Here are the 7 Common Reasons Why A Relationship Fall Apart You Need to Know

Last updated on July 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Like what we said on ways to maintain a good relationship with our children after divorce, a relationship is the most complex stuff in the world. It consists of a relation between two people that try to live a happy life together.

Even from the searching stage, people are struggling to find the most perfect person who matches with them. If they can get one, they will struggle with how they can keep the relationship keep working. It needs a lot of effort through commitment, loyalty, and positive vibes between each other.

All of them are expensive and not everyone can do it. Sometimes a relationship gives us boredom, stresses, problem, or even a nightmare. That's why a lot of people cheating.

Cheating is the worst sin in a relationship. It never brings something good because most of the cheater will repeat the same mistakes if they were forgiven. If someone cheating, it means that he or she is not enough with one partner.

That character will stay inside the cheater until the end. It's very rare if someone who cheated finally repents. To avoid cheater, you need to make sure that you choose the right partner who respects loyalty.

Set expectations toward each other and make a promise you guys will never cheating each other. Tell that you want to break up instead of being cheated. Besides cheating, this is some common reason why relationship falls apart :

  • Bored

The most basic common reason why a relationship falls apart is that it's starting to be boring. That is the most pathetic phenomenon that usually happens especially for a long term relationship.

It is like you two run out of topic and can not find one of it. Bored is natural but not leaving your partner when you feel bored is called loyal. All you need to solve this problem is trying something new for you two.

Ask her or him to talk about the past, recalling your sweet memories together at the beginning of the relationship will help you two to stick on this relationship. After that, you can try a new activity together such as if you usually date in a restaurant, try to go to the mountain or beach. If you usually kiss her or him on the cheek, try neck or lips until your partner surprised.

  • Does Not Have the Same Vision Anymore

At the beginning of a relationship will be so crucial to set the goals together. If you cannot accommodate a space where you two can discuss the relationship goals together it may bring you to the end. You do not need to look that serious but try to set the goals through a light conversation.

If you find out that it is too late to set a goal because your partner was going away but you still love her or him, try to get him or her back. Talk to him or her nicely and start to set a goal. 

  • Parent's Permission

People split up not only because of internal factors but sometimes external, for example, parent's permission. Every parent wants what the best for their kids but sometimes they forgot to use their kid's perspective. The judgmental habit usually is the factor of parent's prohibition.

They do not want their kids to marry a poor guy, not that good looking person, or even with a different race person. All you need if you suffering this kind of situation is to give a good explanation about your partner to your parents and make them trust you.

Besides talking that you are happy with him or her, try to explain that you will have a brighter future with your partner so your parents will not worry anymore. Before you conclude that you do not have parent's support, you can read obvious signs your girlfriend’s parents don’t like you

  • Long Distance Relation

LDR is not for everyone because most of us will fail. Lack of physical interaction, jealous, longing feeling, and many more reasons will torture you so much. Trust is the only one that can save your relationship on this level and it is never easy.

Before you start a long-distance relationship for a long time it is better if you already know him or her. If it possible, try to meet your partner for at least once a month so you will do not feel that lonely. If your boyfriend is a pisces, you can read how to make a long distance relationship work with a pisces man.

  • Have Not the Same Value

Value is different with goals, maybe you two have the same goal but it will not work if you have a different value. For example, if your goal is to be rich together, but your partner chooses the bad path while you stick to the good one it will bring your relationship to the end. Try to adjust your values so the relationship will keep safe.

  • Bad Habits

A relationship is not just about values and goals. Other stuff that you need to count on is habits. Some people are too sensitive and it is not good, some are alcoholic, rude, or even have a tendency to do violence.

You need to make sure that you and maybe your future children are safe and having a good dad and mom who help them to chase their dreams.

  • Different Interest

Good communication is the key to a longlasting relationship. It can be gained towards building the right topic in every conversation. In this case, having the same interest as your partner will help you more to build good communication. No wonder if you and your partner have the same interest at all the chance to break up will increasing.

Everyone has their own reason to break up. Before you commit to ending your relationship and ready to start a new relationship after a heartbreak, try to recall all of your good memories with your partner and ask yourself is you decide it consciously or just because out of anger? Here, we try to make sure you do not regret every decision you made. Are you a Taurus? Try to read how does a taurus man feel after a break up.

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