23 Perfect Ways to be a Good Wife to Your Husband

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Marriage and dating are two different ways. Marriage means you are ready to spend the rest of your life with him, spending every day from day to night to the next day with the same person. As a wife you have a new role and of course new obligations come along with it. You surely want your marriage to be happy and last for a long time. Both of you hold the key. You have to be  good wife for your husband to keep your marriage life happy.

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How can it be done? Here are some tips and ways to be a good wife to your husband:


1. Do not nag too much

Nagging probably a part of women that is hard to change. But do you know that if you nag constantly over small things, it will causing a rift between you two. There are no men can stand a woman who loves to nag. Your nagging will create a distance between you and your husband, as he purposely avoiding you because he doesn't want to hear you nagging. You have to stop nagging right now because it did not good for you and him. Talk to him calmly so he will listen to you, and eventually solve any of your problem regardless it big or small. Nagging is not the best way to communicate.

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2. Surprise him!

Marriage life can be too boring if you don't know how to play the rhythm. Bring back the feel you have when you still dating. Give him a surprise often. It doesn't has to be a fancy dinner or something expensive. Cook him his favorite meal without telling him. You can also send it to his office for lunch! Or give him a massage after work to relieve his body pain. These small surprises will make him love you even more, and make him realize that live with you will never be bored.

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3. Give him some time alone

Even though you have married, giving some me time to each other it still important. Your husband is still having his own beside you. Give him time to do his hobbies, meet his friends, or visit his parents alone. Space between you and your husband will make you miss each other and tighten the bonds of your relationship. By being away, you will appreciate each other's presence even more.

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4. Clean and organize your home

clean and organize your home

Messy house will make your mind even messier. Imagine your husband coming home at night after working for a day, and find the house as messy as his day has been. Of course he will get angry and you two will fight. To avoid these things, clean and organize your home everyday. Make it a habit for him to see the house neat and clean. So one day when you're not at home, he will miss how the house is usually clean with you.

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5. Build each other, not criticize

What's more ways to be a good wife to your husband? There's no need to pick fight over something small. No human being is perfect, so is your husband. He might do something wrong, he might not do it purposely. Don't throw him a critics unless its good for his self improvement. As husband and wife, you have you make each other a better person and accepting that your spouse is not perfect at the same time. Negative critics only lead you into a fight without any resolution.

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6. Talk to him at the right time

Whether it is a small matters or big issues, you have to discuss it with him. Do not keep everything by yourself like a time bomb. Do not complain about him behind his back, but talk about it with him. Picking the right time is also important. On the easy weekends when he has nothing to do, talk about some serious matter while his mind is relax.

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7. Accept that he changed

As said before, nobody is perfect. Do not set a high expectations from your husband when you get married. If he used to be so romantic when you were dating, taking you to fancy dinner every dinner, always have time to talk to you every night, you might find him different after marriage.

No fancy dinner anymore, only spending the whole weekend at home. Instead of romantic good night as it used to be, he fall asleep as soon as he enters the house. It's nothing wrong with it. Doesn't mean he no longer loving you, he just expecting you to be more understanding now that you are married.

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8. Admit you mistakes and say sorry

Accepting you are wrong and apologize are all the way better than persisting that you are right and fight. If you are wrong, admit your mistake and say sorry to him. He will be understanding and will do the same too next time he do a mistake. This will make your relationship balanced and avoiding unnecessary fight.

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9. Take care of yourself

Being a good wife not only can be done by generous act. Making your husband happy and fall in love with you everyday is also a quality from a good wife. Take care of yourself just like you do when you're still single. Put on some make up, go to spa, hit the gym regularly to keep in shape. Your husband may fall in love with you because of your personality, but seeing his wife looking beautiful make him undeniably happy.

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10. Praise him

Praise him

After a long day at work, dealing with the office make him exhausted when he reach home. Welcome him with warm smile and a hug to relieve all his stress. Told him, "You have work so hard for our family," so that he knows that you appreciate his hard work. Praise him every now and then to show him how proud you are to him.

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11. Spend some times together

Especially when you have children, finding time to be alone together would be very hard. You have to take care of the kids the whole time. However a date to spend between you two is still as important as it used to be. Spare some time to have a quality time only between both of you. Short getaway or a fast dinner will do.

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12. Be his friends

Wife are often considered as a police that rule a husband's life. Husbands tend to hide a lot things from their wife because she might get angry. Be a wife that is like his friend so he will share everything with you and will not keep a secret. A wife that can be his friend is a life partner every man dream to have.

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13. There will be time to fight

Fight is unavoidable for a relationship. You will fight however. All you have to do is choosing the right time to pick the fight. Think about what you will say beforehand, and prepare a solution you will offer him. Discussion is better than fight, so if its not necessary, discuss you problem with him first. Make fight the last thing in your list.

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14. Respect him

Treat people the way you want to be treated. Respect your husband if you want him to respect you. Do not humiliate him, hurt him, belittling him, or doing any negative things to him. Do not say something that will hurt him because you don't want him to do the same thing with you as well. Indeed, that's the best ways to be a good wife to your husband.

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15. Be good to his family

be good to his family

Before you, his family is the most important thing for him. Show him you love not only  him but also his family. Be good to his parents, visit them even without him. Creating a good relationship with the in laws will bring you a lot of advantage. When you are into a trouble with him, his family will be there to support you.

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16. Serves him good meals 

Indeed, man will love it if you can serve him good meals in perfect time, such as breakfast and dinner time together.

17. Touch Him

Indeed, touch him by heart and touch him physically. Men love it.

18. Love him like you love yourself

This is the best part of life, to love someone to live.

Tips to Be a Good Wife

Here are more ways to be a good wife to your husband:

  1. Do not complain over small things.
  2. Be independent.
  3. Tell him you love him every day.
  4. Do not lie to him.
  5. Listen to him.

So, there are ways to be a good wife to your husband. It may not as easy as it seems, but it's worth to do. Becoming a good wife is a future investment to make the rest of your life with him a happy one. Having a good wife is every man wish, and becoming a good wife is also every women wish. Good luck on your marriage always!

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