Characteristic of A Healthy And An Unhealthy Relationship - Which Is Yours?

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Everyone knows that a relationship hasn't always smooth and full of love. There are times when you are trapped in an unhealthy relationship that makes you hard to move on or escape from it. However a healthy relationship is not to be taken for granted but both have to work on it to make it. If you hasn't know yet whether your relationship is healthy or not, you may have to look at the comparison below. The characteristic of a healthy and an unhealthy relationship is surely different.


The Healthy Relationship

Here are the characteristic of a healthy relationship:

1. You Know You're Responsible For Your Own Happiness

Your partner is not responsible for your happiness. You know this perfectly well and never depend your happiness to them. Instead, you are able to find the Ways to Love Yourself and be Happy with the World.

2. No One Try To Fix Another

no one try to fix another

Nobody are born perfect and everyone try their best to be better each day. Including you. They love you the way you are but they always gives you positive feedback about your personality. However they never try to change you to someone you're not.

3. A Balanced Relationship

One difference in characteristic in a healthy and an unhealthy relationship could be shown by how balanced the power in it is. A healthy one is in which both parties has a power in the decision making.

4. Problems Come And Resolved

No relationship are free of problem. It will always come and go, but a good relationship always solve whatever it is. They treat problems as something that strengthen their bond, not breaking them apart.

5. Both Are Open And Honest

Honesty and faith are two of the most important thing in a relationship. If your partner has husband or Wife Material Signs in them, they never hide a thing to you. Every happiness are shared, every concern are discussed and every problems are solved together.

6. Each Have Their Own Space

In a healthy relationship, both are respecting other's privacy by giving them their own space. It's important to keep the relationship going and prevent stress, exhaustiveness, and boredom in a relationship. This way you gonna have time to miss each other.

7. Both Are Putting Their Ego Behind

Priority matters because it defines what's important for you. Somebody who put their relationship first and leave their ego behind can make a healthy relationship. This involving the honesty and openness from both parties.

8. Both Accept Arguments And Difference

The two heads in one relationship will never be united. There will be differences and arguments. Both should accept this and not making this as a problem in their relationship. The difference in views and arguments will not break them apart.

9. The Relationship Are Valued

the relationship are valued

Both have to be loyal and show their sincerity in the relationship. They valued their relationship more than their ego. If your partner has this, go find the most romantic ways How to Propose Someone you're sure is the one you're looking for.

10. Both Want To Be Together For Each Other's Sake

A healthy relationship is in which both are wanting to be together for each other's sake. They put everything aside, including their ego. They stay because they want to stay, not because they're afraid of losing.

The Unhealthy Relationship

While an unhealthy relationship is the one that...

1. One Is Controlling The Other

No balance in the relationship. One seems to have more power than another and even manipulating their weaknesses. It's clearly the Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend.

2. One Has To Take All The Blame

For all the things happen in the relationship, only one person is to blame. You're expecting too much from your partner and end up getting upset because they don't meet your expectation.

3. One Desperately Needs The Other

If one person is needy in the relationship, then it's not healthy. Two people in a relationship should build each other up, not becoming the savior for the other. Leave the damsel in distress behind for your own good.

4. Ego First, Relationship Later

They simply don't care about you and doing what they want in life. They indeed have this independence to simply do it but they must e considerate of you.

5. The Relationship Is Changing Both Person

A relationship should brings out the best version of two people in it. That's what makes them the better person, not by changing them. You relationship in unhealthy if you slowly changed by it.

6. The Other's Future Got Disregard

Planning the future together is one of the most important thing in a relationship to last. But if your partner always think about theirs and never once care about your future, you better leave him. It could become a good Reasons Why You Should Break Up with Your Boyfriend.

7. One Person Vent Their Anger To Another

one person vent their anger to another

It's okay to have fight but it's not to rage your partner. A short tempered person should not have explode to their partner. It's too risky to be in a relationship with that kind of person

8. One Are Hold Hostage

Love is important, but it's not all you need. There are many good things out there you need to see and the relationship shouldn't hold you hostage. You need to live your own life too.

9. Lack Of Privacy

Despite the honesty, people in a relationship should have their own freedom. It's how they respect their partner.

So those are all the characteristic of a healthy and an unhealthy relationship you should know. If your current relationship is the bad one, then you must find a solution to make it right and when all you find is only dead end, then breaking up could be the best choice.

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