How To Make Aquarius Man Regret Losing You (13 Ways To Make Him Regret)

Last updated on April 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you missing your Aquarius ex-boyfriend? 

Are you desperately hoping to be given a second chance and start things as fresh with him?

Do you feel like you’d do anything to have this man back in your life? 

This might seem like a tough ask, especially as the Aquarius sign tends to be fiercely independent and idealistic. They’re prone to always searching for the perfect relationship.

Still, there are some actions you can take which pull particularly hard at the Aquarius heart-strings. In this guide, I’ll suggest 6 effective ways to make an Aquarius miss you.

However, let’s first start with a powerful bonus tip, which is likely to work on any star sign.

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With that said, let’s get into the Aquarius-specific advice.


13 Ways To Make An Aquarius Man Regret Losing You

The love story of an Aquarius man typically begins with his heart seeking a deeper connection with the woman who has appealed to his intellect. It then ends with his inability to move past a betrayal or a struggle for freedom. Nevertheless, the Aquarius man’s reaction to a breakup is usually one of ease because of his personality trait. 

While you may be crying on the bathroom floor for the third day in a row, your Aquarius man is hopping on a plane, heading for his next adventure. The Aquarius man is skilled at hiding his feelings and masking whatever is going on in his mind. So deciphering if he will regret losing you is not something you can know at a glance. 

However, as a deep thinker, he will take some time out to analyze his decisions. He may also want to know how you're taking the break up, and if you want to get back together, but he won’t show it. 

The outcome of his analysis is usually dependent on a couple of factors. First, the conditions which led to your break up, second, your reaction after the breakup, and third, the measures you have put in place to ensure he regrets losing you. 

If you are without a clue on how to make an Aquarius man regret losing you, this article will provide you with 13 ways to make an Aquarius man feel bad about losing you, and possibly reconsider his decision.

1. Don’t get overly emotional

don't get overly emotional

I understand if you feel like your world is falling apart because of your breakup, and you obviously want to know what your ex-partner is thinking as well. However, balling your eyes out in front of your Aquarius ex will do more harm than good. The Aquarius man does not pay so much attention to his emotions, and he prefers a woman who acts the same. 

To him, an emotional woman is controlling, and he likes to feel free. So, irrespective of how hurt you feel, do not cry or beg your Aquarius man as that will push him further away and validate his reason for breaking up with you in the first place.

2. Keep your distance

They say distance makes the heart fonder - perhaps there’s some truth to this. After a breakup with an Aquarius man, you should keep your distance. In this scenario, distance means cutting off all forms of regular communications, limiting how often you see each other, and, most importantly, giving him space. 

If you do not make your Aquarius man feel like you can do without him, there will be no room for him to miss your presence. While I will not advise that you block him completely from contacting you, I will suggest that you practice self-restraint. Do not pick up when he calls, and do not call or text him either. Remember, the aim is to make him feel your absence. 

3. Set boundaries

Perhaps your ex is a schoolmate, a co-worker, or just someone whose path will always cross yours. It can be challenging to avoid such a person altogether. If that’s your situation, then you should consider setting boundaries. 

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Aquarius men do not care about emotions, so while they may have broken up with you, don’t be surprised if they still expect full access to your time. You will need to set boundaries at this stage; he needs to know that he has lost all privileges that concern you, which should make him regret losing you.

4. Focus on self-growth

focus on self-growth

There is no better revenge strategy than one that requires you to focus on being a better person than yesterday. Your ability to put your energy into self-growth proves to an Aquarius man that you are open to self-development, and he is missing out on the new you. 

Self-growth doesn’t have to be something grand. It could be taking that online course you have always desired, traveling for a vacation, or seeing a therapist. These activities are beneficial as they help divert your attention elsewhere, provide you with clarity on why your relationship may have ended, and equally leave you feeling refreshed.

5. Pay attention to your appearance

It is easy to take things for granted after being with someone for an extended period, and the common victim is our appearance. We get comfortable around them, and we no longer see the need to put effort into how we look. Well, now that you are no longer in a relationship with your Aquarius man, it is time to remind him of what got him attracted to you in the first place. 

Pamper yourself to a spa day, get a new haircut or dress up in a way you know will get his attention. Make sure you always look your best whenever you are in the same space. He needs to know that other men will find you attractive, and soon his love story with you will be history if he doesn’t act fast.

6. Be confident

Unlike many men who find confident women intimidating, the Aquarius man finds such a woman attractive, sexy, and intriguing. Your confidence is probably what attracted him to you initially. 

It is easy to lose faith in yourself after a breakup because breakups make us question our self-worth. However, do not let one event deter your shine. You need to look past it and get back to being the confident woman he fell in love with.

7. Show interest in his hobbies

As a person who likes adventure and is always looking forward to the next thrill, your Aquarius man most likely has a list of things he enjoys doing at his leisure. 

Think back to those things you could not do with him because you did not know how to go about it. Learn them, practice, and become a pro. This will make your Aquarius man marvel and probably think of getting back together. 

8. Connect with your support system

connect with your support system

Everyone needs a support system in good and bad times. But, they are most handy after a breakup. Your support system could be friends or family; now is the time to cling unto them. You can plan a vacation, a party, or just hang out together. 

Make sure you post pictures of you happy with your inner circle on social media. The aim is to make him see those pictures and feel excluded. He knows how you are when happy, and seeing those pictures can stir old feelings in his heart that will make him regret losing you.

9. Keep your interactions friendly

Similar to not being overly emotional, there is no need to act like you hold grudges against him for ending the relationship. He is most likely expecting you to feel bitter and hate him, but instead of falling for that, make sure you keep your interactions sweet and concise

Your ability to carry on a friendly conversation will have him wondering what’s going on in your head, and he will want to engage you further to figure things out. Remember, the Aquarius man is drawn to mystery, so use his character to your advantage.

10. Stimulate his intellect with your wit

Having dated an Aquarius man, you probably know this already. Aquarius men like smart women who can challenge their intellect. If there’s one thing that attracts an Aquarius man, it’s a smart, independent woman

You can use this trait to your advantage by engaging him in intellectual conversations. So, rather than wasting your time together rehashing the past or talking about your failed relationship; focus on ways to stimulate his mind with intellectual discussions.

11. Find creative ways to remind him of beautiful memories

As humans, we are sentimental beings, and it shows in our way of life. It is the reason why we take photos, videos and hold onto family heirlooms. We want to have reminders of our history and important moments in life. 

So, when trying to win an Aquarius man back, think of something likely to spark a beautiful memory in his mind. It could be a wristwatch he got you or the dress you wore on your first vacation together. These items will make him remember the happy times you shared, and he will regret losing you.

12. Be his friend

Offering your friendship allows you to stay connected with him but from a distance, and as a friend, make sure that you are there for him when he is low and when he needs someone to share in his joys and achievements. 

However difficult the Aquarius man may seem, he is a loyal being. So your commitment to being his friend will show him that you are trustworthy and genuinely care about his welfare. He will regret losing someone he can always count on and will most likely want you back as his girlfriend.

13. Date other people

date other people

Some people do not realize what they have until they lose it or find it in another person’s arms. In the mind of your Aquarius man, he believes you will not find anyone who matches up to him, but you can prove that narrative wrong by dating other people. However, make sure you are not just dating to make him jealous, but you are dating because you genuinely like the person. 


Do Aquarius males come back?

Unlike other zodiac signs, Aquarius men are always open to giving second chances to relationships that they feel deserve it. However, he needs space and freedom to think before deciding if he will return to you.

What happens when you ignore an Aquarius man?

Sometimes, Aquarius men are out of touch with the feelings of those around them. So when you ignore them, it serves as a wake-up call. Aquarius men do not like to be ignored, they prefer a partner who is not afraid to communicate their feelings.

How do you get an Aquarius to forgive you?

If you are the reason your relationship has hit rock bottom, you can always get your Aquarius man to forgive you. Apologizing once or twice, then giving him room to think is all that the Aquarius man needs to forgive.

How do Aquarius men get revenge?

Aquarius men are diplomatic men, and as such, their emotions do not control them. However, when upset, they are likely to attack their adversary with unkind and ruthless words. Furthermore, because of their indifferent attitude, they find it easy to cut people off, so they may take this approach as a means of seeking revenge.

Are Aquarius males liars?

While Aquarius men have their positive sides, they also have their dark sides. One of these is being liars. They sometimes say things they don't mean just to get a reaction from people. They don’t view sentiments the way other people do, so see nothing wrong in lying to stir emotions.

In Conclusion

You can always get an Aquarius man to love you if you follow the points in this article. I hope you enjoyed reading it and look forward to hearing from you in the comment section. Don’t forget to share with friends and family.

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