How To Break Up With Emotionally Unavailable Man Without Hesitating

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Talking about breakup, is always interesting. Even though it hurts, it's suffocating especially for those who have ever been in such position, it's still interesting to talk about how to break up with emotionally unavailable man. Somehow in a relationship, what we wish for is a healthy, romantic relationship that will last long. But, despite all of those good wishes that we had in the beginning of the relationship, we can't deny that breakup is something that can happen to any relationship at any time.

Sometimes it’s the boy who initiated, but of course girls can do the same thing when they feel like it's no longer healthy to keep going on. If you feel like giving up on your relationship with particular reasons, then you should think twice and make a move about it.

Breaking up with someone you love who love you too might be hard and hurt. But it's still better to do what's right rather than staying still in a relationship that actually eat you up slowly. Then, how can you know it's time to stop? How to actually breakup with that person? This is how to break up with emotionally unavailable man without hesitating. Here we'll talk about it thoroughly.


Signs He's Emotionally Unavailable

Emotionally unavailable man isn't a bad man in fact. They might be nice to you, treating you quite well enough when you both are on a date, but still, you'll be able to feel that emptiness in the relationship.

While relationship should encourage you and make you feel like you have someone to rely on. But, if you sense these few signs, then maybe he's emotionally unavailable to you.

1. You Feel Lonely

Although couple don't spend 24 hours a day together, a healthy relationship should never make any of you feel lonely. If you feel like you don't have someone you're close to, who you can share anything to, then perhaps your boyfriend is emotionally unavailable to you.

2. He Doesn't Mention Anything About ‘Future' To You

he doesn't mention anything about future to you

When a guy doesn't feel like including you in his future, then probably that's the signs that he’s emotionally unavailable to you. He won't talk about his future with you in it.

3. He Never Share Personal Stories

It might be because he doesn't trust you yet, or he doesn't feel comfortable sharing personal affairs to you, but however it's not impossible that he doesn't want to get too close to you. When you feel like you know nothing about his true feelings, his problems, his personal affairs, then probably he's emotionally available.

4. You Guys Don’t Interact That Much

He never initiate text message to you? He never call you on his own will just to talk about things in life? If he doesn't seem to talk to you that much, then he's avoiding closeness.

5. He Doesn't Seem To Care

He might be able to make you laugh, but come on, every funny person can do so to anyone. But, when a person like someone, they'll care for them. If he doesn't really care much when you’re sick, when you're sad and down, then you'll know that he's emotionally unavailable and that's the reasons why you should break up with your boyfriend.

How To Break Up With Him

Sometimes it’s hard to break up with someone. It might make you feel like you'll regret it later, or maybe your heart is just too attached to him and not ready to part. But if you know it's not worth fighting for, then maybe you need to know how to break up with emotionally unavailable man.

1. Think

How to break up with emotionally unavailable man without hesitating? The very first step that you need to do is of course to think first. Anything that you do recklessly without thinking will only let you regret it later on. Does he make you happy? Can he change and become closer to you? Is there anything that’s worth fighting for in the relationship? If you know that he's not fond of you, then you can consider breaking up for real. No matter how will you do it, you’ll have to think first. 

2. Stop Showering Him With Affection

If it's hard to do it in a shot, try to do simple things that lead to the end of your relationship. If he doesn't want to get closer to you, then you should stop caring so much about him. Create some boundaries between both of you before you actually break up with this guy.

3. Stop Getting False Hope

Remember, what makes this type of man is hard is that he might not be a bad guy. That will make you think twice and even think that he's good for you. So, before breaking up, you should first set your mind and stop hoping that he will change. Such hope will only hurt you with reality and won't get you anywhere.

4. Focus On Yourself 

If you're investing your time, affection, mind for him all this time, then it's time to shift the focus back on yourself. Nope, it's not being selfish. It's helping yourself. All the focus that you requires to grow up emotionally, exploring your talents and potential, should not be wasted for this person any longer.

5. Create Distance

create distance

How to break up with emotionally unavailable man without hesitating? If you prefer going slowly but sure, then you shouldn't skip this point. Create an obvious distance between him and you. Stop telling him so much of your day, stop demanding any dates with him. Make yourself used to that conditions so that you won't find it too hard. For guys, this might also be one of the signs your girlfriend is about to break up with you

6. Don't Be Harsh

No matter how sharp should you be when it comes to breaking up with someone, you should still behave. Being harsh, rude, too emotional will only put yourself on loss. So, try to find out how to break up with someone without hurting them in the end.

7. Spend Me Time

Before you actually cut it off, try to spend me time. Use that time to reconsider once more what's happening to you right now. Use that time to care and pamper yourself after such an unhealthy relationship. Remember that being alone doesn't mean you're lonely. It might even feel a lot better than being with someone who's emotionally unavailable to you.

8. Talk

He would never know if you never say it. We all know it's nerve-wracking. But, communicating is important. Tell him what you want in a proper way so that finally you can cut the ties between you. Although guys can sense signs she wants to break up but doesn't know how, he wouldn't be assured as long as you never talk about it.

If he ask you why you want this, then you should tell him honestly what's the main problems. This is the end of all, but your heart might still needs some recovery times after. Your next step is to find out ways to get over a relationship break up successfully.

Breaking up isn't an easy matter. Just reading any tips like how to break up with emotionally unavailable man will never help you much if you never try to change your heart. If you never try to think in a different way, letting the truth to convince you and to teach you a lesson, then you'll always stay in the same spot. Reconsider what's good for you, stop developing any feelings for person who doesn't worth it.

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