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High school love story is to be said the best and couples find their first love in their high school time. If you are a high schooler and wonder if a girl like you, you need to read the signs and see if some of them match. Knowing if a girl likes you is indeed not easy so you think twice to make a move.

Every girl gives signs if she likes you but each of them has their own way showing you the signs. Some other even keep it and doesn’t give any clue. However you will still feel and see the signs if you are really pay attention. Here are some of the signs if a girl likes you if you are in the 9th grade.


1. She Will Seek You Every Time You Come Or Leave The Class

How to know if a girl likes you in 9th grade? If you and the girl are in the same classroom, see if she always have her eyes on you every time you come in class or leave the class without calling you. It is like if she makes sure you are there before she leaves so that she knows you are present that day.

2. She Will Occasionally Stare At You

You may feel being watched a lot and it is comfortable but this is really the sign.

She will occasionally looking and staring at you whenever she can. Some girls will smile if you catch them looking but some will pretend they don’t do it. 

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3. She Will Smile To You A Lot

she will smile to you a lot

If you already know her well or she is one of your female friends, she will smile to you a lot in almost all chances. Otherwise she will ignore you if she’s angry because she’s jealous or if you just act you don’t care.

4. She Will Touch You A Lot

Hugs are not always friendly, some are romantic between you and her, you may need a bit more attention to feel the difference. She will hug you longer and feel the warmness of your body. She will jokingly touch your cheek and chin. Or she will hold your hands while walking in a very fun way like child play hoping that you will really initiatively hold her hands next time. 

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5. She Always Make Time To See You

She will make time just to be able to meet you like in school events, birthday parties, extra classes and even at school groups. If you like to watch sports like baseball, basketball or soccer, they will make time to watch them too hoping she will meet you ‘accidentally’ and you having sports time together. She may be in a cheerleader group to support you if you are a sports fans at school.

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6. She Also Have Reasons To Talk To You

If a girl likes you she will make any chance to talk to you. She will ask about homework, school projects, school parties, events, and almost anything to talk about. 

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7. She Always Reply Your Texts Almost Immediately

If she likes you, she will reply your texts almost immediately. At least, if she’s busy, she will always reply all of your texts. She will not only answer questions, she will also asks you and have topics to talk about. 

8. She Invites You To Parties

she invites you to parties

If she likes you, she always hopes you are present at the parties she’s attending so she will make any effort to include you to one of the guests. She may ask your mutual friends to invite only you.

9. She Pays Attention To Detailed Information About You

You may don’t expect anyone to care little things about you but if she likes you she knows every little thing about you. She will record any information so that she knows you more than anyone else. She may mention your sister’s name, your pet’s name and your favorite foods or drinks. She may give you your favourite foods or drinks at school to have a little ‘date’ with you.

10. She Will Mention That She Is Single

Sometimes she will emphasize that she is single in many different ways to make you notice her and realize that she’s available. She hopes that at least she’s one of your special female friends.

Some tips to consider if you face this phase with a 9th grade girl at your school. Smile back to her every time she smiles to you. One single smile don’t hurt otherwise it will make her day. Be kind to her who likes you although you don’t like her.

Just don’t hurt her by ignoring or being too harsh because you don’t know what will happen if you are too harsh to her. She may lose hopes. And remember, if you are invited to parties by her, you better not come with other girl because she hopes only to meet and talk to you there.

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