5 Things You Should Not Do During The First Date - Avoid These Things!

Last updated on June 5, 2022 by Michelle Devani

When you see Donald Trump, who do you think you are seeing? Well, it actually depends on when is the first time you know him. Do you know him when he is a businessman or a president? Each option may bring you to a different answer.

Sure, you could answer he is a businessman or a president and both of them are nothing wrong. Although your answer is a businessman, it does not make him not a president and so is if you answer that he is a president.

But we are not gonna talk about business or politics, all we want to discuss is about first sight or well known as the first impression especially in a relationship.

This article told us how important the first impression is. On a relationship, all the important first impressions may be made on your first date. On every first date, people will observe their partner as much as they can. Your spouse will look if you are neat or not, smart or not, romantic or not, and worth to try or not.

This first date will determine your personality on your date partner's eyes. Giving the right impression may bring you a happy and easier relationship with your lover like what we've been said on 7 Ways on How to Get Over of Your Long Term Relationship. To make the best first impression on your date, you need to avoid:


1. Going To Date Without Knowing Who Is Your Date

going to date without knowing who is your date

Sun Tzu, a philosopher from ancient China had said that knowing your enemy is half of the battle. Before your first date, get to know your lover first. Find out what is your lover's favorite dish, kind of place that she likes to visit, type of person that she likes, her style, is she is an extrovert or introvert, and so on.

Try to collect the data from every source you may have such as her friends, Instagram, Facebook, or anywhere. This is the most important step on your date because if you are miss guessing in your first step, your next steps will be in vain. Try to check 7 Key Habits to Build A Successful Relationship too.

2. Going To Date With A Lack Of Preparation

After you collect the data, all you need is doing preparation. Don't waste your precious source by coming without any preparation. If your date is a casual one, dressed casually. If your date loves the humorist one, prepare some jokes. If your date is the glamour one, takes them to an expensive place. If your date is a rock fan, take them to a metal band concert.

All the result depends on how much you give your effort on it. With a good choice, you can make her think that you really know her as well and the chance to get a good first impression will be higher.

3. Being A Self-centered Person

Even your date is an introvert who loves to hear, you still cannot tell them about yourself whole the date. Give them an interesting topic about anything that could be an ice-breaker between you two.

Give a light topic, insert some jokes, make the eye-contact like make someone fall in love through eye contact says, hold their hands at the right time, be gentle to ask before doing anything to them is the basic things that you have to do.

Try to encourage them to speak up as much as possible to give the sign that you are full of democracy and respect her opinion about anything. The more they spoke, the more a chance to prove that you are a good partner. If they are an extrovert it will so much easier, just listen to their opinion and don't forget to reply and make them know that you are listening to them.

4. Being Too Rude

being too rude

Make your date feels comfortable talking about everything in their life is a goal, but you don't need to hurry. No matter what you should realize that this is the first date and you need to be more privacy-friendly.

If you are not sure how to treat your date, just ask them gently and make a safe move. Give your date a space to think and breathe then let them guess are you care of them or not.

You also can play cool if you want because some people will be more curious if they don't know about something. The key in this level is to be balancing between you and them, don't buy too much or sell to much.

5. Being Anyone That Not Yourself

Last but not least, the thing you need to avoid on your first date is being anyone else. A relationship is about love and it can't be forced. No matter how cool the shoes on the storefront, if the size doesn't match with your foot it will hurt you.

You don't need to pretend as someone else to be loved by your crush. It's even better to leave and looking for someone else if, in reality, you both do not match. 

To get the best first impression on your first date, you have to understand and do all of those kinds of things the best you can. Reading this article means that you are already prepared for the date and it's good. Relax, walk with full of confidence, and enjoy your first date.

You can find out more tips to make a good first impression on 24 Good Ways to Make A Good First Impression and 6 Tips to Make Your Girlfriend Fall in Love with You All Over Again.

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