Obvious Signs That Your Ex Girlfriend Misses You

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You broke up with your girlfriend and now she comes back again. Is that a coincidence or is it because she misses you? Find the answer through these signs your ex-girlfriend misses you. A girl doesn't usually tell something explicitly. Learn her attitude and you will know if she tries to come right back to your life.

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Thus, this is the signs that your ex girlfriend misses you but won't say it to you:


1. She Says That She Still Remembers How You Looked At Her

Any girl will love it when a guy looks at her like she is the most beautiful human being on earth. Since you were his boyfriend, you must had thought that she was a beautiful girl you wanted to spend your time with. You looked at her like you wouldn’t to anyone else.

She never spoke about how much she loves it when you looked at her. When she comes up again, she tells you how much she still remembers how you looked at her like she’s the prettiest girl you’ve ever seen. It’s clear that she wants you to make her feel like that again.

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2. She Seems To Change Into Someone She Failed To Be When She’s Still Your Girl

There were times when she disappointed you and hurt you. She realized that she wasn’t the best girlfriend for you so she wants to change into someone better. Someone who she couldn’t be when she was still your girl. If she used to make you wait for so long, she tries not to do that again. Most of all, she wants to prove you that she still deserves to be an important person in your life.

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3. She Calls You Up

she calls you up

Let's just find out the signs that your ex girlfriend misses you. It’s been a while since you broke up with her. You two have been going in separate ways and barely saw each other. One day, your phone rang and it’s her calling you up. She said hello and suddenly you find yourself back to somewhere you used to be. She was your everything before you two split up. Now that you’re on your way to move on, she turns around.

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4. She Talks About How Nice You Treated Her

There was so much you’ve done to her while you were still dating her. As a man you tried your best to treat her right and please her. After the break up, things aren’t going the same way again. There is no more picking her up, driving her home, buying her food, and taking her to dinner. Now that she comes back to your sight, she reveals how much you were a great boyfriend.

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5. She Reminds You Off Of The First Time You Two Met

She brings up the moment when you first met her. It’s not the best thing to remember about since you and her are no longer a thing. You think that what’s past is past, but she seems to make sure that you haven’t forgotten that you used to feel attracted to her and she hasn’t forgotten how you first tried to make a move.

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6. She Compliments You

Since she was your girlfriend, she must admire you. There must be something that she liked about you. Now when you and her are not together anymore, she gives you compliments about things that only lovers can do it. For example, she compliments you that you have long arms that it's great to be held by you or things like that.

7. She Wants To Spend More Time With You

she wants to spend more time with you

When you and her were still lovers, you went everywhere with her, did everything with her and got through many special moments with her. Those things won’t happen like it used to when you two decided to end the relationship. Now she comes back and tries to keep in touch with you. That should be clear enough to say if she wants to do the things like when you and her were still dating.

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8. She Comes To Your Place

She comes to your place a long time after you broke up with her. There’s nothing particular that brings her there, she just comes to see you. Seems like, you’re still someone important to her cause she makes time and takes the distance to reach you. Did you find those signs that your ex girlfriend misses you?

9. She Texts You

She sends messages asking how you’re doing, saying goodnight, and wishing you have a nice day. Through her words, it sounds like she wants to reconnect with you. It’s actually not a bad thing to keep in touch with your ex, but there is no denying that she wants to take back what she had before.

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10. She Invites You To Her Place

She invites you personally to come to her place for dinner or just to chill out. The fact that there are only the two of you hanging out makes it seem that she wants to develop the intimacy that has been gone between the two of you.

11. She Buys You Your Favorite Foods

A simple way to please someone is by buying them their favorite food. Believe it or not, food can be a key to someone’s heart. So, if your ex-girlfriend buys you your favorite food, she’s definitely trying to steal your heart back by showing how much she cares.

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12. She Tells You That She’s Happier When She Was Still Your Girl

she tells you that she's happier when she was still your girl

Admitting that you were a great boyfriend for her, she realizes that she was happier when she was your girl than she is now. To be sure, she wants you to know that she regrets it for quitting the relationship.

13. She Says That Your New Girl Must Be Lucky

Now that she’s been honest if you were a great boyfriend that she used to have, she wonders if there’s already somebody else in your heart. If she says that your new girl will be lucky to have you, there’s no doubt that she still hopes that she can take back her place in
your heart.

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14. She Says That She’s Glad That You Two Meet Again

It was never easy to walk away from someone you used to share affections with. Whatever the reason that made you broke up with her, she was the one you thought about every day, the one you missed and the one you turned to. You didn’t only meet her by chances, but you also fell for her and asked her to be your girl.

15. She Misses Your Mom

Being your girlfriend made her close to your family, especially your mom. When she says that she misses your mom after your relationship is over, she actually wants to know if your mom still asks about you or even misses you as her son’s girlfriend. Most of all, she still wants to be a part of your family.

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16. She Asks About Your Future Plan

It matters to her what you’re gonna do to your life. She wants to know your dreams, your life goals, and your next steps. If she cares enough about your life, it’s probably because she still wants to be in it.

17. She Regrets It That You Two Broke Up

The truth that you two broke up doesn’t make her feel that everything is over between you and her. She still regrets it that you and her couldn’t make it last. It shows that she doesn’t want it to be over.

18. She Does Things That Can Please You

She must have known what you like and what you don’t. It makes it easier for her to steal your attention. If you can see that she does what she can to make you happy, you must know that it’s her code that she still wants to be someone special for you.

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19. She’s There When You Need Someone

she's there when you need someone

Despite the truth that you and her are over each other, she’s still there for you. She’s willing to look over your shoulder and be someone you can count on.

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20. She Tries To Reach You Out

Even when you have found your way to live your life, she tries to reach you out. She doesn’t seem to let you pass by and leave no mark.

21. She Seems Disappointed When You find Somebody New

When she knows that you start to open your heart for somebody new, she’s not completely okay with that. You can see it in her that she can’t get over the fact that you’re getting over her.

22. She Hasn’t Found A New Guy

Ever since she broke up with you, there’s still no right man who can replace you. Some guys might come and go, but none of them can make her feel like you do. Although she doesn’t say it, you should know that she still hopes that you and her can find a way to each other again. Well, there are just many creepy good signs that your ex girlfriend misses you. Will you get back to her?

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More Signs She Misses You

You wouldn't realize she really misses you until you see these things in her. Here are more signs that your ex girlfriend misses you:

  1. She thinks that life was better when she was still with you
  2. She can’t forget the way you made her feel
  3. She doesn’t want to let you go
  4. She asks about how you feel about her now
  5. She visits you in your workplace
  6. She asks you to hang out
  7. She confesses that she still remember the special moments of you two
  8.  She takes care of you

Those are signs that your ex girlfriend misses you that you should’ve known earlier. She may not confesses clearly that she still wants to be with you, but you know that she still hopes that there’s still a chance to get back to your heart.

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