Ways On How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Need Space Without Hurting His Feeling

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When you just started dating, the day you miss without seeing his face is a day wasted. But nothing is sure in a relationship. It takes both parties' commitment to keep it going strong and work out. Just like the Ways to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship with Your Boyfriend, you need to put some efforts even though you're short distanced. But you can be unsure at times on how to tell your boyfriend you need space without hurting his feeling.


1. Reduce The Intensity Of Seeing Him

If you used to see each other everyday and barely have time to do other things, you need to change this first. Seeing each other that often turns out to be unhealthy for your relationship since it's always end up in fight. You can take it as the Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend.

2. Be Clear About Your Intention

You need to tell him in detail as to why you need your own space. It's how you tell your boyfriend you need space without hurting his feeling. Tell him that it's solely for the sake of your relationship, not because you want to take benefits of the current situation.

3. Keep Yourself Calm

keep yourself calm

There are a good chance he might be misunderstood you for this. Make sure that whatever responds he give, you can keep calm. Don't turn in into a fight because it only make things worse. Give him the good reasons and explain them in detail.

4. Ask For His Opinion

Remember that you are discussing with him, not asking for his permission to have your own space. You have to take his opinion into account, listening to what he thinks as well. You can't make one sided decision on something important like this.

5. Convince Him It's Not Breaking Up

This is the worst that could happen. He may take this as the Signs She Wants to Break Up But Doesn't Know How so you ask for a space. Convince him that it is not. Make your you address his concern and emphasize the reasoning as a good things for the future of your relationship.

6. Don't Beat Around The Bush

Before telling your intention to him, be careful with the words you choose. Even though you are hesitating, don't make it sound as though you are searching for a reason to escape from him. Say it clearly and directly.

7. Don't Be Guilty

Asking the space of your own is not a crime. You don't have to be afraid whether you have hurt his feeling. It's for the sake of your relationship, and there's no denial that couples need to be away for each other at some point.

More Ways To Tell Him Without Hurting Him

Here are more ways to tell him you need your own space.

  1. Make a point of why you both need that space.
  2. Plan when to talk, where, and how.
  3. Read the situation. If he seemed to be stressed out with work, tell him next time.
  4. Emphasized the "I" in every of your sentenced, as if you are to blame. Such as "I'm feeling unhappy lately."
  5. Be sure about how longer the time you need. It gives him the assurance that you are not breaking up with him.

Signs That You Need Your Own Space

signs that you need your own space

It's nothing abnormal when someone is needing her own time in a relationship. In fact, it's a good time to reflect, refresh, and the best Ways to Get Him Miss You Again. Here are the signs when you need that space.

  1. You fight a lot with each other.
  2. You even fight over small things and it's getting worse.
  3. Both of you asking each other's permission to do literally everything. It's not healthy.
  4. His jokes are not funny anymore. It even cause fight sometimes.
  5. You're no longer enjoying the time together.
  6. Going on dates is not as fun as it used to be.
  7. You feel difficult to communicate with recently.
  8. You want to go everywhere without him.
  9. You no longer take him to an invitation.
  10. You feel like you're stressed out by the relationship and him.
  11. You are not your truly self when you're with him.  

Reasons Why You Need Your Own Space

reasons why you need your own space

When you have just started dating, you want to spend your whole time seeing his face. But as the time pass by, instead of joy, the meeting with him cause your mood get ruined. You suddenly want to be alone and realizing at some point that being together all the times turns out not to be the best Ways to Make Him Go Crazy Over You again. Here are the reasons why you need your own space:

  1. His absence will make your heart grow fonder. And so will his.
  2. You need to miss him to make the relationship works again.
  3. You need to distinguish whether you interest to him is just a physical interest lead to sexual needs or you really love him.
  4. It gives you chance to redefine yourself and not get carried away by your significant other.
  5. You'll be waiting the time when you meet him again.
  6. Everything would feel like the first time again.
  7. You need to forgive him, and it's the rightest way to.
  8. Just like a phone, your heart need to be recharged too.
  9. Being in a relationship for such a long time could be burden to you, and giving space is the way to lift them off.
  10. You have to fall in love with them again.

After reading the reasons and signs about space you need, now you don't have to contemplate the ways how to tell your boyfriend you need space without hurting his feeling. If you tell him that the reasons are for the sake of your relationship, he will not be  hurt.

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