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How to Make Aquarius Man Obsessed with You in No Time

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When we’re in love, all we want is for that special person to be all ours. We probably wouldn’t like to share our man with anyone. We also wouldn’t be that happy to be the one who love more, we would possibly hope that this man will love us more than the way we do. All that a woman in love wants is to find out how to make this man obsessed over her. But does that comes in instant? In fact nothing in this world is free, nothing can came out in instant if we never fight for it, or never pay its price.


Then what about your free-spirited Aquarius man that tends to be active and love to socialize? Can you ever make him fall for you and even obsessed with you? Can you find the best ways to win Aquarius man? The thing is, as long as you know how to make Aquarius man obsessed with you, then he’s all yours. This intelligent guy will be right in the palms of your hand. But first, don’t you think you should know what kind of man is your Aquarius man?

Characteristic of Aquarius Man

How would you get someone obsessed over you if you don’t even know what kind of person are they? The very first step that you need to do it to get to know him, personally. Although there are reasons why Aquarius are hard to understand, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t understand them. Once you know what are his strengths, his weakness, his unique character, then you would find it a lot easier to love and to be loved by this  man.

Here are few characteristic of aquarius man you might need to know :

Strengths :

Is your guy a creative person who always find out solutions that are out of the box? Then probably he’s an Aquarius man. Aquarius man has this humanitarian nature, as they like aiding others that much so that they always seem ready to give helping hand to anybody in needs.

This man also likes to listen, they’ll love to have a good conversation, in fact. They’re deep thinker who hate being judged, so in return they also won’t judge people. Something special about them is that they know how to direct their intelligent, finding out many chances that people can’t see to develop their potential precisely.

Weaknesses :

Although as mentioned above, they’re smart and intelligent, but they might not be able to maximize their potential if there isn’t enough motivation. They get bored easily. Another negative sides of this guy is that he’s quite hot-tempered, so they can’t really bear to hold their temper. They also don’t like restrictions.

How to Make them Obsessed

It’s alright to love someone more than they way they do. That’s likely to happen in many situation. But, of course there wouldn’t be a single woman in the world who wouldn’t want to be loved abundantly. Here’s few ways to make Aquarius guy obsessed with you that you might want to give a try :

  1. Be intellectual

Nope, you don’t have to memorize and master all of those Einstein’s formula in order to get this man. You don’t have to know all of the biological names of the plants you saw on your way home. But, you might need to improve your knowledge by reading useful information.

Aquarius man loves intellectual conversation, so of course they would love to have a woman who can respond in the way that they expected. At least, their woman should understand and be able to catch up with them whenever they’re having an intellectual conversation.

  1. Don’t reveal all of you at once

Let some mystery be there. This doesn’t only work well with Aquarius man, for every man do needs to chase something. If they know you whole too soon in the beginning, it would become boring and less interesting. 

  1. Don’t be boring

Wondering how to make Aquarius guy fall in love with you? Don’t be boring. Try to initiate something interesting and change your routine regularly, don’t stay the same every day and nights for it might bore this easily bored guy, which is something you wouldn’t want.

  1. Be mature

Being a bit spoiled is not a big problem, but don’t be that woman who always need a man to feel complete. Be mature, even if you’re by yourself. Aquarius man will adore a mature woman a lot.

  1. Don’t chase

Let him chase, that’s one of the ways to attract Aquarius man as well as any man in the world. If you’re trying too hard to get this guy, they would feel less obsessed with you and don’t feel the need to chase you instead.

  1. Pay attention

Show him you care, but don’t be too sticky or chasing for he hates being chased. He loves the chase, so let him be the one who chase you.

  1. Give him surprise

Just a little surprise will get him addicted and expecting something more from you. Maybe you can pack him a lunch that you made by yourself, or anything simple and sweet. 

  1. Don’t be selfish

Although you gotta act like he’s the one who need you and crave for you, you can’t be a selfish person who don’t care about him at all for it will only turn him off instead.

  1. Stick to yourself

Changing who you are wholly and putting up on a mask just for a guy is definitely useless. Don’t be another person if you want to have a good long lasting relationship with this guy.

Love do happens out of the blue. The heart always want what it wants, and no one can actually plan it out in detail. People don’t plan to fall in love, but few efforts do give a little change. There are things that you need to work out yourself instead of sitting and waiting for it to come to you.

Finding out these how to make Aquarius man obsessed with you wouldn’t be a loss, however. You’ll probably spot these signs an Aquarius man is falling for you very soon. Grab your chance and enjoy your relationship with this dream guy of yours.

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