7 Ways on How to Heal After Losing a Pet

Last updated on May 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Losing something in life happens to everyone. Whether it is losing our family, friend, or partner. You must feel really sad when losing someone who is close to you. In some cases, some people change a lot after losing someone they love.

Being sad is normal, because we need to express our emotions, so that we can feel calmer. But not only losing someone that can make us sad, losing our pet also will make us sad. Also read how to comfort a girl whose dog died.

Many people have an emotional connection with their pet, whether it is a Goldendoodle, or their Betta fish named Scrappy. This is because the owners usually talk to their pet, feed them, and take care of them. The pet also can entertain their owner, and can brighten their life.

But when the pet is gone, the owner must feel really sad. If you have a pet that has gone in your life, feeling sad is okay. You need to believe that you will heal eventually. In order to help you heal, here are some tips on how to heal after losing a pet.

  • Take Your Time

After you lose a pet, you need to take your time to feel better. You need to know that people take different times to heal. There is someone who will heal after one week, three months, or even more.

You can cry, try to look at your pet’s picture and videos, or doing any other thing to express your sadness. It is fine if you need time to feel sad after losing your pet.

But you need to remember that your pet was there to entertain you, so they won’t like to see you get sad every day. When it feels better, you can try to do your activities again.

  • Tell Your Family and Friends

Telling your sadness to family and friends will make you feel calmer. They will entertain you and try their best to support you. It is better if you tell the story with someone who also have pets.

This is because they must understand your feeling, and they can give you some motivations. You also need to socialize with your family and friends more often, so that you will not feel alone. Believe in yourself that you will eventually heal. You also need to know how to get someone to notice you're sad but not in desperate way.

  • Give Your Last Respect on Your Pet

You can try to make something as a last respect for your pet. This is to make you remember about the good memories with your pet. You can put some pictures of your pet on the table, decorate your pet’s grave, etc. It will make eventually make you feel better. If you still feel sad about it, you need to be sure that your pet is already on a better place.

  • Do Your Hobbies

Sometimes, doing any activities will make us forget about our sadness. Especially if we do our hobbies, we can feel a lot better. You can also try to learn new hobbies, and ask your friends to do it together with you.

You can play some games, reading novels, playing music, or any other hobbies that can make you a lot better. The activities and hobbies will distract you from mourning on your pet, and will make you feel happy. Also read how to get over of your long term relationship .

  • Hang out With Your Family or Friends

It is better to get a company than being by yourself. Go and ask your family or friends to hang out with you. They will try to motivate you, and trying their best to make you feel a lot better. Especially when you hang out with your close friend.

They will be a good listener to you, and will make you happy. You can ask them to stay at your place, watching some movies, cooking some of your favorite food, playing games, and many other fun activities. It is better to know some ways to become a great friend.

  • Do Some Physical Activities

Moving your body will make you healthier. Do some physical activities—especially sport—will make you feel better. This is because you can release all of your sadness by doing any sport.

If you do it regularly, your body health will increase, and it will also make you feel a lot calmer. If you know anyone close to you that also love doing sport, go ask for their company. It is more fun to do sport with your friend. Also read characteristic of a healthy and an unhealthy relationship.

  • Consider on Having a New Pet

Finally, you need to think about having a new pet. It is fine to take some time to mourn on your old pet. When you feel better, go find a new pet for you in the pet store or breeder.

By having a new pet, you can feel a lot better, and it can bring you more happiness. Your new pet will surely heal your sadness, and you can start your new life with the new pet. Good luck!

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