How Long Does It Take For A Guy To Miss You After A Breakup?

by Michelle Devani

Do you still miss your ex? 

Are you wondering whether they miss you? 

Perhaps you’re considering the odds of a reconciliation?

If so, this guide should prove to be helpful. It explains the factors involved with how long it takes a guy to miss you after a break-up.

With these factors embedded in your mind, it becomes a lot easier to calculate whether your ex has moved on, or if they are longing for you to get back in touch with them.  

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With that said, here are some more factors that you can consider when trying to work out if they have moved on.

How Long Will It Take For Him To Miss You?

Everyone is going to miss their ex after a breakup, but how long does it take for a guy to miss you after a breakup? All woman in the world who have just had a breakup must be dying to know this.

Now that you’re going through the pain of missing him, you are curious when will he get his part of torture. Every guy have their own timing when will he miss his ex – in this case, you. It could hit him right after you leave, but some need time to absorb your absence.

If you are looking for the exact time, you will not find it anywhere. Neither will you find how to know if he is missing you. Because, as said above, it’s different for everyone. However, we will give you some factors that might play into how much time does he need to miss you after the breakup occurred.

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These related a lot with the traits and personality he showed during the time when you were dating. So recall the memories and find the answer yourself.

1. His Dependence On You

his dependence on you

Some guys are so dependent to his ex that breakup is not difference that your death from his life. How much you influenced his life plays a big part to define when will he miss you. If you are physically and emotionally exist every single day, he’ll find it hard living without you the day after the breakup. Especially when your breakup is going well.

The case is different when you are in a long distance relationship. You rarely see each other he get used to your absence better. When you were dating, it’s not like you were. So when you breakup, it doesn’t really feel that way.

He still lives normally like nothing happen. The only differences are (probably) missing the calls and texts from you. He might be missing you, but he won’t miss you heavily.

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2. The Time and Effort He Spent in the Relationship

When someone invested a lot in a relationship, they must be having a hard time letting their lover go. He spent everything from time to effort in order to build the relationship. All those sacrifice can’t be bought with money.

He might have pictured a future together with you, and it ruined. He would be having a hard time accepting the reality. As everything he ever imagined shattered right in front of him. Don’t be surprised if he stays single for a long time or immediately dating someone – it might be a rebounded relationship.

Only you can measure how much he invested in the relationship, because you will feel just the same. The more you put in it, the harder the breakup for you. Both of you would be in a very vulnerable state.

3. His Love and Passion Towards You

The last – but not least – defining factor you can count on while finding the answer about how long does it take for a guy to miss you after a breakup is this one: look back on how he loved and passionate about you.

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Guys never be able to hold themselves back from physical attraction, so if he really loves you there will be many touches. He liked to snuggle you, keeping his arms around you when you’re out together, always have his hands on yours, and other physical contacts, he might as well missing you every single day.

Probably you miss his touch too. Because the first thing many people miss from their ex is the good sex and passion. So if you are missing it, be sure that your ex is missing them too.

What Causes Him To Miss You

Enough talking about how long does it take for a guy to miss you after a breakup, now let’s move on to the next part. What can make him miss you? You must be curious of this as well. So now let’s check them out.

1. The Sex

the sex

So we have told you that a good sex is something that you would miss the most after a breakup. If it was too good, it could lingers even after you start dating someone else. So if guys say that they miss their ex, it’s not exactly the person that they miss. It was the sex.

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2. Genuinely Missing You

He might wished he was single, but now it comes to a reality he is shock. He can hang out as much as he can with the boys, but he can’t deny the empty space you left in his heart. You can be sure that this is true after you notice that he stays single for a long time.

3. Boiling from Jealousy

The reality that you guys are no longer together hits him the hardest when he knows you dating another guy. Seeing you together with your new boyfriend boil him from jealousy. He suddenly reminded of the time when you were together, thinking is must be nice for the new guy to have you and all.

4. Growing Up

A guy grows up only if he wants to. No matter how hard you tried to fix him, all you get is only failure. After you left, he grows up into someone you always wanted him to be. Realizing this, he wants to show you he changed.

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Even though he only makes small change, he can’t wait to show it to you.

5. Regretting

Regrets come only later, when something is not yours anymore. Probably it’s what you ex boyfriend is going through. Now that life becomes worse without you, he start to realize that having you by his side is much better.

That’s all we’ve got about how long does it take for a guy to miss you after a breakup and what might cause it. Missing the ex is only part of post breakup pain you have to deal with. Don’t expect anything high if your ex boyfriend says he miss you.

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