Ways To Forget Your First Love - Why It's So Hard?

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Somehow, everything first feels different for everybody. Especially when it comes to first love. It will always be remembered for a long time, to whom you have your first love. It's an all-around first experience you have when you first know how does it feel to have butterflies inside your stomach. But it means that you will experience heartbreak for the first time as well. Is it your first, somehow you will find it hard, but here are the ways to forget your first love?


1. Stop Thinking About Him

stop thinking about him

It might be hard for you to forget the Signs That He is Falling Out of Love with You and everything went wrong. You have to stop thinking about things that you wished to happen, while in fact, it is not.

2. Don't Compare Your Boyfriend With Him

When things don't happen the way you want it, or when your boyfriend turns out to be someone unlike want him to be, don't compare him with your first love. It's not How to Get Your Boyfriend to Change His Ways.

3. Don't Make Him As Your Standard

Just because he was your first, doesn't mean he sets the standard in everything. Don't make him the standard for your future boyfriend. And never think someone is not good enough just because he's unlike your first love.

4. Tell Yourself You Can Be Happy Again

First love means you are also experiencing heartbreak for the first time. It will hurt more, but you have to be sure and assuring yourself that you can be happy again.

5. Talk To Someone

To make it less heavy and burdensome, share your story with someone you trust. Your mother, your best friend, or anyone. Tell them about your feeling, about your worries, and they will give you the best solution you'd never think of.

6. Focus On Your Future

You can't stay and live in your past, no matter how beautiful it was. Nor you won't move because it's too hurtful. You have to tell yourself that someone will eventually come along and bring happiness to you once more.

7. Be Thankful For Everything

For every little thing you currently have, be thankful for it. Even though you no longer have him, or the fact that he is not as good as you think, you still have many people who care about and love you sincerely.

8. Do Things To Keep You Busy

One Good Way to Move On After a Bad Relationship to keep yourself busy. Do things that require focus and energy, so you won't be distracted and have no time to think about your first love.

9. Care For Yourself

No one else can save yourself but you. Don't take too much time thinking about your first love. It's better if you care about yourself. Do exercise, travel, and anything make you happy.

10. Meet Your Friends

Is there any better way to heal heartbreak than meeting friends? Spend a night hanging out with them or anytime you'd like to. They know the Ways to Make Best Friend Feeling Better when you're down.

11. Sleep Well

sleep well

To be able to forget your first love, you have to care about yourself first. Make your body healthier by sleeping early and waking up on time. It affects your mood much and makes you happier.

12. Seek Support

One of the best ways to move on is seeking support from your loved ones. When things feel too hard to be handled alone, go to someone to support you. They will help you to move on fast.

13. Give Yourself A Break

After your first love went wrong, don't be in a rush to find someone new. Give yourself time to break from the relationship, and use the period to mend your heart.

14. Learn From The Past

A wise person uses their past as a lesson to be careful in the future, not a thing to weigh them down. Use your first love as a reminder and as a lesson so you won't repeat the same mistake in the future.

15. Make It A Source Of Strength

A past could also be a source of strength for you. Whenever you are about to make a decision, think about what happened in the past. Don't take it too far, but only as a reminder.

More And More Ways To Forget Your First Love

Here are More Ways to Forget Your First Love:

  1. Make it as memories, not something important.
  2. Never think that your first love is irreplaceable.
  3. Admit that nothing is very special to him.
  4. Never compare your past feeling with the present.
  5. Use what was wrong to make a better future.
  6. Set some new goals for your future relationship.
  7. Be clear about what you want in a relationship.
  8. Open up your heart.
  9. Give yourself time to be sad.
  10. Don't take a too long time to be sad.

Why Forgetting Your First Love Is Hard

why forgetting your first love is hard
  1. Anything "first" is special.
  2. You never had those kinds of feelings before, which make it special.
  3. The nostalgic feeling always wins.
  4. It's hard for you to forget the memories.
  5. You innocently imagine the happy ending.
  6. You cherished it a lot before it fell apart.
  7. First love is always romantic, from what you often heard.
  8. Unconsciously you compare everyone with your first love.
  9. When anything bad happens, you are reminded of your first love.
  10. You will be continuously asked about your first love.

So those are the ways to forget your first love. Now it must be easier for you because you also know why he is so hard to forget. Just move on because even bigger happiness is awaiting you ahead. Past is should be a motivation to go forward, not something to stop you from moving. Life is not a fairy tale, which means first love is not everything.

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