Subtle Signs She Wants To Break Up But Doesn't Know How

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It's a fact that a relationship isn't always as smooth as we want. But as time has passed, you start to notice the difference in you girlfriend, or you may not. You wish she will straightforwardly tell you what's going on, but women are not that kind of creature. Even though she constantly showing the signs she wants to break up but doesn't know how, she won't tell you until you get tired of her.

Although you have do many Ways to Say How Much You Love Your Girlfriend, she doesn't seem to be moved. Check out at the signs she wants to break up but doesn't know how below:


1. It Takes Her Longer To Call You Back

You know how girls pick up her phone in a flash of light whenever their guy calls. But her fast response has been changing lately. She often miss you calls when you know that she is always on her phone all the time. Moreover, she won't call you back in an instant but particularly took a long time before doing so.

2. She Has Another Thing As Her Priority

she has another thing as her priority

Most guys are not so aware of this. The time your girlfriend doesn't call you everyday is the time where she starts to lose all of her interest in you. You may mistook this that she finally understood how you don't like it when she clings on you a lot, but this is actually a warning sign, dude.

3. She Is Getting Far Away

You are not in a long distance relationship but you feel like worse. It's indeed the Signs Your Girlfriend is About to Break Up with You, because your call and text frequent get shorter and shorter. You even start to miss her annoying texts, which you used to hate the most.

4. She Reject Being Touchy

Its doesn't have to be sex, but she reject any physical contacts you attempt. She may be still holds your hands while walking, but she doesn't want to kiss and hug. She somehow become uncomfortable and it's pretty obvious from her gestures.

5. She Start The Unnecessary Fight

She seemed to develop a new skills: picking fights. Over small matters, she can turn it into the big ones and you end up fighting. You know the Reasons Why Your Girlfriend is Mad at You often with no reasons is because she wants to break up.

6. She Cares About You No More

Okay, this is going to hurt. She used to care about every little thing of you, from how you have your day and what's happening everyday to a total ignorance. It no longer matter for her whether you have a bad day or not and she just stop caring about you.

7. It's Burdensome To See Her

As she has showing the extreme behavioral change lately, you have this uneasy feeling upon meeting her. You are wondering what's wrong and you know that she want to break up with you.

More Signs She Wants A Break Up

more signs she wants a break up

In case you need to be assured more, here are more of the signs that she really wants to break up with you:

  1. She doesn't respond to your compliments anymore.
  2. You don't know anything about her, and everything suddenly become a news for you.
  3. She is a cold woman you never know before. Where did all the laughs gone?
  4. She is doing all the things you hate just to make you get enough with her.
  5. She doesn't hold on to your relationship.
  6. She pulls herself away from you.
  7. She adjust her sleeping schedule differently from you just to avoid you.
  8. Your jokes are no longer funny to her.
  9. No more burning weekend dates for you two.
  10. She feels no longer comfortable spending a long time with you.
  11. She constantly makes herself busy with other things.
  12. She cancels your plans more often lately.
  13. She is no longer jealous to you.
  14. She seemed to be busier than ever. Or she just want to avoid you?
  15. Dating turns to be a group dating now. She always has someone else to join.
  16. No more talk about the future.
  17. She doesn't involve you in her decision making anymore.
  18. She no longer ask about your opinion.

Why Did She Wants To Break Up

why did she wants to break up

The fact that she wants to break with you hit you like a thunder in the morning. You can't seem to know why did she want it. You feel like you have treat her really good all along, but apparently, you are lacking of something, dude. Try check out the reasons why she wants to break up with you:

  1. You are pretty annoying for her and she just can't stand it anymore. Nor that she talk to you about it.
  2. You have these particular habits she doesn't like. It's time for her to get over everything.
  3. You are simply a jerk and she has shown many Signs That Your Girlfriend is not Happy with You.
  4. You flirt with women too much, including her best friends.
  5. You treat her badly and you never care about her feeling.
  6. You constantly make negative comments about her physical appearance.
  7. She is falling in love with someone else.
  8. She finds the other guy worth it more than you.
  9. She already find what she wants in the other guy. Be careful of the Signs Your Girlfriend Would Cheat on you.
  10. Her friends just don't like you.
  11. Or your friends don't like her.
  12. You have too many unsolvable differences.

You should be doing something to either save or breaking up your relationship after you see the signs she wants to break up but doesn't know how. It's not worth to stay in a relationship where the other party has lost their interest.

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