Creepy Reasons Why Is My Ex Texting Me When He Broke Up With Me

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Many reasons you may not understand why your ex still likes to contact you when you are separated. but many things you can know if you really want to find out. starting from the longing, there is something to ask, or just happen to just have to ask you through a short message.


Reasons Why Is My Ex Texting Me When He Broke Up With Me

But not all of the things mentioned are true. because it could be that he did want to chat like a normal friend. So, pay attention to the type of conversation and do not always connect it with feelings.

1. Missed Chatting Moments With You

missed chatting moments with you

The hard times are when just broke up. sometimes still accustomed to receive messages every morning, lunch greetings, afternoon pickup messages and good night greetings. Moments like that do love to happen when you and your ex just broke up. Do not get harsh. But just hit it casually. Do not get too hearted or make your heart pound. Ordinary. Also read: What to Do When A Guy Texts You After A Long Time

2. Do Not Want To Sever Friendships

Many of you who think that got a message from ex mu mean that your ex are missed and want to talk like before again. But not always true. the arrival of messages from your ex could be just want to cultivate friendship. Because after a break usually people will get away from each other and do not want to know anymore. But your ex is not. then welcome his good intentions with good prejudices. Also read: How to Respond to a Drunk Text from An Ex Lover?

3. Want To Say Hello

This is for a long time broke up. Just want to say hello or greet it so as not to forget each other. Your ex attitude like this shows good intentions that he does not want to break a friendship relationship even though his relationship with you is over.

4. Show Good Intentions

Not all decisions to break up because things are not good. There is also a break because it is a best choice to be taken. Then there is no harm if your ex contact you again through a short message. Not intending to bother you. but it's just a good intention to keep in touch with you. May indeed not want to go back dating but married. Also read: What Does it Mean When You See Signs of Your Ex Everywhere?

5. Wants To Invite You To Something

After a long break you may never hear from your ex again. maybe you already have busy each of those who no longer know each other as before. Then there is a reason why he wants to contact you again is because he wants to invite you to come to his wedding. Do not be sad. It could be you who will invite him first. Also read: Ways to Get Your Ex Curious about You Again

Why Your Ex Is Coming Around

why your ex is coming around

More tips to find out why your ex contacted you again. 

1. There Is Something To Be Borrowed Or Returned

Maybe before you break up with your ex there are items left behind that forget to be returned. It could also be the item you intentionally left to be stored. But not all want to keep it on the grounds do not want to remember again with his ex. Therefore never be hurt if any goods your gift or associated with you returned by your ex.

2. Still Jealous Of Your New Lover

What's the reasons why is my ex texting me when he broke up with me? Do not rule out if your ex still jealous if you have a new partner. Do not be surprised, you should know how your ex character. You have to be patient with it and explain it well if you and your new boyfriend are happy. By still sending you messages then that means your ex still have feelings for you. do not take it serious. Strengthen your intention to be better with your new partner. Also read: How to Know if Your Ex Boyfriend Doesn't Love You Anymore

3. Just Dreamed Of You

Usually not only ex but can anyone to directly call or send a short message to the person who just dreamed. Could you just be dreamed by your ex. whether it's a good or bad thing whose goal just wants to know you. There are some more annoying reasons why is my ex texting me when he broke up with me. 

Signs That Your Ex Missing You

Signs if your ex miss you.

1. Asking About Your Condition With Worry

Asking for news with great curiosity such as worry may indicate that your ex are missing you. The worry here is that you reply to the message. Do not be ignored if you can reply to his message with good words. But just ignore it if you think it is something excessive.

2. Hope To Be Repaid

When your ex send a message you will usually get a quick reply if you are happy to receive a message from it or will ignore it and not reply at all, may not even you read. when you do not reply to his message, he will send you another message until you reply, at least in normal estimate. A sign like this can be an excuse if you are being missed by your ex.

3. Likes To Send Messages With Romantic Or Sad Emoticons

likes to send messages with romantic or sad emoticons

His habit of sending messages with emoticons emotionally or sadly showing emotional is one sign he missed you. When you like ex you want to pay attention to him. If you do not like his attitude then you can ignore him or tell him if you do not want him to do such a thing again.

4. Like To Start An Appointment To Meet

With conversations in short messages that you like to reply and eventually continue with the old relationship back. But maybe you do not want that to happen. Then know if your ex likes to tell the place and schedule to meet it means he missed you. Do not let this longing make him to have a chance to come back with you again. Then do an act like not to bother him or say that lately you can not get together.

5. Likes To Remind About The Past

The reason why he still misses you is because he still expects you to come back with him. If you do not want that to happen then you should avoid talking about topics in short messages related to the past.

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