Love Someone Who Is Kinder To You Than You Are To Yourself Meaning

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Someone must have had a hard time in their lives. Whether it’s a small problem or a big problem that makes them not excited, lost direction, and sad for a very long period of time. When we feel down and sad, in fact not everyone will accompany us during those times, there are some who are lost without news, do not want to help, or ignore us. However, there are still people who will continue to accompany us, motivate, and do good to us who are in a state of decline.

Because very rarely people are willing to spend energy, time, and also property just to help others. Therefore it must be appreciated, and how to appreciate it in many ways. One of them is being loyal to him, always being a good friend for him both in difficult or happy circumstances. Treating the person as well as we treat ourselves and If you can, you must treat them better than that.

1.The form of reciprocation

We can find so many different forms ofreciprocation. We can repay that kindness directly by giving them gifts, buyingfood for them and much more. However, for people who cannot reply to itdirectly, we can respond in another way, namely by praying for his goodness,praising him in front of others, or always loyal to him in a state of joy orsorrow, and many more.

Fulfil his or her needsis your primary goal by his side. Seeing him comfortable and fulfilled becomeshis own happiness. You will give whatever you have, sincerely, to make it feelenough to love someone who is kinder to you

2. When you love someone You will become the otherside that worries more often with people who you love

When you haven’t text orcall your partner all day, your partner will be calm. He or she will think thatmaybe you are busy working or have business with friends. But that kind of calmdoesn’t apply to you. You who love deeper will more often worry about yourpartner.

In the middle time ofyour busy life there will be a simple worry, for example: “Has my partnereaten?”, “Did my partner not get up late?”, “How to preparefor the exam without your presence to help my partner?”

Sometimes your heartsinks when you realize that the couple you love doesn’t worry about you asoften as you do. When your partner thinks you can go through your day alonewithout the need to be accompanied. But you will only choose to remain silent,while trying to be a better companion

3.  When thereis a misunderstanding, you become the more frequent to relent

When your relationship istroubled, you apologize more and give in more often. Deeper compassion makesyou reluctant to conflict with the person you really love. Even thoughsometimes mistakes aren’t entirely on your side, but you don’t mind pleadingwrong and reopening communication first

While your partner canstubbornly defend his position, you will be the one who tries to get his heartback. Not once or twice you are allowed to stand for days because of a smallmistake. Yet when your partner does something wrong, you will lightly forgetand forgive without being asked.

4. Because of fear of losing your partner, youhave to get lower the standards to find your partner which already set by yourself

Your partner is a verymeaningful person in your life. In fact, you could say he’s the axis that makesyour life go round. Imagining the sense of loss when you have to let go is veryunbearable.

This fear of lossunconsciously lowers your own level of expectation. If before you felt you hadto be treated very well by your partner, then now you just accept it when notprioritized. During this time you really hate male smokers, but specificallyfor your partner you will make an exception.

For him, you are willingto lower the standard that you have made for yourself. When you are a deeperlove to person who you love, you sometimes forget to keep your promises toyourself.

5. You will try hard to understand the path ofmind and habits, which sometimes its not your style

You are a totally blindgirl about online games like DotA. But your girlfriend is a militant DotA enthusiast.He can stay up all night just to complete the game. The conversation alsorevolves around trade, rare items, support, and various other terms that you donot understand.

However, deep feelingsmake you happily listen to the story. Even little by little you also try to getto know the terms DotA. Although it doesn’t make sense to you when someone iswilling to stay up all night just to stare at the computer screen, but as longas he is happy then you will try to understand.

Your deeper feelings makeyou willing to go the extra mile to “enter” your brain and lifestyle.Even though it’s hard, you will keep trying. Until you can. The journey of loveis not always sweet. Once a person who loved deeper was one of the episodes oflove that was classified as unpleasant. However, you can still really takelessons from these things