How To Tell A Guy You Miss Him Without Saying It Directly (7 Safe Ways)

by Michelle Devani

Are you looking for the right way to tell a special guy that you miss him?

Are you worried about being too honest about your feelings?

Do you feel too uncomfortable to be so direct about this?

That’s understandable - so don’t worry. I’ve got your back. Below, I have listed some ways to show a guy you miss him without saying it out loud. 

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Either way, scroll down for my ideas on telling a man you miss him without saying it.

Spending sleepless nights thinking of that one person you love and cherish can feel both good and bad. It’s just sweet and beautiful how people could long for someone’s presence as much as that, to a point when it might even hurt. Take a cup, fill it with water, and just let it be that way, there’ll be one point when it’ll all overflow.

It applies the same to missing someone. Just fill your heart and mind with him, and then you’ll find you can’t contain it anymore. This is why you should know how to tell a guy you miss him without saying it. Telling him that you really long for him, without getting too direct, since it might be slightly uncomfortable for you. There will also be nothing such as when you tell a guy you miss him and he says thanks.

When Should Ou Shouldn't You Tell Him Without Saying?

Telling someone you miss them when you just really feel like that, is clearly a good idea. However, this doesn’t apply the same all the time. Well, it's also less  risky, since you don't have to worry about when you tell a guy you miss him and he doesn't say it back or what to do when you tell a guy you miss him and he doesn't respond. There are few situations and condition when you’ll have to avoid the words, ‘I miss you’. And here are few situations where you shouldn’t be too direct:

1. He’s not your boyfriend

Saying, ‘I miss you’, to someone who’s yours is not a hard thing to do. It is normal, indeed. But when you miss someone who’s not yours yet, then it might be better for you to tell it without words, so that you won’t be getting any further trouble. If he's your ex, then you'll need to try out few tips on what to do when i miss my long distance ex.

2. He’s not a very romantic person

hes not a very romantic person

As for someone who’s not so romantic, it might come off as less meaningful when you say you miss him. He might be that one guy who believes more in action rather than words. He might even feel burdened and annoyed by such sweet sayings.

3. He need to feel it

Words aren’t always enough. He needs to feel and know for sure that you’re not just saying, instead, you’re showing how you feel about him. He needs to make your statement official, by looking at how you're doing it. Miss him with actions, not just mouth and mouth.

4. When you're not sure about yourself

Empty words are the worst, right? Avoid saying words that you're not even sure of. This will also come across as lying, to be honest. Assure yourself properly and then that's when you can rethink whether you should say it or not.

How To Tell A Guy You Miss Him Without Saying It Out Loud

How to tell a guy you miss him without saying it out loud yet make him get the points? It’s simple. Very simple, yet you should do it properly so that he won’t get mixed signals instead. Here are few ways that you could give a try:

1. Appreciate his presence

When he’s around you after quite a long time no see, appreciate his presence. Be happy, show him that you love being with him. Don’t ignore him all the way. Instead, you should ask him how things are going. This shows how you’re interested in his life when he’s not with you. You know how he’s doing so far.

2. Talk about your memories

talk about your memories

Ever watch a movie marathon together? Eat ice cream every time you go to a park? Any unusual habits that you both do frequently? When you tell him that lately you’ve been doing that specific thing, he’ll get the point that you remember him. You cherish and remember all the moment you spent with him.

3. Tell him that it’s merrier when he’s around

It’s great knowing how people love your presence. That when you’re not there, everything feels different someway somehow. This also shows that you like having him around.

The message you’re carrying might be the same, but the way you tell it could differentiate the result in the end. Know the right way to let him get the right message that you miss him. If you’re wondering how to tell a guy you miss him without saying it, then it’s simply by following few tips above. If you've decided to say it out loud anyway, there are few tips on how to tell a guy you miss him in a cute way.

Michelle Devani
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