6 Signs That You are Experiencing Trauma After a Toxic Relationship - What are They?

Last updated on May 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Like what we said on 7 Common Reasons Why A Relationship Fall Apart You Need to Know, having a relationship is complicated stuff for some people. Besides those sweet and fluffy things, there are a lot of problems that waiting for you.

If you are an adult right now and had some relationship before and currently try to have the new one, you will not feel that hype anymore because you know what is waiting for you. At high school, we may have a very romantic moment at the beginning of our relationship.

Everything feels so cute and sweet, we text our bae every hour, asking about our lover's condition, giving affection, and set a date to hang out even though we were met a few hours ago. Month by month, your lover starts to be more annoying such as overprotective, over-sensitive, and other annoying behavior. 

It very sucks if you find someone who is very annoying, or we can use the term 'toxic person' in our love life. In the love life, some people have to meet the wrong person first before finding the right one. If you find a cheater, you will learn how to trust people carefully.

If you find an overprotective partner, you will learn how to set an expectation together. If you find an easy-to-angry person, you will learn how to handle other people. Besides all the positive things about learning, of course, you have to go away from your toxic partner as fast as possible before you got traumatic because of it.

After 5 Things You Should Not Do During the First Date, this is 6 Signs That You Are Experiencing Trauma After A Toxic Relationship :

  • Hard to trust other people

The easiest effect from having a toxic relationship before is you may harder to trust other people. You were disappointed by someone because he or she is angry with you easily and do violent even though you love him or her so much.

You trusted him or her but in fact, he or she is cheating you behind even though you always tell your partner everything happens to you. Worse, your partner tries to manipulate the situation and make you feel guilty. Well, it is not all bad if you are harder to trust other people.

You have to consider everything when giving someone trust but you also have to remember that the world is not as bad as you think and there are a lot of people who honest, integrity and care to you. To make sure that you are already able to trust other people after break up, you can read 5 Signs You are Already Ready to Start a New Relationship After a Heartbreak.

  • Hate to hear people's opinions

A toxic partner always trying to manipulate you so you can think that he or she is the right and you are the worst. Toxic people will act as they care about everything that happens to you but in fact, they are not.

Do not be fooled by what they do or what your partner does, always try to find is she or he has another motive such as want to guide you into a decision that profitable for her or him. \You may hate to hear people's opinions after realizing that but also remember all you need is to consider the effect of their opinion, it is not mean their opinion always wrong. Keep the sanity and take the best choice you have,

  • Selfish

Being such a selfish person after met someone who toxic is understandable but it does not mean you have to be selfish every time. Yes, you sacrificed your life for an asshole before but being selfish is not the solution and it is never to heal you even it will bring you another disaster because other people will hate you the way you hate your ex.

Instead of being selfish, try to self-loved yourself. Self-love is different from selfish, self-love means you have to make yourself happy without hurt other people and selfishness is often sacrifice other people so you can be happy.

  • Always want to be free

Stuck in a relationship with a toxic person is as same as stuck in a cage. You have no choice to be free because it seems every decision you make is manipulated by your partner. There is nothing bad from want to be free, we are liberal and we can decide what we like and what we gonna do.

Everything you have to remember is that you can not do anything bad for others. You have to remember that your freedom is limited by other's happiness and do not try to break the rules. Be free in a good and safe way.

  • Have a tendency to hurt other people

The true problem of a toxic person is he or she may not only hurt your feeling but your body too. It is a serious problem if your ex did violent many times especially if it left you some scar.

Being a victim is increase the chance to do the same things to others as revenge and it is not good. If you are traumatized because of physical abuse from your ex, it's better to go to a psychiatrist. 

  • Traumatized by love

The most dangerous problem caused by having a toxic partner in a previous relationship is traumatized by love. You will be so negative in see anything or pessimistic. Pessimism will cause you can not positively see something even if it brings many positives effects.

You have to know that love is a pure feeling, the problem is just you found the wrong person. You have to Tell Your Ex You’ve Met Someone Else and Happy Now and take another chance to meet someone new.

That is the signs that you are traumatized by a toxic relationship and how to handle it. Healing takes time but it is better to try to heal yourself in a good way instead of doing something bad. And if you find out that your partner is the toxic one, break him through text now!

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