39 Clear Signs Your Ex Husband Wants You Back

Last updated on May 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering whether your ex-husband wants you back?

Maybe he's been behaving more positively towards you lately, but you're not sure what that behavior means? 

Whether you want him back or not, it tends to be useful to know how your ex-husband feels about you, so please read the entirety of this guide carefully. 

It features a list of the most common telltale signs that your ex-husband wants you back in his life. 

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Nevertheless, I advise you to read this whole guide with care because it will definitely help you to get a hint of whether your ex-husband wants you back.


Signs Your Ex-Husband Wants You Back

1. He Talks About Reconciliation

The first signs your ex husband wants you back is when he start talking about reconciliation. He feels like the separation is not right and he wants to fix everything.He does this before he regret about everything.

2. He Shows You How Much He Has Changed

he shows you how much he has changed

You are separated from your ex husband for good reasons. There must be something in him that you didn't like, and he didn't want to change it either. However after some time, he comes to you and saying that he has changed for good.

3. He Calls You Regularly

His first motive to call you is talking about the kids at first. But at some point the phone calls become so frequent that makes you think about the past so much. Did he really still care about me?

4. He Asks About Your Love Life

He doesn't ask about your love life out of curiosity, but he wants to make sure you didn't date anyone. Before he says his intention to you, of course it's important whether you are still single or not. Although maybe he won't be giving up if you are not.

5. He Said He Misses You

After all those time seeing the Signs of a Bored Husband in Marriage that made you having a hard time, he seemed to have found his romantic side back. He said that he misses you out of the blue! It's the initial sign that he wants to come back to you.

6. He Is Sorry For His Fault

Yes, he is finally apologizing of his wrongdoing that damaged your marriage. As he is sincerely sorry, he said he want to make it up for you. Moreover, he showed you that he has changed and he is ready to start over with you.

More Signs He Wants To Come Back

Here are more of the signs that he did want to come back to you:

  1. He didn't date anyone after the divorce.
  2. He visits your kids often to see you.
  3. He talked about the mistake i the past.
  4. He plans a future with you.
  5. He asks for help from his family.
  6. He asks for help from your kids.
  7. You are keeping contacts with him.
  8. He always has things to talk with you about.
  9. He never block your number nor your social media from the start.
  10. He prevents you from dating anyone.

Signs He Still Cares And Loves You

signs he still cares and loves you

Separation doesn't mean a thing for him. His love for your remains just the same, or maybe he is just too late to realize it. See the signs that he did still care about you.

  1. He is stalking you online.
  2. He likes your social media posts.
  3. He often calls you every now and then.
  4. He doesn't like seeing you get close with anyone.
  5. He always has reasons to meet you.
  6. He is still wearing the wedding ring.
  7. You often heard from his friends that he talked about you a lot.
  8. His family still loves you.
  9. He always said he wants to make up with you.
  10. He reminds you not to skip dinner.
  11. He makes your children as reason to see you often.
  12. He often reminiscing the old times.
  13. He still remember your little habits.
  14. He try to be the first person to be there for you.
  15. You bumped into him way too often.

Why Does He Want You Back?

There must be good reasons as to why your ex husband wants you back. Sadly, there are also reasons why you separated with him. No wonder it leaves you questioning why does he wants you back? Some of these reasons may help you.

  1. He really misses you. Not because he is lonely, but he is late to realize that you have the best Wife Material Signs of all women.
  2. He misses the sex. This is undeniable because he didn't have sex with anyone since the separation.
  3. He is jealous of your life. Since you are showing the no signs of sadness and depression after separation, it apparently draws him back to you.
  4. You treated him really well during the marriage, and nobody know better Ways to be a Good Wife to Your Husband.
  5. He has changed for the good and it's not because of you. He finally sees things in a new light and he wants to show you how much he has changed in the mean time.
  6. He is regretting his decision. It may takes a lot of him to come back, but he eventually does.
  7. He misses your children. He wants to make it up with you for their sake. It's a good Signs Your Separated Husband Wants to Come Back Home.
  8. It's hard to starting over a relationship. Rather than going back to zero and facing all the difficulties from dating to marriage once more, he'd rather going back to you.

The Bottom Line

To be going back or not is a decision that should be made carefully. Even though the signs your ex husband wants you back are very clear, you still have many things to be considered. Whatever it is, make sure it will be making you happy and you don't have to go through the pain of heartbreak once again.

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