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Some people might think Welsh are same like other Englishman. That isn't quite true since Welsh is unique and has a rare breed. Live within country that only have three million people, Welsh has their own reputation and stereotype. You need to make him fall in love and date a Welsh once in a lifetime so you would know how fun they are.

Here are reasons to marry Welsh person

Welsh is known for their two natural states since they are one of another ethnic group, which is they can be very talkative when give an opinion or completely passive. Yet, that is cute though. So, here are reasons to marry Welsh person.

1. Funny

You will understand why reasons to marry Welsh person is important for you to know the moment you meet one. I guarantee you will feeling comfortable around them since they are very funny and can light up any situation to be more extra. Marrying a Welsh and your life won't be boring.

2. They Have Sexy Accent

No one can stand the charm of a Welsh when they are talking. Their sexy accent can drive you crazy!

3. Bold and Brave

Reasons to marry Welsh person? They are extremely bold and brave. With that you will always feel safe and they won't anyone hurt you.

4. Kind-Hearted

Welsh is also kind-hearted. They are very friendly and your typical dream man. Here are for more Reasons Why Dating an Older Man Is Awesome

5. Introduce You to Mam

Whenever you are dating a Welsh, they will directly introduce you to their mam or it is what they are used to call their mother. Then, you obviously need to know ways to make a good first impression. You will also like their mother because they are easy-going and open-minded so they will accept you no matter who you are and where you come from. Here are for more What to Know When Dating an Englishman

6. Affectionate

Another good reasons to marry a Welsh person is because they tend to be affectionate, like even without ask to get a hug they will do it. They will showering you with love everyday.

7. Serve You Good Meal

If you visit their home, you would get to be served by all of good meal that Wales have. Cookies, cakes, pies, main courses, don't bother to just feel like home and enjoy the meal. Here are for more Reasons Why You Should Never Dating Korean Guys

8. Bunch of Romantic Place in Their Hometown

Reasons to marry a Welsh person? Wales is known for its amazing yet wonderful places. If you marrying one of Welsh, those place would be the place you'll spend time and explore with them. Visit such a beautiful place with your loved one, romantic isn't it?

9. Down to Earth

Welsh person is perfect for you if you want to live simple and not so into fancy thing. Actually they can do both though since they are down to earth person.

10. Loyal

This is literally reasons to marry a Welsh person you should consider. They are extremely loyal to their partner. You are tired of getting cheated on by all of your ex, right? Try to date a Welsh and you would know how loyal they are.

11. Enjoy Their Life

Welsh person tends to be enjoy their life and live their life to the fullest. The positivity is good for you so you will feel the same too.

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12. Treat You Like Queen

As of their history, fairy tale, and myth, Welsh is actually a romantic person too. Like other prince in every single fairy tale, they will treat you right like a princess and make you their queen.

13. A Proud Person

Thing and reasons to marry a Welsh person is because they are a very proud person. If you marrying them, they will also feel proud to have you, it is part of England dating culture.


Signs You Will Fall in Love with a Welsh Person

Until this point, now you already get the point of reasons to marry a Welsh person. Here are signs you will fall in love with a Welsh person.

1. You Love they Way They Talk

We all know Welsh has sexy accent. This is sign you will fall in love with them if you start to love when they are talking.

2. Their Kindness Melt You Heart

Welsh is also very kind-hearted. If their kindness melt your heart, it is considered normal, like who isn't, right?

3. Your Life Is Brighter when They Are Around

Thing about Welsh is they are funny and love to joke around. Your life definitely is going to be brighter than before.

4. Enjoy Their Meal

One said good food means good life. It is not your fault if you are starting to fall in love with a Welsh person by the first time you try the meal. I mean, Welsh's meal is that good we know it!

5. Their Family Is Cool

Yeah, once you meet mam, you couldn't resist her charm. They are just too cool.

More Tips How to Get a Welsh to Marry

Here are more tips for you if you want to get marry to a Welsh person.

1. Be Kind

Like we all know a Welsh person tends to be very kind. If you want to make them fall in love with you easily, trying to be kind because why not? Nothing going to be wrong with kindness.

2. Learn to Cook

Welsh also has so many good meal. How about make it by yourself? It doesn't to be perfect--well of course you need to try perfect it--but at least they will see your effort and it is cute though.

3. Get Close to Their Family

To get to their heart, make sure you are close to their family too because when your boyfriend family doesn't like you is bad. A good impression can take you to the next step.

4. Be Easy Going

Welsh is fun and of course it makes them to have many friends. You need to be as easy going as you can if you want to hanging out around with them since they will take you to their friend and even to their family which is both are pretty cool.

5. Be Loyal

This is the most important tips for you! If you happen to have a relationship with a Welsh, you need to be loyal because they are loyal to you too. Don't ever cheating like all of your previous ex boyfriend.

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