24 Signs Your Husband is Not in Love With You Anymore

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Marrying the one who you love and loves you is the best thing that ever happened in your entire life. There is nothing in the world can replace the happiness of spending the rest of your life with the love of your life. Waking up next to him and seeing him before you close your eyes are priceless things you’ve been waiting for. The world is a happier place since you two become one. Everyday is like magic.

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In the beginning of a marriage, your new family are full of joy. You and your husband can’t stay away from each other. An hour feels like a year when you two are away. Time after time, the warmth of new family seems to slowly fade. Not sure if it’s because of the lack of time together or he’s getting bored of the marriage. Find out if he’s bored of his family through the signs your husband is not in love with you anymore.

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1. He sleeps a lot

You must had experienced that being bored tend to make you feel so sleepy. The most common example is a boring and long lecture tend to make many students feel sleepy. That situation happens cause they think the lecture is lack of something that can pull their attention. They don’t find the lecture interesting so they don’t feel like paying a close attention to it and since it takes so long, they get bored and sleepy.

If you would like connecting this situation into your husband’s case, then you should be able to understand if he really shows the symptoms of a bored husband or not. If you look back to past few days or week and you realize that there doesn’t seem any interesting thing happen in your family, it may be causing him bored and prefer to sleep. It’s sad to find out those signs your husband is not in love with you anymore.

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2. He often comes home late

Sometimes he comes home very late when he has a lot to finish at his office. Once or twice a week, it’s normal to be busier than in the other days. But lately, he comes home late for nearly everyday and he barely tells you why. You should ask him why it takes him so long to get home and why it is almost everyday. You shouldn’t just shut up and assume that everything is okay when this keeps happening or you will regret it later.

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3. He goes out for the weekend

It’s weekend and he goes out while he usually chills at home. The weekend should be a time to forget work for a while and enjoy the quality time with family, but he choose to go out. He says he has stuff to do and barely tells you what kind of stuff he means. Doesn’t it make you suspicious why he goes out for the weekend, when he normally refuses to go out unless it’s work day. When someone doesn’t do what they always do, there are chances that they’re bored. Does that make you think that he shows the signs of a bored husband?

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4. He’s only home to get some rests

When he comes home so late after work, he goes straight to bed.  In the next morning, he goes to work early. When it’s weekend he wakes up late. It feels like he’s only home to sleep. He seems so busy at work and only come home when it’s time to sleep. This only makes you ask yourself is this a house or a motel?

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5. He barely kisses you in the morning

What more signs your husband is not in love with you anymore? Every time you two wake up, he never forgets to give you a kiss. It’s his habit that can cheer you up and shows how much he’s grateful to wake up by your side. Since he has to go to work early, he wakes up and get ready soon. He barely has time to kiss you and tells you sweet words of how he likes you without any make up on.

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6. He skips the forehead kiss

You think he’s just too busy cause he goes out for work so early and skips the special breakfast you prepare. But, it’s kinda weird that he skips the forehead kiss that only takes a few seconds. The more he stops doing what he always does, the more you believe that he’s bored.

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7. He no longer kiss you goodnight

As he comes homes so late and tired, he goes to bed soon without kissing you goodnight. He doesn’t even say a word before he closes his eyes like a husband will do to his beloved wife. You may assume that he’s just too tired and need to get some rest soon, but when can you and him have a time for each other if he keeps being busy and goes to bed afterward.

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8. He hardly has time for family

He’s a husband and a father. His time, his love, his attention should be full for his family. Instead of, spending time for his family, your husbandalways seems to have reeasons to not have time for family. Whether it’s because of his job that makes him tired or he’s busy doing his things, it’s never easy to find him in the middle of your small family.

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9. He says he’s tired every time you need him

A father is the head of a family who has to proect his family and fulfill their needs physically and mentally. No husband should let his wife face a problem alone. As his wife, you need him. You tell him about something and how you need him to help her, but he says he’s tired. It makes you wonder how you usually ask him about man stuff, for examples, changing the lamp in the ceiling, fix the water plumber, or some others but he refuses just because he’s tired.

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10. He prefers to eat at the restaurant

Food is about a taste. If you don’t feel like eating it, you won’t eat it. You have cooked your husband his favorite food that you often cook. Instead of eating it happily, he said that he had eaten at the restaurant on his way home. It makes you sad how he lose his excitement to something he has always loved. Doesn’t it make you question why he doesn’t feel like eating at home when he usually loves it when you cook special for him? You should believe that it’s not because your cooking doesn’t taste good, it’s more likely because he’s bored eating the same food you always cook for him.

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11. He spends his time on social medias a lot

When he’s free, you see him on his phone a lot. Whether he’s playing game, scrolling through instagram feed or chatting on reunion’s group, he spends his time on his phone more often than usual. That should make you realize that when people are on their phone a lot, it’s beacuse there’s nothing interesting around them. Since there’s nothing interesting that can attract their attention, they look for something they think more fun. The first thing that can help that is a gadget, especially smartphone.

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12. He does his hobby more often

Doing a hobby can help someone run away from their routine. It can relieve stress from the tough work and restless activities. Your husband loves to do his sport hobbies when he has time for it. It’s his hobby but he never spends too much time for that since it’s difficult to find free time among his dense schedule. Lately, whenever he’s free from busy schedule, he prefers to do his hobby than spending time with family.

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13. He prefers to go out with his pet

Walking the family’s pet is something he hardly does since he’s busy at work. When he doesn’t seem to be very busy, he walks your family’s pet around the block. It looks normal and amusing, to see him being so caring about your family’s pet until you her your children complaining of why their dad barely makes his time to play with them.

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14. He doesn’t feel like going shopping with you

Shopping for daily needs in groceries is something you regularly do. In the weekend, he doesn’t mind to go with you to the supermarket. Lately, whenever you ask him to go out and about, he refuses cause he wants to get some rests. What a bad signs your husband is not in love with you anymore!

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More Signs of a Bored Husband

There are some changes in him that you can ignore. It’s a kind of change that happens to a bored husband if he show these signs your husband is not in love with you anymore:

  1. He orders delivery food more often
  2. He gets mad easily
  3. He feels tired all the time
  4. He refuses to join family events
  5. He prefers to come to reunion than taking your family to a weekend trip
  6. He makes time for hanging out with old friens but barely takes you on a special dinner
  7. He’s so lazy to decor the house
  8. He suddenly loves gardening
  9. He doesn’t ask you to go jogging together
  10. He works out at he gym while he usually exercises at home

Those are signs your husband is not in love with you anymore, you shouldn’t ignore about your husband. Take look back on what you do and your family do recently. If things are going the same way over and over again, there are possibilities that he feels bored. Living life in the same pattern, even though it’s full of happiness, somehow can feel boring. You should try to do something different for your family to boost their spirit to live their lives. Remind them to feel grateful of what they have and how they are lucky to have a family.

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