How to Get a Hug Romantically Without Being Awkward with Your Love

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Who doesn't love hugs? Well, most of you would love to get a hug or hug someone as well. Hug is something simple and few people would underestimate it. But actually, there's something powerful and great behind a hug. Hug isn't just any physical contact that you make with others. It's transferring your support, showing how much you care about that person. It's embracing them just the way they are, and if in this case it's your boy or girl, then it's making them feel loved and safe within your arms and ssh.. it's a ways to make your boyfriend miss you when you live together as well.

But somehow, it's inevitable that few people find it’s hard to hug someone. It's not the act that’s hard, but the feelings of both parties it's the one that's matter. Sometimes we might think twice before hugging someone since we're afraid that it would come off as awkward rather than comforting.

Believe it or not, if you’re thinking about how to get a hug romantically without being awkward, then it's not hard at all. You just have to know first, what are the benefits of hug in a relationship and how to get one that's romantic and warm rather than awkward.

Benefits of Hugging Someone

Before we find out about the ways on how to get a hug romantically without being awkward, here's the benefits of hugging!

  1. Comfort

Ever hug a huge, fluffy teddy bear that's just as tall as you? Hug is practically the source of comfort that we all can get. When you're hugging someone, especially your significant one, then you'll feel comfortable in his or her arms.

  1. Reconciliate

There's no relationship that never fight. When you and your boy or girlfriend are having a fight, hug is somehow the best way to make up or you can say one of the ways to get your girl back after you messed up. Hug will remind you how deeply you care about this person.

  1. Feel loved

Hugging one and another will make both feel loved that can't be sense through words. Just hearing i love you might swoon you, but, getting sincere hug will actually make you feel the love that they're saying.Hugging is one of the simple ways to make someone feel appreciated and loved even without words.

  1. Getting closer

When you and your partner are hugging continuously, then you both will create a bond that's stronger and closer than before.

How to Get a Hug Romantically

This is how to get a hug romantically without being awkward with your love:

  1. Be sincere

The most important thing from a hug is not how you do it but what's inside your heart, your true motivation. If you're sincere with the hug, then trust me, there wouldn't be any awkward hug. Although the other person can't read your mind and intention, they can feel whether you're being sincere or not with the hug.

  1. Be gentle

You don't have to ‘choke' your partner just to get a romantic hug. Be gentle with your hug, don't force too much, but do it with care. It's fine to hug tightly, but give them space to breathe, of course. 

  1. Do it differently

Put your hand on their hairs and caress them lightly as you hug them. Slip your hand through their waist. Grip them tightly on their back. Hug them from behind, from side, or front. Lay your head on their chest. Whatever it might be, you can always change the way you hug them.

There are various way to hug someone, so feel free to explore them and find out which one is the most comfy for both of you.

  1. Consider situation

If you don't wanna get awkward, then pay attention to where and when you hug them. Are you in a middle of serious situation where there are a lot of people who wouldn't be okay with you hugging in between, then hold on and hug your partner later on. Awkward situation can develop awkward hug, and you wouldn't want that.

  1. Pull away slowly

If you break the hug in a second then it would definitely ruin the mood and make you feel a lot more awkward. After a romantic hug, pull away slowly. You can stare into your partner deeply, as you give your best smile from your heart. Whisper romantic taglines will also enhance the situation in a sweet way. 

  1. Use your hands

As what the earlier points stated, you need to be creative. Beside changing the way of hugging, you can also be creative with your hands. Caress him or her heads with love, pat the back, anything.

  1. Be cheesy

As you hug, whisper sweet things into your partner's ear. You can try finding things to say to express your love to your boyfriendromantic things to say to your girl crush, anything. Hearing romantic words in such a sweet ambiance will definitely take you both to the sky. Why don't you try flirting with your love while hugging?

  1. Do head contact

Try doing head contact with your partner in the most romantic way that you could imagine. This will help you to get right in the feeling more than before.

  1. Make sure you smell good

It’s not a must, but at least you should make sure your smell is acceptable for your partner. While hugging, smell is quite an important aspect that will stick to their memory about the hugs. You can try using perfume, deodorant, or at least take a proper bath. But this doesn't necessarily mean that you are forbidden to hug your girl or boy when you haven't take a bath, though. Hugging is something flexible that you can do anytime you feel like you need or want to do it.

When it comes to dating and relationship, it's all back to the person who's having it. Tips might help you a lot, but still, trying to do it is more important than just understanding. Find the best way that suit your relationship when it comes to physical affection. To be honest, it's nothing to embarrassed about with talking about it with your partner. Find out what your partner likes and doesn't like.

Get closer and even more romantic by finding out how to get a hug romantically without being awakward with him will help you to build a stronger and healthier relationship.

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