How Long Does It Take For A Guy To Miss You After A Breakup? (13 Tips To Make Him Miss You Like Crazy)

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you still miss your ex? 

Are you wondering whether they miss you? 

Perhaps you’re considering the odds of a reconciliation?

If so, this guide should prove to be helpful. It explains the factors involved with how long it takes a guy to miss you after a break-up.

With these factors embedded in your mind, it becomes a lot easier to calculate whether your ex has moved on, or if they are longing for you to get back in touch with them.  

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With that said, here are some more factors that you can consider when trying to work out if they have moved on.


How Long Does It Take For A Guy To Miss You After A Breakup?

After the initial breakup, you might notice that he doesn’t even seem to think about you. Your ex is probably posting pictures of himself celebrating his newly single status. That’s because it takes a solid 1-2 weeks for him to start missing the way you did certain things. While women are crying, men have yet to even process the breakup. He’s just not at the same place that you are yet. 

How long it will take for him to start missing you depends on several different things. This is why there is no solid answer. One man might be crying over his ex the second that two of them break up. Another guy could never miss the relationship. There are a few factors that will contribute to how long it takes him to miss you. 


How much he depends on you will play a big role. Does he depend on you for: 

  • Childcare
  • Financial advice
  • To listen to him when he has a problem
  • A majority of his emotional support
  • To take care of bills, etc.

The more things that he depends on you for, the quicker he’s going to miss you. 

The length of the relationship

The longer a relationship lasted, the quicker he will miss you. This is because he’ll be more emotionally attached to you. For example, if you were in a relationship for three years, he’ll miss you fairly quickly. However, if you were in a relationship for a few weeks, he might not miss you at all. 

The type of relationship the two of you were in

the type of relationship the two of you were in

Were the two of you living together? Or were you in a long-distance relationship? The type of relationship the two of you had will play a large role in determining how long it takes him to start missing you. The more time you guys spent together, the quicker he’s going to miss you. That’s because you became a part of his daily routine. 

Whether he loves you

Just because he’s with you, it doesn’t mean that he loves you. It also doesn’t tell you how much love is there. The more love there is, the more he’ll miss you, and the quicker he’ll miss you. 


While most people think that attraction is the same as love, it’s not. A person can love you yet not be attracted to you. However, the more attracted he is to you, the sooner he’ll miss you. If he both loves you and is attracted to you, he’s going to start missing you quickly. 

How To Make Him Miss You

Some men will never get to that point. This is especially true if you keep nagging him with phone calls and texts. The more you stay in his life, the less he is going to miss you. That’s why the number one rule to get him to miss you is to be absent. Think about it. 

How can he miss something that is in his life every day? Follow these other tips to guarantee that he starts thinking about you sooner instead of later. 

1. No contact

After the breakup, you’re more than likely going to miss him first. You might start looking for excuses to see him. Don’t give in. No texting or calling him. If you want to get back together, you want him to call you first. 

Usually, the no contact rule implies that you ignore your ex-boyfriend completely. Even if he contacts you, you should give him the silent treatment. If he didn’t put you through hell and you want to give your love another chance, respond when he reaches out to you. 

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2. Give him space

When the two of you do start talking again, make sure that he’s got plenty of space. Contact your ex every day or three instead of every day like you do in relationships. He’ll start to miss all the things that you did when the two of you were together. 

3. Admit it if you miss your ex

admit it if you miss your ex

When you go from no contact with your ex to talking again, you want to find a balance between being a little distant but letting them know that you still love them. The key is to keep that little bit of distance, but communicate how you feel. This is especially important if you want your ex back. 

4. Understand that it’s different for everyone

The general rule of thumb is that it will take 1-2 weeks for him to start missing you. However, that can be different for everyone. If he broke up with you because the relationship was miserable, it can take longer. When a girl breaks up with a guy, he might start to miss her a lot sooner than that 1-2 week timeframe. 

5. Don’t do the no contact rule for too long

If you do the no contact rule and don’t respond to him, then you need to make sure that you don’t ignore him for too long. This part can be tricky because the time limit is different for everyone. 

You want to make sure that you don’t follow the no contact rule for more than a few weeks. When guys go months without talking to you, it’s easy for them to put you out of their minds and move on. You want him to miss you after a breakup, not move on to another girl. 

6. Don’t let him know that you’re still thinking about him

If you’re still thinking about him, don’t let on. That means no vague posts about the breakup. Resist the urge to consistently post sappy quotes and tag him in them. In fact, don’t tag him in anything at all. 

7. Focus on yourself, or at least pretend to

On social media, you need to go back to the old you. The single you. Not only will this make him wonder what you’re up to, but it’ll also remind him of all of the great things about you. It’ll also help you bring more positivity into your life. Even if you’re thinking about getting back with your ex, you might need a little positivity and self-care after a rough breakup. 

8. Post pictures of things the two of you did together

Did the two of you have a favorite restaurant? Make sure to check in when you go out to eat there. Post a picture of yourself smiling. Seeing you at a restaurant that reminds him of your relationship together will instantly make your ex reminisce on old times. Then, when he thinks about the good things, he’ll start to miss you more and more. 

9. Other guys will make him boil with jealousy

If your ex is the jealous type, post a picture with another guy. If he’s curious, he’ll get in touch. Make sure not to do this one too much, though. Posting constant pictures with other guys can make him feel insecure, and might make him think that you don’t like him anymore. If this was part of the reason behind your breakup, put some careful thought into whether you’ll use this tactic. 

10. Wait to text him back

As soon as the two of you begin to communicate again, wait a little bit to text him back. You might not want to take days, but there’s nothing wrong with waiting a few hours because you’re engrossed in a new hobby and didn’t check your phone. 

11. Post pictures you know he’ll love

post pictures you know he'll love

Did he consistently compliment your eyes? Post a selfie of your new eyeshadow look. Was he fascinated by how intelligent you are? Update your status with a new book you’re reading. Not only will it remind him of all of the things that he loves about you, but it’ll also make him wonder what else you’re doing. 

12. Make a few changes

If your actions helped contribute to the breakup, and you want him to miss you, make a few changes. Consider what would make him happy if he were your boyfriend again. Did he hate that the two of you never spent time together? Update your status that it’s nice having more free time. It’ll get him thinking about what he’d like to do with you in that free time, and he’ll start missing you. 

13. Avoid too much communication

There is such a thing as too much communication. Don’t text bomb your ex. Avoid blowing up his phone. Instead, call or text one time. Then, wait on him to respond. 


How long does it take for a guy to regret breaking up?

Guys usually start to regret a breakup within a couple of weeks. Keep in mind that this is different for everyone. Some guys will regret it the next day. Others might take three weeks just to process the fact that you broke up. 

How long does it take for an ex to miss you with no contact?

An ex will start to miss you within a month. It may be at the beginning of no contact, such as within a week. He might not really miss you until it’s been a few weeks. How long the relationship was can determine how soon he will start to call you. 

Do guys always come back after they dump you?

No, they don’t. Some guys will show up in your inbox after a month. Others you might never hear from again. How invested he was in the relationship and the reason that he broke up with you will tell you whether he’s going to come back to you or keep moving in the other direction. 

How do you know he misses you after a breakup?

He stalks your social media. For example, he still watches your Snapchat stories. He calls you or texts you. A guy that misses you will ask mutual friends how you’re doing, and attempt to check up on you. He’ll also try to figure out if you have a new boyfriend or not. It’s because he wants you back. 

How do you know if a guy regrets losing you?

A guy that regrets losing you will get a bit nostalgic. He’s going to look back on the good things about you and the relationship. He’ll stay interested in your love life. This guy will try to find reasons to keep contacting you, such as by calling or texting. One way or another, he just wants you in his life. 

In Conclusion

One guy missed me the next day. Another guy never even called me again. How long and deep a relationship plays a large role in determining whether he will miss you, and how long that takes. For me, it definitely did. How long do you think it takes a guy to miss you, and what do you think helps determine the time frame?

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