33 Toxic Reasons Why You Should Not Marry Your Girlfriend

Last updated on May 2, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Marriage is not an easy and simple thing that you just decide to do. You need a long time of consideration with enough reasons and proves. This is because you are choosing how the rest of your life will go. Are you making the right choice?

The first big step is choosing your life partner. Sure sometimes we think that they are the perfect choice but things may not be as they seem. If you want to know if she is the right wife in the future for you, check if she have any of these dangerous reasons why you should not marry your girlfriend;

  1. She Demands You To Change A Lot

This demand to change comes from her thought that you don’t have the signs he's boyfriend material within you.

  1. Always Being Materialistic

There’s no use in dating a girl that shows the Signs of a Materialistic Woman You Need to Know, furthermore to marry them.

  1. She Is Often Passive Agressive

Being passive agressive in dealing with problems is definitely not mature and you shouldn’t marry someone like that.

  1. Doesn’t Get Along Well With Your Friends

Either she doesn’t make the effort to be with your friends or your friends simply don’t like her. Both of them is a bad sign.

  1. Rarely Supports You

Support comes from the people who loves us. She doesn’t love you if she doesn’t give that support to you.

  1. Comparing You To Other People

This is a toxic behavior and it is only done by someone that is showing the Signs of Conditional Love

  1. Doesn’t Think About The Future With You

When a girl doesn’t even think about the future with you, you know that it is not right.

  1. Making You Jealous Often

If her hobby is to make you jealous just for the pleasure of it, dump her right away.

  1. Repeating The Same Mistake

The mistakes that is repeated is a mistake that is done conciously to break the relationship and your heart.

  1. Doesn’t Have Faith In The Relationship

Faith is important. The lack of faith shows that the relationship is starting to crumble.

  1. Taking The Relationship For Granted

She thinks that the relationship is replaceable and that’s where she is wrong.

  1. Scared By The Concept Of Marriage

A girl who is truly frightened by the concept of marriage and ultimate commitment doesn’t have the  Wife Material Signs

  1. Doesn’t Truly Love You

She says that she never truly loves you and why would you marry someone like that?

  1. Never Satisfied But What You Have Done

Lack of satisfaction isn’t always because of you but maybe because of the lack of love from her towards you.

  1. Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings

Your feelings is not a matter of importance and being with a girl like this will just make you sad.

  1. Not Wanting To Be Exclusive With You

Being exclusive with you even make her feel odd so you know that it is the ultimate reasons why you should not marry your girlfriend.

  1. Not Willing To Compromise

Lack of compromise in the dating world means a lot of fights in the marriage world.

  1. You Feel Down When You Are Around Her

This is usually your inner self telling you that you need to stay away from her.

  1. Your Gut Says That It Is Not Right

Trust your instinct and you will be happy.

  1. She Complains When She Is With You A Lot

Nobody wants to spend the rest of their life with a complainer.

  1. Doesn’t Want To Get Along With Your Family

Slowly, your family member will even despise her.


Ways To Know That She Is Not The Girl You Should Marry

In order to have a happy future you need a perfect and joyful life partner. To know if she is the one, see the ways to know that she is not the girl you should marry ;

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  1. She Rarely Does Any Romantic Gesture

Not doing the Ways to Make Your Man Love You Even More means a lot.

  1. Seems Uncomfortable When You Do A Romantic Move

This means that she never wants your love to begin with.

  1. Doesn’t Like Physical Closeness With You

Your relationship can’t progress if she is always uncomfortable to be close to you.

  1. You Are Never Introduced To The People In Her Life

Doing this means she don’t want you in her life.

  1. She Only Comes To You When She Needs To

A girl like this should never even be your girlfriend.

  1. Not Being Proud That You Are Her Boyfriend

You will always feel insecure.

  1. Often Ridiculing You

Shame will constantly be in your life.

  1. Can’t Take Care Of You

A partner that can’t take care of you is not worth your time.

Tips To Find The Right Woman To Marry

Do not be discouraged to know that your girlfriend is not the one you should marry because of her behaviour. There are still a lot of girls out there and one might be perfect for you. Here is how to lure them into your life ;

  1. Dump The Toxic Relationship And Get Over It

Toxic relationships like this shouldn’t be engaged with so get out and move on.

  1. Grow Yourself

You attract what you emit so start changing yourself to be a positive person and a version of you that you love.

  1. Be Open To New Relationship

The intention to be open to good relationship will make people drawn to you.

  1. Avoid People With Signs Of Toxidity

Once a girl shows that they are toxic, get out and do the steps all over again.

You need to be sure in marriage and you can’t be sure if your girlfriend is showing the reasons why you should not marry your girlfriend, right? Because of that you need to have the courage to find someone new by using the tips that we have provided for you.

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