Hidden Signs You Haven't Moved On From Your Ex

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To do the ways to move on from your ex is never as easy as it seems. It takes more than you think and sometimes no matter how hard you have tried you still haven't moved on from them yet. To cover it up, you do the Ways to Breakup But Still be Friend with them because you wish you can get back together somehow.

In middle of that you are wondering whether you have moved on or not. No need to worry about and here come the signs you haven't moved on from your ex yet.


1. You Act Way Too Casual

One thing you should understand is, it's okay not to be okay after breakup. You think that the Ways to Forget Your Ex fast is by acting casual toward them. But it's unnatural to be too casual right after that.

2. You Keep Asking About Him

You turn into a reporter once you break up. Here and there you ask about them and how they're doing. You just still very care about him while you shouldn't. It only proves that you still have feeling remains.

3. You Still Save Their Number

you still save their number

There is nothing wrong with saving your exes number. But it's unusual for people who wants to move on. Since the Ways to Forget Your First Love is by cutting of all the contacts with them.

4. You Still Contact Them Frequently

No other reasons: you still care about them. That is why you still save their number and even worse, you contact them now and then. You always have the reasons to start communication with them.

5. You Often Crack Jokes About The Past

As if you still remember every single detail, you frequently making jokes about the past relationship. Whether it's about their old habits or the things you used to do together. Why should you remember about little details unless you still haven't get over them?

6. You Hope You Can Be Friends With Them

Being friends is not the best option if you want to move on from your ex. The way How to Move On from a Relationship When You are Still in Love if by erasing him completely from your life. Even you wish them to be disappear forever.

7. You Wish You Can Get Together

You need to accept the reality to move on. The fact that you still hoping to be getting back together with them only proves that you haven't moved on. Let the past be in the past. That's the only way to move forward.

8. You Keep Comparing Others With Your Ex

There are no two similar people either in character or physical. But your ex has become the new standard to set your future partner. If they're nothing close with your ex, then you will think that they're not the right one.

9. You Can't Get Closure

you can't get closure

Closure is needed to make everything final and over. This way you make the break up official and you are ready to move on. It seems that you can't have the closure yet since you never think that everything has ended.

10. You Talk About Them Here And There

So you know that the Signs You Miss Your Crush is that you never stop talking about the. It's similar with when you haven't moved on yet. No matter who you meet, you never forget to say his name just like how you're falling in love with someone.

11. You Still Follow Them On Social Media

The first thing to do to move on is unfollowing all their social media account. Instead of doing so, you still have them on yours since you want to keep update about them. Especially when he is showing some signs of dating someone new.

12. You Have Their Songs In Your Playlist

Can you say any other reasons for why you still save their favorite songs on your playlist? As songs can easily bring back memories, you want to feel like they're still with you only by listening to those songs.

13. You Stalk Their New Date

Well, this is even worse than stalking their social media. You are stalking about their new date to compare yourself to them! You have this in mind that they can't be any better than you.

You Have Moved On If You...

you have moved on if you

Well, turns out all these time you haven't moved on from your ex while you think you are. Do your best to move on and in time you will realize that you have moved on when you are having these signs:

1. You Start To Hang Out With Mutual Friends Again

Seeing them will be very hard for you since you will be reminded of your ex. You can get along once you have nothing left anymore.

2. You Stop Caring About Them

No matter what they are doing and whether they are happy or not won't affect you much. Nothing about them is interesting for you.

3. You Throw All Their Gifts Without Feeling Guilty

Since that person means nothing for you, it doesn't matter if none of their gifts are being thrown away.

4. You Are No Longer Skeptical About Relationship

Suddenly you miss to be in a relationship, but no, you don't miss your ex.

5. It Doesn't Matter To Meet Your Ex

Since you have no feeling left for him, so what if you bump into him ten times a day?

So it looks like you have to work harder since the signs you haven't move on from your ex still lingers on you. You can't live in the past forever so let it all go and look forward for the future. There will be many good things to come and your ex should never define your happiness!

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