How To Make A Capricorn Man Regret Breaking Up With You

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It is not an easy thing to make a Capricorn man regret the break up that the both of you have been through because this man who is born between 22 December and 19 January is one stubborn yet ambitious son of a gun. Instead of allocating their mind thinking about what have gone wrong in his relationship with you, he will think about how can he get a promotion in his workplace or how can he win his annual city football championship.

Capricorn man will think only about him and himself only, if a Capricorn man think that you are an obstacle in his pursuit of worldly achievement, he will feel that there are no reason to keep holding on to you.  I am sure you are currently feeling stressed because wondering how can he not think about the broken relationship?


How To Make A Capricorn Man Regret Breaking Up With You

Here are some useful tips that you can use to make your Capricorn man regret breaking up with you.

1. Improve Yourself

How to make a Capricorn man regret breaking up with you? It is not a secret anymore that perfectionist is one of the personalities that a Capricorn man posses, if he dumped you because he feel that you are just a burden to him the best way that you can make him regret his decision is by improving yourself, in a lot of ways.

If he sees you as a woman with no vision of the future when you still in a relationship, make him see that now you are not the same person that you used to be. Show him that you are currently perusing your childhood dream that he asked about to be a successful food and beverage entrepreneur.

2. Use Your Social Media As A Weapon

use your social media as a weapon

Even though a Capricorn man doesn't seem bothered by a break up, deep inside their heart he is shattered. Use this situation as a momentum to change the tide of battle, he will likely stalk every update that you posted on your social media because he want to hear from you so badly but doesn't want to tear down his wall of ego to contact you.

Now all you want to do to make him regret the break up, post as much as you can about your brighter and happier life without him, show him that without him you can still be happy, this will sure make him contacting you sooner or later.

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3. Be There To Heal His Stress But Not To Close

How to make a Capricorn man regret breaking up with you - Workaholics and stress is like smoke and fire, can’t be separated. If you are still keeping in touch with him and be able to get information about his daily routines you will need to also find if he currently having something that has been storming in his mind for a while now.

Try to analyze the situation and map out couple of solutions that can be presented to him and if one of them works, he will surely said his apologize for drowning in many kinds of problems and blaming it all to you. 

4. Keep Yourself Busy

Cry whole day or blaming yourself over and over because the relationship didn't work out will get you nowhere in life and what more hurt about it is that he will likely doesn't seem to care about the emotional breakdown that you are currently going through, you might want to read How to Make Your Boyfriend Understand That He Hurt You Badly to understand some ways that you can tell your boyfriend that what he have done damaged you.

Keep yourself busy by doing things that  will help your career and life achievement further, this will help you solidify your life and prevent you from stressing out thinking about him. When you already completed this step and make him see that you are now currently someone who as ambitious as him to reach the goals in life he will surely be impressed by your change and regret dumping you.

5. Show Some Distance

Blasting through his phone day and night after the break up will make him see that you are needy of him and desperate wanting to have him back, he will feel that he have all the controls and treat you however he want. Try doing something that will kill the itch in your hand to text/call him, spend more time with your friends and family, do whatever that will bring positive impact to your body and soul.

Capricorn man are actually a man of feelings, but his ego doesn't let him show the true feelings that he have. Capricorn man are not the type of man that can feel in love easily, je will feel sudden emptiness when you are no longer in contact with him and somehow make him asking himself, did  he make the right decision when he wants a break up with you.

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6. Treat Yourself 

treat yourself

As I have said before, Capricorn man is a loving and compassionate man, but it is hard to understand that because it is hidden behind an always serious personality, but it still cannot hide the feelings of jealousy when he see your latest instagram post that you looks prettier than ever. Don't hesitate on getting a new hairstyle or going to the spa , trust me, it will worth all the effort.

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7. Have A Vacation

Isn't it obvious that all of this heartache makes you itching for a vacation to refresh your mind? mark your calendar and have some of your friends to plan a vacation together. This will help you erase all those bitter memories and make you feel happier after throw it all away in a vacation, don't forget to send him a postcard so he can see how happy you are right now while stuck doing his boring job. 

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8. The Power Of Mutual Friends

Breaking up with him doesn't mean that you can't still befriended with his friends or somebody close that you know each other of while dating with your ex. Spend time and have fun with them often so they can deliver a message to your ex that you are doing just fine and can still be happy after breaking up with him.

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