How to Kiss Your Boyfriend for the First Time When You're 13

Last updated on July 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

At the end, Cinderella and her prince kissed romantically in their wedding outfit and live happily ever after. Who else ever dream of having such romantic kiss with their dream guy? Well, probably no one would ever say no. That’s practically every girl’s dream, even for a girl who’s just 13.

Kids nowadays do grow up faster than ever. All of the movies, dramas, television series, even comics or books that we all read seem to truly affect us. It’s not just that the average age of having crush and boy or girlfriend that’s keep decreasing, but the average age of having first kiss too.

People say, kissing ia like cotton candy. It’s something sweet and deadly soft, but it can be so addicting. Kissing can have that one effects that make you feel like everything else’s gone but you and him right there, above the clouds. But good kiss doesn’t come just out of no effort, girls. Have you ever think of knowing how to kiss your boyfriend for the first time when you’re 13? If you do, then this is the right place for you to find out few benefits you can get from kissing as well as how to do it in a way that’s memorable and fluttering.


Kiss Your Lover is Good

Seems weird, but probably all of you are curious with this, right? Does kiss only exist to imitate what couple do in the movie? Of course the answer is not. Among couple, there are benefits to kissing that maybe not everyone understand, such as :

  1. Bring you happiness

Wanna feel happy and getting high on endorphins? You don’t need such drugs, but simple a kiss. A kiss on the lips from the one you love will kick up your happiness by increasing your endorphins level. Come on, who wouldn’t feel happy when their soulmate kiss them on their lips?

  1. Reducing stress

Are you going through  a lot of things and feel like the stress is just too high? Grab your partner’s neck and pull them in slowly for a deep, impactful kiss. The way kiss will reduce your stress is by decreasing cortisol hormone, the one in charge of stress and in the other side, increasing serotonin hormone. Who needs chocolate when there’s someone to kiss right next to you?

  1. Calming effects

If you don’t believe this, just check it out once you get to kiss someone. After a kiss, the oxytocin or also known as love hormone, will increase and calm you down. Even when you’re actually in a rush, you’ll find yourself a lot more calm after a good kiss.

  1. Stronger bond

Couple who have already shared a kiss have a chance of being closer and having a stronger relationship. Although it doesn’t mean that couple who never share a kiss isn’t strong, but it’s still true. When you kiss someone, it’s like you’re letting them become the half of yours fully, and you’ll find yourself able to trust and rely on that person even more than before. Somehow, this is also the ways to make your boyfriend miss you when you live together.

How to Kiss for the First Time

There are how to every matters. How to make your crush fall in love with you without talking, how to break up with emotionally unavailable man, and of course, how to kiss your boyfriend for the first time when you’re 13. These are not rules or regulations, but these might actually help you, especially if this is your first time experience and you don’t know much yet.

  1. Check your breath

Imagine, kissing someone with that garlicky breath of yours after enjoying your delicious meals. Ukh, of course you wouldn’t want that kind of thing to ruin your first kiss with your boyfriend, right? Make sure your breath smells good, or at least okay before you kiss your boyfriend. Well, no matter how sweet you did it, how would it turn amazing if your smell itself is bad enough?

  1. Take good care of your lips

This step is something that you need to do continuously, before you kiss someone, also after you did. If your lips isn’t in a good conditions, perhaps chapped or dry, then the kiss wouldn’t do any good to both of you. Instead, you might hurt yourself while he himself can’t enjoy the kiss as well. 

  1. Don’t overdo your lip’s make up

It’s not a sin to use a bit of lip products to brighten up your lips color. Lip cream, lip stick, lip tint, whatever it is. But, make sure you’re not overdoing your lip’s make up, for it wouldn’t be comfortable for him. Beside that it might transfer to his lips, the red color, it’s also sticky and not comfy. Use minimize products, or you can choose lip balm instead, just to give that moist and great smells.

  1. Don’t rush

Whether it’s the approach or the kiss itself, you should relax even if you’re nervous inside. Rushing will make you lose the momentum and end up getting an awkward and nonromantic kiss. Take your time, relax and keep your calm even if you’re deadly nervous.

  1. Flirt comes first

Can you just come to your boyfriend and suddenly planted a kiss on his lips? Well, at certain situations, you might be able to do it while still being romantic. But better prepare your boyfriend by do few flirts that will lead to the kiss. You can lay yourself on his chest, or perhaps approaching his face slowly. Physical touch to tease him like pointing his nose, cupping his cheeks, or anything you’d like to try. This will push away the awkwardness and get you and him to be in the feeling.

  1. Eye contact matters

While you’re flirting or trying to prepare before kissing a guy, you should make an eye contact that will build stronger feeling between both of you. Eye contact also lets you to get closer to him and know what’s his feeling right at that moment. 

  1. Don’t go abruptly

Approach them, but leave empty spaces for him to fill. If he also wants to kiss you, he will come closer and fill that empty space to get to touch your lips, right?

  1. Close your eyes

When you close your eyes, you’ll get to enjoy the kiss even more than the way you do when you open your eyes wide. Closing your eyes lets your lips to feel his on yours without getting distractions of having to focus on the other things.

  1. Tilt heads

Your lips is designed to lock with one and another when it’s tilted slightly. Don’t just go straightly since it might make your nose crash to his. Find your most comfortable position so that there wouldn’t be any awkwardness.

  1. Perfect timing

Not too long, not too short. Everything with too isn’t good, so don’t just stick your lips on his for hours, not letting him to breath or to crave for more of you.

About how to kiss your boyfriend for the first time when you’re 13, actually timing is quite important to consider. If you want a cute kiss, then just kiss him for a short time and tease him for the romantic kiss, this is also a playful ways to kiss a friend accidentally and get away looking cute.

When it comes to physical affection in a relationship, it’s all depend on the person. Whatever you find right, comfortable and suitable, then do it. Kiss also works that way. You might sometimes wondering what are the passionate ways to kiss your boyfriend that will drive him crazy, but however still be you. You don’t have to be too structured just to have a good kiss, but it’s not a loss to pay attention to few things beforehand. It’s your relationship, it’s you who decide.

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