Best Ways To Know If Girl Likes You Or Not (#Love Tips)

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Every man wants a woman who truly loves him. He loves a woman for anything she is. What he really needs is a woman who is loyal and caring. It's not that easy to find a woman who loves him sincerely for he is and will do anything for him. It's beautiful when a man loves a woman who truly loves him.

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You find a girl you like, but it's still getting in your way whether she likes you too or it's just you. Sometimes, a girl doesn't show her feelings to a guy she likes. It can be because she likes to play hard to get, she's too shy, or she's not sure of what she feels. But you don't have to worry. There are some things to do to find out if she really likes you or not. You need to be patient and work hard to find the truth. You may know by the intuition that she likes you. But who knows exactly what's in her heart?

These are ways how to know if girl likes u that you can do to find the answer you've been asking yourself whether she's into you or it's just you. Don't give up to go for what you like. It's worth it when you do anything for a girl who put you in her heart although she doesn't get to tell you so. By the way, here are the ways to know if a girl likes you:

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1. Take Her To A Romantic Movie Date

take her to a romantic movie date

Ways to know if girl likes u? Romance movie always brings the emotion. Going to a romantic movie date can make a perfect moment to express the love emotion between two people. When you're going to a movie with a girl, she will get the romantic vibe where she can't hide her emotional side.

When the story turns out having a beautiful and happy ending, she will be amazed and wishes she had that kind of love story. You must listen to what love story she wishes for. Perhaps, she hints about you and her. If you can catch that she implicitly hints about having a love story about you, then that's it. You got it right, man. She clearly likes you.

2. Prank Her

This may be the coolest idea to know if a girl likes you. It can be a little crazy but it will work anyway. The idea is by pranking her into thinking that you're in danger or about to die. It's kind of crazy, indeed. But you will not wonder anymore if she really likes you or not.

You can pretend that you're in the hospital cause you have cancer and are about to die. If she really likes you, she will be so sad and tell you how much she doesn't want to lose you. See, there's no more questioning about her true feelings for you. And if she finds out that you're pranking her, that's okay. You know finally how she feels about you.

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3. Introduce Her To Someone Else

You can testify her by introducing her to your bestie boy to look at how she will respond. The boy you introduce her to should know the deal that this is just a trick. That boy can flirt her and dig any information about you. It seems like you send a spy to uncover the secret. If she doesn't seem to accept that boy flirtation, there are chances that she likes you. Moreover, she may tell that boy the truth that she's actually having a crush on somebody he knows.

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4. Take Her To A Romantic Dinner

take her to a romantic dinner

An intimate conversation will work better through a romantic occasion, like a romantic dinner. Going to a romantic dinner will lead to a more special intimacy. The truth about how a person feels can reveal from this kind of moment. By the way she dresses and enjoys the dinner, you are able to know whether she likes you or not. If she dresses the best and she enjoys every moment in the dinner, there is no doubt that she likes you.

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5. Do Something That Makes Her Jealous

The other ways to know if girl likes u is by making her jealous. We all know that being jealous means is an act of love. A girl can hide her feelings toward a person, but when she gets jealous, she won't hide it. You can make her jealous by going out with a girl in front of her. If her behavior is kind of weird, there is a huge possibility that she is jealous. When she is jealous, the only reason that makes sense is that she likes you.

6. Hide Away

Watch her behavior when you're not around. Does she look for you when you're away? Is there anything weird that she does? Does she look like having a crush on somebody? Those things are what you should watch out while you're hiding away. Look at her expression while talking to her friends. You will know by the sight a girl's behavior when she's in love. Her eyes are sparkling and she smiles often.

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7. Ask Her To Do Something For You

A girl who likes you will do anything for you. If you want to know whether she likes you or it's just you, you can let her do something for you. If she really likes you, she will do that no matter what the odds. She's willing to do whatever just o make you happy.

There are times when you need somebody who can listen, look over your shoulder, who will never let you down when everyone else do. When the world is pushing down on you, there's someone who stands up for you. If that what she does to you, you should never let her go. She's the one whose heart belongs to you.

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8. Ask Her Best Friends

ask her best friends

Best friends share secrets, that's what makes them close. Every girl's secret is her best friends' too. When a girl having a crush on someone, her best friends are the ones who get crazier than her. They can be the number one source when you need information about a girl. You need to friendly ask her best friend about the girl. Don't be too obvious, or you'll ruin everything.

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9. Tell Her Your Type Of Girl

Watch her reaction when you tell her what sort of girl that you like. See if she is kind of curious about the girl of your type. If she seems excited when you mention the type of girl that matches her, it means that she wants to be the type of girl you like. Just keep luring her to your story line. You will see if she likes you through the way she responds to the story about your dream girl.

10. Ask About What Kind Of Guy She Likes

To know if a girl likes you, ask her what to look for when it comes to dating a guy. You can ask her some question about what she likes in a guy and what type of guy that fits to be her boyfriend. You can also ask her opinion about a certain type of guy that looks like you without clearly mentioning yourself.

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11. Pay Attention To How She Talks

Look closely at how she talks to you. Does she look excited? Can you see the sparks in her eyes when you 're around her? A girl who has a crush on you will love every single time with you. If you can see that she's comfortable when spending time and having a conversation with you, there are high possibilities that she likes you. And, if she is enjoying the time with you, she will open up more about her life and be excited to know about yours.

12. Pay Attention To How She Calls Your Name

pay attention to how she calls your name

Girls are soft-hearted creatures. Sometimes, what's in her heart reflects on what she says. It may also reflect on how she calls her crush. If she really is catching feelings for you, the way she calls your name must mean something. Look carefully at the way she calls out your name, you can tell that she has her heart racing when she meets you.

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13. Surprise Her

Want to know more ways to know if a girl likes you? A little surprise never fails to make a girl's day. Girls love to get a surprise, especially from the one she likes. It's not about what the surprise it, by more about the fact that someone cares about her by giving a surprise. And if the surprise is from the guy she likes, it will be the best surprise she'd ever received.

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14. Stare At Her For Long

This is the most classic way and has been such a cliche to know if a girl likes you or not. Yeah, staring at her for quite a moment. Don't say anything or making any faces, just look straight at her eyes. By looking deeply into her eyes, you will make her a little nervous if she really likes you.

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15. Call Her With Sweet Nicknames

Who doesn't like to be called by cute names? A girl must love it when the one she cares about calls her by sweet nicknames like sweetie, dear, baby girl, honey etc. The girl who likes you will be blushing when you call her that. It means the world to her when you think she's sweet and adorable.

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More Ways To Go For Your Lover

more ways to go for your lover

There are still some ways to find out if she really likes you, ways to know if a girl likes you so much:

  • Play her favorite songs with a guitar
  • Sing her a romantic song
  • Make a joke saying you like her
  • Pretend that you're amnesia
  • Send anonymous messages saying that you know she likes you
  • Ask her opinion about what book to read
  • Ask her siblings
  • Ask her future plan
  • Tell her your dreams
  • Tell her your crazy ideas

Those are 25 ways to know if a girl likes you that you need to know. You should not worry anymore about how she really feels about you.

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