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How to Make an Aquarius Man Regret Losing You After a Break Up

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Guys are unique. They’re different from us, woman, in many ways. Although some people might have realized this, but many are still unaware. Not knowing this fact can actually make that questions, “ How could he be okay after breaking up with me?” appears out of the blue in many times. Girls, it’s not just you who need to be understood. In fact, in order to win a guy you need to spend few more times to literally learn about who they are and how they think.


Do you want to know how to make an Aquarius man regret losing you? That’s not something impossible, regardless of how’s your relationship with him in the past. No matter what your reasons might be, be it because you’re still not over him or you want them to at least act like they’re overcoming  a break up, there’s a way.

If once you used to find ways to please an Aquarius man, now it’s your time to ways to make your ex miss you after breakup. But, first thing comes first. There are few things you need to consider beforehand about how guy think in order to know how to make someone regret losing you.

Man’s Unique Traits

Understanding is something essential in many  things. If you want to get a good mark in your test, you need to study and understand fully what the material is all about. Spend some time sitting and understanding what are man like. Here are few traits of man you’ll find useful in the future  :

  • He’s thinker

Woman feel, man think. He’s all about logic, although some man are also concern on what they feel. In this case, for your Aquarius man, he’s also thinker. Great thinker, in fact.

  • He can’t read mind

Although your man, Aquarius man, is a great thinker and an intelligent person, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re mind-reader. Come on, they’re man not fortune teller. You might be expecting them to know what’s in your mind, but it’ll be better for you to briefly tell them about what you like and don’t like instead of waiting for them to know what’s in your mind.

  • He’s simple

Man don’t normally care about details as much as woman do. Just take a look at a simple example. In a supermarket, does what woman consider in choosing shampoo same with what man consider? You might laugh at this example, but now you need to learn something from it.

  • He handle break up differently

When woman cry for 3 days straight after a break up and losing strength for about 2 months recovering, man are different. After a break up, normally man reacts just so-so. He seems so fine and okay with losing you.  But, about few months after, he’ll be suffering on himself, missing you, realizing how it was different when you’re around him.

How to Make Him Regret Losing You

Now that you know how they think, how they handle breakups, you should find it easier to know how to make Aquarius man regret losing you. It’s not like you have to put on a spell or anything like it, but it’s just few simple steps that might surprise you. Here are few ways to make him regret losing you : 

  1. Set distance

If you decided to get over this guy and really say bye to him, then don’t go back and forth looking for him. Don’t make this Aquarius man feel like you still need him and can’t live without him. For example, you decided to stop talking to him for one month after the breakup, you decided to talk only about work matter or school thing, if necessary. If you even need to find out how to tell your Ex to stop contacting you again after bad break up, then do so. He’s not the one who decide, but you.

  1. Don’t get false hope

After a breakup, if you’re the one who’s still in love with this Aquarius man, then it would be harder for you. It would be even harder if the thing is he keeps giving you hope. Don’t get your hope high too easily. Maintain the boundaries that you have decided beforehand.

  1. Be firm

About all the boundaries and distance you’ve decided to keep between you and him, you need to make sure you’re firm enough with it. Don’t get persuaded or lured easily, for it will make it seems like you’re having harder time with the breakups than how he does. Find out ways on how to know if an Aquarius man is serious about you, and if he no longer shows signs that Aquarius man likes you, then it’s time to commit to what you’ve decide and be firm. 

  1. Forgive him

Although you want this man to regret he lost you, you should clear your heart from any hate. Forgive him if he did anything wrong in the future, but stop giving your heart for him. Let you be the one who knows that your heart is healed and that you forgive him.

  1. Show positive changes

What will happen if your Aquarius man saw you improving on your marks? You shining on the stages, you laugh happily as you improve your talents and hobbies? Well, you know it. He’ll definitely see that positive changes in you, and he’ll regret losing diamond, which is you. He loves intellectual, and he lose one just then. Imagine how sad and resentful he might be.

  1. Show him

Show this Aquarius man, you’re not what they think you are. If they think you’re boring and they broke up with you due to that reason, then show him you’re not a boring person. Make sure you do this positive change in a good way and reassure yourself that you’re not doing this for him, but for you and for your future prince.

Even if we’re created different and unique, man and woman are destined to be as one from the very first. Understand one another, then all things will be possible. Including,how to make Aquarius man regret losing you.

Once they regret losing you, there’s a bigger possibility that you both will come as one again or you’ll grow up as a mature woman who’s ready to get someone at your level. Don’t just stay in your nest and looking like a zombie after a break up. Instead,  get up and make sure he, your Aquarius man, regrets losing you.

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