How Does An Aquarius Man Act When He Doesn't Love You Anymore?

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It’s hard to see when someone you love, someone you thought will be there for the rest of your life, suddenly feels that you are losing your charm. Sometimes you can see clearly that someone is losing interest in you. But in an Aquarius man, the case is quite different.

The unemotional Aquarius man have a different way of showing how he feels. If you want to know how he shows the lost of interest towards you, here are the signs:

1. Being Distant From You

Physical distance and emotional distance is to be expected when an Aquarius man doesn’t show the signs When An Aquarius Man Has A Crush on You.

2. More Strict About His Boundaries

more strict about his boundaries

This eccentric sign usually have loose boundaries with someone they love, but it will be tighter if they lose interest in you.

3. Not Meeting Your Eyes

Confident Aquarius never thinks that it is hard to look at people straight in the eye. Only heartbreak can lead them to this kind of behavior.

4. Talks Less And Less With You

An Aquarius is chatty and sociable, he is basically a social butterfly. If he doesn’t show this trait, there is something to watch out for.

5. Pretending That Everything Is Fine

This is only done by Aquarius so that he doesn’t have to get in touch to his emotional side which is probably messed up right now.

6. Accusing You Of Many Things

Distrust is one of the signs Signs Your Husband is Not in Love With You Anymore that is most prominent in an Aquarius. Once you fully lose his trust, there is no going back.

7. Stop Asking You Out To Hang Out With Him

There is nothing more fun than hanging out for an Aquarius. All of this will stop if he does not want to see you anymore.

8. Not Texting You More Often

not texting you more often

Talkative Aquarius usually love using How to Make Your Crush Fall in Love with You Over Text . But even that will stop because he doesn’t want to keep in contact with you anymore.

9. Making Up Excuses On Why He Couldn’t Be With You

A bunch of excuses will come up to keep him away from you and every time he makes one, you’ll feel more heartbroken than before.

10. Closer To Other People

Sociable Aquarius will usually be loyal to his partner and lessen his interaction with anyone else when in a relationship. This will all change when he wants to escape the relationship.

11. Not Caring About Your Opinion

Aquarius man is usually considerate, showing all Husband Material Signs. If he thinks you’re losing the spark, he will stop showing that sign and even stop caring about what you think about him.

12. Acts Like You Are Someone He Just Knows

Closing his walls once again as if you just met him is typical Aquarius move when he doesn’t want things to go on.

13. Giving You The Silent Treatment

Silence is probably the loudest language an Aquarius will speak when he is indifferent towards you. You need to know How to Get an Aquarius Man to Stop Ignoring You and Make Up Together Again.

14. Not Sharing His Ideas With You

not sharing his ideas with you

An Aquarius is beaming with new ideas and love to share it with someone he trusts. It won’t apply if you aren’t that sort of person for him.

15. Lying To You

Lying is a big red flag for an Aquarius. They will avoid it at all cost and always seek honesty in a relationship. If he starts lying to you, you should really ask What to Do When My Aquarius Man Ignores Me All Sudden.

How To Get An Aquarius Man’s Interest Again

1. Be Sure That This Is What You Want

Do you really want to stick with him or not? Aquarius hates indecisiveness and would want you to be sure.

2. Do Not Play Games To Get Him

Making him jealous, playing hard to get, won’t work because quite honestly, he have a lot more people to mingle with.

3. Get Him To Be Alone With You And Take It Serious

With an always mingling Aquarius, getting him alone will be hard but it is crucial t talk about it seriously.

4. Create Adventurous Dates For You And Him

Get the spice back in your life by creating playful dates with him and with the Ways to Make Him Feel Loved Without Even Saying It.

Now you know how to read past his unemotional exterior and see what he truly feels. All you need to do now is to know whether you want to stay and fight for the relationship or to leave.

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