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30 Ways to Make Ex Husband Jealous As Hell

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Nobody want a divorce in their life. It could be the hardest experience someone has to deal with. The early stage of separation may hurt the most, and in between you feel the urge to make him jealous. But if you don’t know the right way, you could end up looking more desperate than ever. Instead of focusing on him, it’s better for you to focus on yourself. That way, you effortlessly make him jealous and soon the Signs That He is Jealous will appear. How can it be done? Here are the ways to make ex husband jealous as hell with you:


1. Be Happy

What can make him jealous more than seeing you happy. Mean it and don’t pretend to be happy. You know yourself best, so you know what things could make you very happy. Don’t try to call him and you need to see the Reasons Why You Should Not be Friends with Your Ex.

2. Post It on Social Media

Take a lot of selfies when you’re having fun, and make sure you post them online. When you are out with friends, don’t forget to take it to your Instagram. He will know that you are living fine without him. But first, don’t rush to unfollow him.

3. Grow Better Everyday.

There is no longer “us”, only “me”. Immersed in the “me” and drive all the focus on you. Just thing about how you can be better and what can make you happy. More than make him jealous, it is also the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship.

4. Call Your Old Friends

During the marriage, you can’t get to see your friends anytime. But now that you are single, arrange fun things that distract you away from sadness. Fill your weekends with the trips out of town.

5. Shape Your Body

Hit the gym more often. It’s a fast Ways to Get Over a Relationship. Join the classes you want to such as weight lift, yoga, zumba, or aerobics. If you get bored doing exercise indoor, go hiking, kayaking, or riding bicycle.

6. Make Over Yourself

It’s possible that divorce lowering someone’s self esteem. The confidence level dropped because you feel unwanted. Go for a simple change to make yourself look better. Shorten your hair a bit and put on some color to your lipstick.

7. Never Looked Off

Wear your best look wherever you go. Even when you are grocery shopping, make sure you don’t looked off. You don’t have to be always on full make up but at least don’t look dull.

8. Meet Other Man

Open up your heart to other man. You don’t have to necessarily date them, but meet them as friends. He will likely be jealous when he knows it, but for you it’s a good Ways to Forget Your Loved One.

10. Don’t Show Him You are Sad

Everybody will be heartbroken after the divorce. But never show it, especially to your ex. Pretend that you are fine and happy. Act like you don’t care at all. 

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More Tricky Ways to Make Ex Husband Creepy Out

Here are more ways to make ex husband jealous as hell on you:

  1. Look great after the divorce and show him what he’s been missing.
  2. Don’t be sad and talk about the divorce in social media.
  3. Don’t write status or upload photos that hinted you are sad.
  4. Don’t include him in your update like, “I’m single and very happy.” Take off all the attachment of him.
  5. Hang out with the mutual friends of you and your ex husband.
  6. Never respond to any of his effort to contact you.
  7. Don’t answer his calls.
  8. Don’t reply his text.
  9. Don’t respond to his comment on your Instagram photos.
  10. Get some distance with him.
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How to be Happy After Divorce

  1. Take time to think about what you want as a single.
  2. Rediscover you old passions, hobbies, and interests. It will be better if you can find the new one.
  3. Develop a new habits and rules, and embrace them. Living single is different with living together. At first it may be hard but soon you’ll get used to it.
  4. Go travel alone, far away to find yourself again. It helps you to realize what you want and what you don’t want. Also a great opportunity to step out of the comfort zone.
  5. Try some new things and don’t be afraid to. Apply for a job if you don’t have on before. It will gives you a new perspective of this life.
  6. Lean on your friends and family. Share your problems with them, because they know best how to soother your heart.
  7. Share your stories with people who has been through it before. Join a community or meet a friend with the similar experience. The will help you heal and recover fast.
  8. Set a new goals for your life, like what you want to do in 5 years and what kind of partner you want in the future.
  9. Do a self care by performing everything he used to do in the past. And don’t forget to spare some hours for “me time”.
  10. Let go and don’t regret. Accept the reality that you and him are not meant to be. Forgive it and move on.

So those are the ways to make husband jealous as hell. Going through a divorce is never easy for both side, and everyone surely has their own way to cope with the sadness and move on. While doing things to make you ex husband jealous, make sure that you also make yourself happy.

A true happiness is more important for you than burning the flame of jealousy on your ex. Making him jealous but you are not happy yourself will make you more miserable than ever. Those things make you harder to move on and start over.

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