How Long Should You Wait to Call Your Ex Girlfriend?

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When you broke up with your girlfriend you will surely going through a bagful of emotions. For whatever reason the break up is for us guys at first we will feel free, released, or maybe happy that you can find another girlfriend, do you want know what the sad part is? it only last for a short moment. This is just the beginning phase of your roller-coaster ride of emotions, the next phase is the urge for you to get her back.

How Long Should You Wait to Call Your Ex Girlfriend? 

In this stage you must very careful choosing a way to approach her, I know that the first thing in your mind is to call your ex girlfriend but you don't know when is the right time, don't worry my friend just read through this article and you might find the right moment to call her even get her back.

  1. Wait Until 4-5 Weeks

How long should you wait to call your ex girlfriend? Many online surveys said that the right time to call your ex after a break up is 4-5 weeks. After this period of time you should know does your ex still care about you or not. You can see this by judging on how she responds to your call, does she reject it, ignore it all together or answer it.

If she answer or reject it then followed by a text saying that she is currently unavailable to answer to your call because of she is currently in a meeting, at church or any other reasonable reason, it shows that she still care about you and you sir might still have a chance to win her back.  (read also: Ways to Make Your Ex Miss You after Break Up and Want You Back)

2. If She Dumped You Don't Even Try To Call Her First

It is self explanatory, when your girlfriend is the one who ends the relationship all of the sudden without any explanation, grow up and accept that the relationship is over. No matter how much you love her have a sense of pride and righteousness, don't just go begging and apologize to her for your past mistakes or the flaw that you have, if you do that, she probably happy that she dumped a fragile and immature man.

If she dumped you for no reason, show her that you can be happy and more focused towards reaching all your life goals, this will make her regret her decision and starting to calling you over and over to have you back. (read also: Ways to Make Someone Feel Guilty for Dumping You)

3. Don't Call Her The Day After You Broke Up

How long should you wait to call your ex girlfriend?  This is the most common mistake that many of us men often do, we often jump the gun blasting through her phone the day right after the break up happens.

This is a no no because when a break up happens there are of course something that is wrong with the relationship, all you want to do is keep calm and try to analyze the situation to find the solution. If you already find out what is wrong then you should call her to laid it all out to her or even ask her to have a meeting with you. 

4. Don't Take To Long To Call Her

This mean that you need to find the right moment as soon as possible. Don't ever hesitate to call her if you already find out the explanation that you are going to give her because if you take to long then one of you will be getting used of living without the presence of one another and also if you take too much time to call her she will eventually forget about you and move on with her life with another guy. (read also: Signs Your Ex Girlfriend is Talking to Someone Else)

5. Call Her When She Is Alone

Presence of her friends around her can impact on her decision making skills, what I mean by this is whenever she is on a crowded place or with her friends there will always be plenty intervention on how should she decide about the future of her relationship with you.

If you call her when she is alone, this will make it easy for you because it's only you that she is currently interacting with and will make it easier for you to convince her on why she should come back to your arms.  

6. Don't Ever Call Her When She Is Busy

If you are able to find information on what your ex currently doing right now, it would be very useful. By doing this you will be able to know on is your ex is currently having too much stuff in her hand or she is currently free of any activity. If you stumble upon a situation where you know that she is busy and you blast through her phone by calling her every minute, congratulation sir you just become an annoyance to her.

If she is currently busy doing something, let her be, because it is absolutely useless if you trying to call her while she is in this state, her mind and her heart is already filled with stuff that she needs to complete, making it harder for you if you are trying to communicate with her, because you are currently not her priority. (read more: Reasons Why Your Ex Girlfriend Hasn’t Contacted You in a Month)

7. Call Her If You Are Sure That Your Number Is Not Blocked

It is something typical that whenever a girl is breaking up with you she will surely blocked your number from reaching her phone. Make sure that you ask her friends that you are closed to to see that your number is not blocked by her, if she did blocked your number then tell him to unblock it.

This will save you from having negative speculations towards your ex and give you the confidence because you still have a chance to win her back if the communication line between you two can still be established. (read also:  Reasons Why is Your Ex Texting You When She Broke Up)

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