But after talking or texting with him, you don’t ask for anything; he’ll know you really miss him. 

13. Tell him you feel safer when he’s around

tell him you feel safer when he's around

Some ladies reported that they felt less safe when their partners were not around. It just felt better sleeping next to someone, especially at night. That’s because many people; men and women alike, feel like they are more secure when in relationships. So telling him this wouldn’t be too forward, as he may be feeling the same way when he’s not with you.

14. Tell him things are better when he’s around

If you work in the same office, live in the same neighborhood, or maybe have the same friends, telling him this could give him the feeling that you miss him. You could start by talking about something that went wrong at the office, how your mutual friends are arguing, or even how cold it is at home. Either way, he’ll get the message.

15. Plan for the future

“When you get back, we should go to this new Indian restaurant in the city center.” It’s these kinds of statements that would let any man know that his girl misses him. When you start making plans for the future, he’ll figure out that you don’t just want to spend time with him, but you miss him as well. 

16. Go old-school and send him a postcard or letter

Sending a hand-written letter or a postcard to him would really be meaningful. Wherever he is, he’ll certainly receive it with love. The truth is, not many millennials use these methods anymore, and although he may think it’s a bit cheesy, he’ll certainly appreciate that you sent such a thoughtful gift because you miss him. 

17. Don’t attack him

You have to be careful when trying to tell a guy you miss him without actually saying the words. Don’t act angry, jealous, or upset that he hasn’t called you, even though you are. If he’s close to you, he may figure out that you’re only upset because you miss him, but being on the attack all the time isn’t healthy. So go easy on him. 

Close Proximity Relationships

18. Hang out with him more 

One of the easiest ways to show someone you miss them is by spending quality time together. Go to the park, a new restaurant, an amusement park, or even chill at home. If you really want to bond, try doing new activities together. A cooking class, yoga class, or a simple chess club could help you bond, and show him that you actually miss him.

19. Be friendly and happy around them

Guys are not the best gurus when it comes to relationships, they are quite smart and strategic, but they can’t read your mind. 

So, acting sad or unattentive around him may give him the wrong message, he’ll either feel you don’t want to hang out with him or have other important things to do. So enjoy every moment when you’re with him, that way, he’ll be convinced you’re really into him.

 20. Flirt with him

flirt with him

Flirting with a guy shows you’re attracted to him and could make him feel very good about himself. However, in this case, that’s not the point. Rather, flirting with him either via text or whenever you see him will show him that you missed him. 

If you haven’t seen him in a day or two, and he walks up to you, that sexy and vibrant energy tells him you’ve been thinking about him, in all the sexy and romantic ways he wants you to.

 21. Compliment them

“You’re so strong and thoughtful,” “you’re really kind” “I love your eyes, and how pointy your ears are” “you dress really well, and you smell like paradise” Yes, pay him all the compliments you feel will put a smile on his face. You haven’t mentioned that you miss him, but from all the nice and ‘timely’ compliments you give, he’ll surely realize that he’s been on your mind.

22. Remind him of something he said.

If you want to get his attention and show him that you’ve been missing him, this is a useful tip. Girls only pay attention to the guys they like, so if he said something about ‘global warming’ then remind him of it. “So, I was thinking about what you said about the new recycling project, it really makes sense.” 

Reminding him of something even more intimate or personal will tell him you actually pay attention, consider what he says, and probably miss him enough to do the things above.

23. Show interest in his interests

The next step is to ask about things he likes, it could be football, betting, politics, academia, and the likes. Hitting him up with a “Hey, so I just read on this new signing by Real Madrid” message will show that you miss him, and are trying to start a conversation, and also be more involved in his life. 

24. The timing matters

Timing always matters, especially when you know this person’s schedule. So, messaging him while he’s at work, in a meeting, or trying to drive sales may not be the best moments to try to strike a conversation and ask him to meet up. 

25. Tell him you’d like to meet up

Once you’ve got your timing right, you can then ask him on a date. Text something like, “remember what it felt like going on those rides/paintballing with your friends” (whatever both of you did). It will show him that you’re not just reminiscing, you miss him and would like to meet up again.

26. Appreciate his presence

appreciate his presence

When you miss a guy and don’t want to outrightly admit it, you want him to see it for himself. So, at such moments, avoid being self-centered, rude, or un-present. Tell him how happy you are about hanging with him, and possibly ask when you’ll see him again. 

27. Hold his hands

Holding his hands when both of you meet up is a simple way of saying, “I miss you.” He’ll feel ‘first-hand’ how much you’ve missed him from how firmly yet passionately you hold his hands whether it’s in public or private. 

28. Make eye contact

This tip works when you haven’t seen each other in a while. Staring into his eyes occasionally will make him see how much you were looking forward to hanging out with him. Ensure you don’t do this too much, it could be those pauses during conversations, or at the end of the date. These brief eye-locking moments will prove that you miss him.

29. Text him frequently

Whenever you miss him, send a short text message asking him how his day is going, what he had for lunch, or if he’s available to hang out. It’s one of the easiest and transparent ways of saying ‘I miss you” without saying the words.

30. Don’t be creepy

It’s obviously better to admit you miss this guy rather than being creepy about it. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship, don’t stalk him, keep tabs on his phone or his whereabouts. Be calm, be thoughtful, and be cautious, so these silent messages aren’t misinterpreted.

31. Buy him gifts frequently

As long as your feelings are genuine, a guy that likes you will see the passion and love in every gift you give. A gift tells a guy “I’ve been thinking about you, I miss you, and I appreciate you.” That's exactly what you want this guy to think, and all that could be expressed without saying a word.


Is it OK to tell a guy you miss him?

If you are in a relationship with this person, it’s easier to admit that you miss him. However, no one should be afraid of expressing their feelings, you have the liberty to. So, even if you've been dating for a while, it’s okay to tell a guy that you miss him, hopefully, he misses you too. 

What can I say instead of I miss you?

There are many things you could say rather than uttering the words “I miss you.” you could say, “I wish you were here,” “when did you say you’d be back again,” or, “I’m having a tough day and I know your hug would make me feel so much better.”

How do you tell a guy you love without saying it?

The best way to show a man that you love him without saying those three powerful words is by being loving. Be kind, gentle, attentive, caring, helpful, and generous.

How do I know if he's falling for me?

One way to tell when a guy is falling for you is through how he behaves around you. Does he put much effort into pleasing you? Want to know you better? Or try to get more involved in the things that concern you? Then he’s slowly, but surely falling for you. 

Is he interested or just being nice?

A man who is just being nice will not try to establish a romantic relationship with you. His meetings will be enjoyable but civil, and he won’t send mixed signals. It would be the exact opposite for someone who likes you, his feelings would be more raw, you’ll see the passion in his eyes, and he’ll try to establish physical contact at any given opportunity.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed reading this list. Remember, if you want to know how to tell a guy you miss him without saying it, you’ll have to embrace other fun alternatives, and creatively mix them up once in a while. I hope you’ll both get to the point in your relationship when you can comfortably say you miss each other without fear or caution. 

If this list was helpful, please share it with others who need it. Also, I would love to continue this conversation in the comment sanction, so leave your stories, contributions, and opinions below as well. 

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